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Category: 'Animal'
G.I. Joe episode Iceberg Goes South
Size, Animal
The Joes are in an arctic region training and testing new equipment. Iceberg meets up with his girl friend, Mahea, who's collecting tissue samples of animals for her uncle's research at the Tropadome- a large dome that's tropical inside (think Biodome). Iceberg goes there to visit her and is captur ...more
G.I. Joe: The Movie
After being exposed to mutagenic spores, Cobra Commander truns into a huge snake. Before his mind is lost to the transformation, he helps a blinded Joe, Roadblock, escape.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez book Various
In several of his stories, Garcia Marquez describes a woman who was turned into a human-headed spider (or scorpion) for disobeying her parents.
Gadget and the Gadgetinis episode "In Touch With Your Animal Side"
CIA Agent Foxy (?Mulder) changed into fox by alien meteor. MAD planned to change all people into animals too. Foxy asks Gadget for help, and Gadget thinks that he is the Colonel's dog.
Galactic Pirates
Latell and Apulo are some of the most dangerous detectives on the force. In their rampant pursuit of space pirates, they end up causing more property damage than any one pirate could possibly hope to create. The chief, sick of all the bills, decommissions their ship and sends the duo packing. Hopefu ...more
Galactic Pirates episode Unknown
An anime where apparently everyone is turning into cats, need more information...
Galaxy Angel episode Monkey Salvage Combo
Mint, Vanila and Forte change into monkeys by virus that was held on cosmic station to which they arived. It can expand by the air. There is shown one moment when Forte is looking on her hand that is starting to grow hair. Then after that are scenes when Mint, Vanila and Forte are shown as monkeys. ...more
Game Over
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
A mini-TF short created by the makers of "Wand Of Change" and "The Last Piece Standing", Three Degrees off Center and Mako Pictures. Jay & Bob decide to square off playing a popular computer game, and reveal that a certain spell (curse of the skin) in the game can go beyond just transforming the ...more
Gamera vs Viras
Squid like creatures take on the guise of humans, than all merge together at the end of the film to form one giant monster. The creature is finally vanquished by Gamera.
Inanimate, Animal
This is the site of Gammatelier, also known as Gamera, an very prolifient artist. Although most of his work is of conjoinment and otherwise, he has galleries containing an increasing amount inaminate and animal transformations.
Garfield and Friends- "The Idol of Id"
Garfield and Odie swap bodies after touching a magical idol. Garfield actually has a little fun in Odie's body, using the canine look to chase off a big cat that was out to get him.
Gargoyles episode Avalon, Part 1
The fairy sorceresses, the Weird Sisters, have their magical spell turned back on them and are transformed into owls.
Gary Gygax book Greyhawk Adventures 2 : Artifact of Evil
The main character is a thief who comes upon a ring that allows him to tranform into various felines.
Gene Kelton
This song is basically the frog prince story, though instead of a prince it is a blues musician and instead of being kissed by a princess and turned back he gets picked up by a school girl to make money for her as a talking frog. Nice alliteration, some corney lines, transformation occurs while t ...more
"Genesis" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
A virus transforms the entire crew, except for Data, into prehistoric creatures. Riker becomes a neanderthal, Troi an amphibian, Barkley into an arachnid, even Data's cat Spot isn't immune and becomes an iguana. One of the series better episodes.
Glory of Heracles IV: Gift of the Gods
Animal, Male, Gender
An old RPG for the SNES based off of Greek mythology in which you play is a young man from Atlantis who, after having his spirit separated from his body, must use the bodies of various characters he meets throughout the game. Early on he's joined by Plato, his friend from Atlantis in the same situa ...more
Go and Get It
A rare but available silent horror flick, with the primary plotline being that of a dead convict whose brain is transplanted into the body of a gorilla. Sort of a prototype for THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL.
Godzilla Toy Commercial commercial Battle Action 8 for Toybiz
The commercial, approximately: Since the new Godzilla by Sony came out (or was it the one after, by an American company?), they came out with toys to follow. A kid is playing with the Godzilla figure. When the commercial touts something about the figure's ability to do a large hand-swipe, the ki ...more
Godzilla vs. Gigan
In this Godzilla movie, a group of humanoid aliens come to earth to conquer us all and with the help of the space monsters King Ghidorah and the new creature Gigan. Of course Godzilla with the help of fellow monster Anlkylosaurus come to the rescue and defeat the monsters while a group of Japenese p ...more
The Golden Ass
An epic story by Apuleius. There are various transformation, the main one being the character of Lucieus ( spelling? ) being turned into a donkey by a magic salve. Lucieus works for an enchantress and he spies on her changing herself into an owl. Lucieus begs the woman's daughter to show him how to ...more
Good Omens
Animal, Gender
The male angel Aziraphale is temporarily trapped in the body of Madam Tracy, an aging prostitute/psychic. The demon Crowley can transform into a serpent.
Goodbye Deponia
Gender, Male, Animal
At one point the player must replicate specialty drinks for the sewer dwellers, each having a transformative effect. One causes a patron to turn into an ape. Another turns a male patron into a woman. The last just makes another larger. The whole scene is a Donkey Kong reference.
Goosebumps : The Barking Ghost
Two male criminals die and their spirits possess the ghost dogs. They eventually and are freed 200 years later and trick two kids, a boy and girl, into coming to the tree, which has ability to swap souls. Now the boy and girl become spirit dogs. They have to trick enemies to come into same tree ag ...more
Goosebumps book Chicken Chicken
In the book and girl and her sister make a witch angry and a result she turns them into chickens(the animals) by saying chicken chicken. They transform slowly throughout the book. When they do become chickens they sneak in the witches house and look through her spell book to find a way to turn back. ...more
Goosebumps episode Chillogy part 1: Squeal of Fortune
When she gets sucked into the toytown Carlsville, enterprising girl Jessica is offered money by selling lemonade. When she is found diluting the lemonade and selling at inflated prices, she turns into a greedy pig.
Goosebumps episode My Hairiest Adventure
Larry starts growing hair all over his body after her rubs instant tanning lotion on himself, he thinks the hair is due to the lotion but his parents reveal to him that (Spoiler Text)
Grand Theft Auto V
"Peyote Plants" collectables will let you play as one of 27 random animals in Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Gravity Falls, "Carpet Diem"
Animal, Female, Male, Gender
Mabel and Dipper find a secret room in their house with an experimental carpet, which can swap bodies once rubbed on by static electricity. In the beginning, Dipper switches with Mabel and Soos with Waddles the pig. Later, bodies are swapped between Mabel, Dipper, Soos, Waddles, Candy, Grenda, Old ...more
Greedy Fly
It is a very "freaky" video clip with transformation elements. In the begining a man transforms into an angel (fallen angel?) then he is killed by other men. Next is a very strange transformation into half-fly and half-human.
Greer, Gary, and Ruddick, Bob book Max and Me and the Time Machine
Two young boys named Max and Steven buy a second hand time machine and travel back to the middle ages. Steven winds up in the body of a knight. Max is not so lucky and ends up in his horse.
Gregory Benford
In the future, a scientest and his wife go on vacation to an animal preserve in Africa. This preserve is equiped with technology that allows the visitors to place their minds in the bodies of animals for brief periods. The scientist and his wife have been marked for death by a multi-national corpora ...more
Mythical, Animal
This is a fantasy crime drama series on NBC which takes a new spin on fairy tales. The main character is a descendant of a family of beings called "Grimms" which serve as the balance between humans and mythical creatures. The mythical creatures in this series are called Wesen and are inspir ...more
Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids - "The Fruit Bat"
Cherie Stone hasn't been to the loo for a year, because she never eats fruit. When she is bitten by a Fruit Bat, however, and turns into one, fruit becomes the only thing she eats and her constipation is blown away.
Numerious types of transformations.
Guru Guru Ponchan issue Unknown
found on Sorry, did not seen by himself, so quote: "Ponta is a Golden Retriever puppy and the Koizumi family's pet. Full of energy, she is always up to some trouble. One day, grandpa, a passionate amateur inventor creates the "Talking Bone," which empowers animals wit ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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