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Category: 'Animal'
H.G. Wells book The Island of Dr. Moreau
The mad Dr. Moreau changes various animals into people. They retain some animal-like qualities, however, such as eating raw meat and sniffing each other's butts.
H.P. Lovecraft
Gender, Mythical, Animal, Animal, Male
In "The Festival," Abdul Alhazred writes how sometimes worms and insects that feed on the corpses of dead sorcerers become possessed by their spirits and grow to obscene sizes. In "The Moon Bog," the owner and staff of a manor-house are turned into frogs. In "Shadow Out of Time," ancient al ...more
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Tonks turns her nose into a pig snout and then into a duck bill for amusement of the other people present.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Were, Animal
Late in the movie Professor Lupin stares at the full moon and transforms into a werewolf. Very nice transformation scene. Also Sirius Black transforms into a dog/wolf to fight Lupin in his transformed state. Off screen transformation. Professor Lupin is bathed in the moonlight and becomes a were ...more
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Prof. McGoniguill turns into a cat in a couple scenes.
Hart, Chris, Manga Mania Occult & Horror: How to Draw the Elegant and Seductive
Mythical, Animal
This book is a guide to drawing cartoon characters in the style of manga. There is a section showing people changing into animals. It's short, so I wouldn't buy it for the transformations alone, but it's a great book in general, like most of Hart's work.
Harvey Birdman episode Mindless
Mentok swaps Spyro's mind with that of a dog and later loses it. Spyro's body ends up flipping between a dog and a 4 year old for most of the episode while Mentok tries to remember where he put his mind.
Haunts of the Olde Country
A witch curses the boy to slowly change into a dog. To lift a curse, he has to do quests in a ghost-haunted house. * Official video (the real video was 4D)
Hazel Heald
Animal, Inanimate
A evil wizard turns his wife's lover (and her dog) to stone with a potion. He tries to do the same to his wife, but she forces him to drink the potion and he becomes stone. Despondent over her lover, she turns herself to stone. A biting fly has the ability to absorb the soul of whoever it bite ...more
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode The Shaping Staff
There are numerous TFs in this episode, mostly animal.
Helpful Hints with Grandpa Max commercial Cartoon Network
In this little short between shows, there is a bit with Grandpa Max ans Gwen from Ben 10. It starts out with Gwen up in a tree and she said, "How is that squirrel bite doing, grandpa?" He climbs next to her and now has squirrel teeth. Grandpa said that he was fine, but Gwen insists that they sh ...more
Hercules The Legendary Journeys episode Porkules
Hercules was turned into a piglet during almost the entire episode thanks to Discord. Also, near the end, Discord was turned into a chicken.
Hercules episode "Caledonian Boar"
Mythical, Animal
The Greek Goddess Artemis turned Phil into a Boar by shooting one of her magical arrows at him.
Hercules episode "Song of Circe"
Mythical, Animal
An evil sorceress named "Circe" used her magical staff to turn Hercules into a lemur, Adonis into a Peacock, Icarus into a Platypus, and other men into animals.
"Here Johnny, Here Boy" episode of Johnny Test
Fed up with the lack of respect, Dukey (Johnny's Dog) has convinced Mary and Susan to turn Johnny into a dog.
Herr Bello
The "Porkelator" is a weapon so feared, to simply speak it's name in the human world is against the law. Use it to turn hoardes of enemy monsters into herds of milling swine.
Hey, Al
"Hey, Al" is a children's storybook about a janitor named Al and his dog Eddie. Both live in NYC and are quite unhappy with thier spot in life...until one day a giant bird pops in Al's window and offers to take them away from it all. They accepts and the birds take them away to a floating island in ...more
HiHI PUffy AmiYumi episode Spaced Out
In this episode they all get abduted by banana aliens that have nothing better to do than mess with humans. Well, at one point they make Kaz, the manager, into a chicken-man. To which he state "I can never go out in public again."
Hocus Pocus
In the beginning of the movie, three witches turn a teenage boy into a black cat. This movie is mildly amusing, but not worth renting or buying just for the TF.
Holiday Wars
In Holiday Wars, a webcomic where The Easter Bunny kills Santa Claus and declares war on all the other Holidays, April Fools Day is a shape shifter and the first time we see him shift form is *in this episode, where he turns into a bird.
Holiday Wars
Animal, Male
The second time we get to see April Fools shape shift in "Holiday Wars" *is in this episode, where he transforms from being a zombie dinosaur into a more human form.
Honey Nut Cornflakes commercial Unknown
A bear comes down stairs, hungry after his long hiberation, he looks for something to eat, he looks in the cubboard and finds a big box of cornflakes, he pours the milk and cornflakes into a bowl, eats the cornflakes, and then slowly morphs into a man.
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids episode Honey, You've Got Nine Lives
Animal, Gender
Wayne invents a neuron nudger and Diane accidentally turns it on and gets her mind put into Wayne's co-worker Bianca's cat and the cat's mind into her body. Wayne accidentally switches his mind with family dog Quark's. Near the end, Wayne got his body back, but Diane is in family dog Quark's bo ...more
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids episode Honey, You've Got Nine Lives
Wayne invents a virtual-reality apparatus that can swap brains between subjects, but he's concerned about possible ethical and legal consequences. Meanwhile, Diane mistakes the Szalinski Neuron Nudger (pat. pending) for a computer and accidentally exchanges brains with a cat. The supercilious ca ...more
HoneyNut Cherrios 1991 Commercial
The HoneyNut Cherrios bee asks a witch if she would like some Cherrios for breakfast, she is upset about being disturbed and says "When Donkeys fly" and turn him into a Donkey.
Hong Kong Phooey episode Dr. Disguiso
Animal, Male, Gender
Dr. Disguiso - the notorious quick-change artist and master of disguise - is breaking into safes all over the city. He breaks into the Sgt. Flint's safe disguised as the leggy lady of dispatch - "the lovely lady with the classy chassis" - Rosemary - and uses this disguise to enter the Mayor's house ...more
Horror of Party Beach
In this old B-Film, a human skeleton is turned into a fish-monster thing. It looks like it has pickles in it's mouth. The transformation is pretty bad, but it's still a transformation.
Hungry Hungry Hippos commercial Hasbro
I was reminded of it's older commerical thanks to "I Love Toys" on VH1. In the commerical, a bunch of kids are sitting around a table playing Hungry Hungry Hippos and one kid than turns into a big green cartoon hippo whlie playing.
Were, Animal
A new film set to premiere this year about were-hyenas. Looks like there will be several transformations. Full Trailer:
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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