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Category: 'Animal'
E.D. Baker book The Frog Princess
The main character, Emma, is bored with her life. Her parents want her to marry, she doesn't. Her favorite place to run is to the swamp. While there she meets, (what else?), a frog that claims that he has been turned into his amphibous form by an evil witch. He asks for her cooperation. She complie ...more
Some of the best animal transformations I have ever seen. It is mostly in Japanese but some of the site was translated.
Edmund Spencer book The Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen is a set of six or seven different books writen by the Poet's Poet about different knights of the court of the Fairy Queen. Each Knight has a different quest that he or she must fulfill. In Book 2, Sir Guymon fights a witch Acrasia, who is based on Circe. She captures young knight ...more
EEK! The Cat episode HallowEek
I remember this episode fondly, a scantilly clad witch uses her magic to capture ghosts, why? She wants to make a perfume out of them. Eek helps the ghosts escape, but in the process, the witch falls into the vat of ghostless perfume-mixture. Well, needless to say it has some sideeffects. She quick ...more
El Dorado commercial Unknown
Tulio and Miguel are relaxing. When Czel Kan turns into a jaguar.
Elizabeth Lenhard book Spy Kids Adventures #2: A New Kind of Super Spy
New Young Adult/Kids book series based on characters of the "Spy Kids" movies. Book 2 in the series deals with an evil doctor who has invented and refined an "animalizing" ray gun. Several agents are partially and fully transformed into animals (including Carmen's and Juni's secret agent parents, wh ...more
Elle James book To Kiss a Frog
A "hunky" New Orleans lawyer is visiting is hometown of Bayou Miste, when he is cursed by a voodoo queen for rejecting her granddaughter's advances. He transforms into a frog during the day, and regains his human form at night. He must find true love by the next full moon or he'll remain a frog for ...more
The Emperor's New Groove
Am I crazy or do I not see this in the catalog? It's a furry Disney film from 2000. It stars the voice of David Spade as a snotty spoiled emperor who is transformed into a talking llama (no kidding!) by his enemies. It has lots of slapstick and some other transformations of the evil Sorceress's he ...more
Emperor's New School
Gender, Animal
In this series, various characters transform into different animals across many episodes. There is also some gender swapping. Kuzco is commonly the main character who is transformed. All transformations are triggered by drinking potions from Yzma's lab. "Duende de Navidad"
Animal, Gender
a Goblin magic turns a man into a sexy woman, then change the voice and finally transform he (or she) in a cat
"Enter the Cat" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
Int his episode, Jackie and Jade go to a Middle eastern country to find a relic called the Cat of Catoumb. Valmont and the rest of the Dark hand are there to alos get their hands on the cat, Valmont get scratched by the sharp claws on the Statue, and begins to change into a half cat man Jackie is c ...more
Entomorph: Plauge of the Darkfall
This is a SSI game from about 10 years ago. You play a character named Warrick who is trying to save the land from giant insects. Later on you discover that the nobility are actually transforming people through a nectar. Besides fully transformed people there are many Warrick must fight that ar ...more
Eoin Colfer book The Wish List
When she dies in a gas explosion, Meg's spirit is stuck in a perfect balance between heaven and hell. In order to reach heaven, she must come back to Earth and help an old man, the last person she hurt. Her friend Belch was near a dog in the explosion so his soul becomes half canine. Also, I thin ...more
"Estrogen" episode of Fantasy Island
Gender, Animal
A man askes to learn how to get women to fall at his feet, so the Mr Rourke deciedes to make him a woman. Good morph scene, not as focused on gender-swap as I think it should be. But it did have a good plot. At the end of the episode Roarke changes two of his workers into a nubien dairy goat ( ...more
Every Dog Has His Date
Lightning swaps man's mind and his dog's mind to his girlfriends confusion. see the link for a detailed review of the movie
Excuse Me for Being a Dog! (Inu de warui ka!!) issue Rumiko Takahashi
This book appears before Ranma1/2 and have very like type story: boy cursed to change into a dog when wounded.
Extreme Ghostbusters episode The Crawler
Jenine gets captured by a bug demon and slowly turns into his queen. Lasts about 10 minutes(out of about 25 for episode time)
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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