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Category: 'Animal'
C. Francis Carnicelli book Something's in the Forest! And Other Tales...
Furry, Mythical, Size, Animal
This book is a compliation of several short story's meant for younger readers, probably early teens. The main story Something's in the Forest has two characters in it that are able to transform from people in to giant birds which resemble eagle's but "are as large as a house". Other stories deal ...more
C.O.P.S. (1988) episode The Case of the Crook With a Thousand Faces
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Gender
Classic (but short lived) 1980's cartoon recently released on DVD. Dr. Bad Vibes invents a shape-changing robot, Shifty, to commit a number of crimes. Shifty's primary form is that of a man, but he does many different transformations in this episode (gender: a female bank teller and Mirage; male: a ...more
Caša Talentos
Age, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
Calvin and Hobbes issue Unknown
Calvin invented (in his own wild imagination) a transformation ray. He transformed himself into (among other things) a tiger and an owl.
Cantik Cantik Magic
Indonesian mini series (19 episodes) about a teenage girl with clairvoyant powers. She has a guardian angel who can turn into a cat (ep9,11,14) and is occasionally attacked by an evil witch and her minion, an old hag who can turn herself into a raven (ep7,9,12). In episode 14 the witch punishes h ...more
Capital One: Frog Prince
Animal, Mythical
A lovely princess spots a frog wearing a crown and sits down next to him. She picks him up and kisses him and he turns into a... weasel. She says, "HEY! You're not a prince!" The weasel says, "Sorry, in order to receive prince there is a minimum requirement of 2 kisses. all kisses are not transf ...more
Capt'n Crunch commercial Brain Switch
The commerical starts with a kid at a science fair showing off his new brain switch machine from Kim Possible. Some girls laugh at him. Then Capt'n Crunch shows up and Crunchizes him. The kid and the hamster have switched bodies and Kim Possible Capt'n Crunch is advertised. When they are De-Crunc ...more
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "The Beauty of Kootie"
Animal, Male, Female
In the episode Kootie Pie gets turned into a beautiful girl to keep Mario busy. When she gets changed back Mario changes Luigi into Casanova Koopa keep her busy. Luigi changes back from Casanova Koopa after Kootie Pie kisses him.
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Life's Ruff
Luigi and King Windbag are attacked by the two Koopa kids, who steal the King's wand and transforms both Luigi and the King into dogs. The koopa kids run off into the real world and Luigi and the King take chase and have several misadventures as a dog, escaping from the Dog Catcher and whatnot, bu ...more
Captive Wild Woman
A mad scientist transplants human glands into a gorilla, turning the ape into a beautiful young woman (Acquanetta). However, a severe emotional jolt soon reverts her back into her primitive self with disastrous consequences.
Caroline Stevermer book A Scholar of Magics
New fantasy hardback book involving a young American sharpshooter (my guess is the story takes place in the late 1800's although I'm not sure it's mentioned), who is invited to England's Glasscastle University (a school of magic) to help with a top secret endeavor called the Agincourt Project. It is ...more
Carrie Vaughn book Kitty and the Midnight HOur
I haven't seen anyone mention the recent Carrie Vaughn novels here, so I'm giving my impressions. I picked up _Kitty and the Midnight Hour_ on impulse at Conglomeration. It was obviously a first novel, rough around the edges, but had considerable charm. The idea is that Kitty (yes, a werew ...more
Carrot Rukia
Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Named for it's first transformation, this website contains art of anime characters being transformed. Most of the art is inanimate transformations, but there are also a few tg tfs (due to Naga's donations), and animal tfs. The main upkeep of the site is done by Branzent (who has a gallery) and ...more
Casper meets Wendy
Two boys gets turned into horses near the end of the movie. You don't see the actual transformation though. Clip of the sequence
Cat People
(1982) (**) A woman's discovery that intense desire turns her into a leopard jeopardized her relationship with a zoo-keeper
The Cat With Hands
Short independent film about a cat who slowly becomes human by stealing body parts from people and then consuming the remains. Done principally with stop motion filming. Rather creepy...
Catdog episode All Hail the Great Meow-Woof
The Catdog flights to the island, ruled by mighty rabbit-shaman. Becayse they are falling from the sky, locals overthrown rabbit and start to obey "gods". But rabbit decide to show them real magic and uses purple dust on lizard to change she into a dragon. Nothing happens. Until Cat remind himm to ...more
Catprog's site
Animal, Gender, Mythical, Furry
This is a story building site with a furry transformation theme. Protagonists turn into both real, fictional and mythical animals, and there is also a fair amount of gender swapping.
"Cats Paw" episode of Star Trek
A beautiful sorceress and her accomplice use illusion to hold Kirk and the others captive. The sorceress is actually a small strange looking creature but she's quite enamoured with the new sensations of being a woman. She doesn't mind changing into a black cat either, of both regular and giganti ...more
cc101983 face transformer
Lots of 50%Animal / 50%girl face. There are realistic photomanipulations
Celebrity Death Match episode Maddona Vs. Michael Jackson
Michael tries to morph himself into something terrifying, but turns into a hamster. Maddona flips him into a pool of acid.
Cervantes : "Dialogue of the Dogs" book Unknown
Berganza (dog) seems to have opened his eyes to another world in which he is in actuality a man, and not a dog. La Canizares claimed that when his mother bore Berganza/Montiel, he and his twin brother, presumably Cipion, were changed into puppies because of a grudge held against their mother. The wi ...more
Change and Renewal in Children's Literature
Contains links to books involving transformations and reviews of them. *Nesbit: The cathood of Maurice (cat) *Gillian Gross: Pictures in the dark (otter) *Melvin Burgess: Tiger, tiger (tiger) *William Rayners: Stag boy *Patrice Kindl: Owl in love
"Charlie X" episode of Star Trek
In this episode from the original series, the Enterprise picks up a human youth who has been stranded on a far-flung planet, supposedly alone, since the crash of the ship he was a passenger on as a baby. Actually, formless aliens have raised "Charlie X" and endowed him with awesome mental powers w ...more
Chef Boyardee - Tame The Beast
The new promotion starting in October 2007 for Chef Boyardee's new Microwavable Mac and Cheese is Tame the Beast. In the new commercial for this promotion we see a beast wearing a pink dress trying to find something to eat, then it finds a cup of Mac and Cheese and after microwaving it, it begins t ...more
"Chicken Chicken" by R. L. Stine
A lesser entry into the "Goosebumps" series in which a girl and her brother anger a weird woman who places a spell on them. Most of the book is simply the earliest stages of a slow change into chickens, with the full transformations lasting only a couple of pages near the end. But the very last l ...more
The Chicken in Black
In one of Johnny Cash's lesser known videos, he tells the supposedly autobiographical story of his body outliving his brain. His doctor performs a transplant, but unluckily the donor was a bank robber who had been killed by police the night before. All goes well until Johnny goes to the back and h ...more
Chicken Sandwich commercial McDonald's
It starts off with two guys in an office. The one is wolfing down McDonald's Chicken Sandwichs and the other guy says "If you keep eating those things, you are going to turn into a chicken." That night, the guy goes home and is finding white feathers in confusion. He looks out into his hallway ...more
Chihuahua: The Movie
In this family-friendly straight-to-DVD film, a strict, all-business woman gets her soul transferred into her friendly secretary's pet chihuahua in order to learn what it's like to have fun and be nice to people. While she's trapped in the dog's body, her body is stuck in a comatose state.
Chikyu Misaki issue Secret of Lake Hohopo
A girl found strange Nessy-like creature in nearest lake. When she kissed him, he changes into small boy. But when he swims, he changes back. Evil military organization tries to kidnap mysterious animal because... (but for spoilers, see ...more
Chimera Unlimited
This is a personal site with transformation drawings and stories. Primary animal transformations. Has a section of female satyr sketches and drawings. Also features the Random TF Generator program.
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers episode A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
In this episode the mad scientist Nimnul invents a device that can swap the species of 2 creatures. He uses it to turn himself into a wolf to commit crimes & at the same time Harry the wolf turns into a man. A Tasmanian Devil & a rabbit also get switched, & near the end the device gets misplaced ...more
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers episode Dale beside himself
In this episode a trio of shape-changing aliens are visiting earth but one dosen't want to leave. He escapes from the others & meets up with Dale, & turns himself into a copy of him. The team like the new helpful Dale so when the other aliens demand he return he sends the real Dale instead.
Cho Mahou Tairyku Wozz
Cho Mahou Tairyku Wozz, known to most as simply 'Wozz' was a game produced by Bullet Proof Software in 1995. While at first glance, Wozz may seem like your average SFC RPG, it's actually quite a bit more. One of Wozz's most original features is that of creating your own vehicle and items. The graphi ...more
Chris Campbell, Jess Hartly, Peter Schaefer book Skinchangers
A rule book or work book for "the World of Darkness" RPG game, which detailing how to become Skinchangers in the game, ie using animal skin to turn human into the animal he's wearing.
Christopher Crumpet
A 1953 cartoon about a boy who changes into a chicken demanding parents buy him a real spaceship. There is also a dog to boy TF too in the ending.
Christopher Pike book The Little People
Adam and Sally get turned into chickens half-way through the book.
Christopher Pike book Spellbound
Story is about this kid and his girlfriend gettin murdered... The a british girl named Joni and an African kid named Bala come 2 their school. Joni is actually a vulture who switched bodies with the real girl (some African shaman ritual), the girl as the vulture gets shot and dies. The vulture bec ...more
Christopher Zimmer book Die Steine der Wandlung
In the beginning of the story, a strange black bird is caught for a present by Jock (a kind of Halfling). It turns out, that the bird is a young girl, who used the magic "transforming stone" to become a bird, while all the others in her tribe changed into trees like they do every year. But after t ...more
Chrono Cross
Male, Gender, Animal
Animal: At one point in the game, the magician Sneff turns your entire party into cats. While in cat form, you can even talk to another cat. Sneff turns you back after you learn that Fargo cheats at roulette. Gender: (Spoiler Text) Male to Male: The main antagonist (villain),Lynx, steal ...more
Chrono Trigger
Animal, Gender
Animal: One of the characters that joins your party is a humanoid frog called Frog. Frog was originally Glen, a human squire to the knight Cyrus of "Knight of the Square Table" in 600 A.D.. Glen was changed into his current form by the powerful mage, Magus. The only way to break this curse on Fro ...more
Chucklevision episode Barry the Spider.
Paul and Barry check out the proffessors lab. They stumble on a matter transferance device. Barry gets switched with a cat then a spider.
Cinderella 2: Dreams come true
This is a sequel to the old Disney movie Cinderella. and here, I thought "Happily ever after" meant "The End" In this movie they are preparing to Cinderella's wedding and Jaq (the mouse) wishes that he could help out Cinderella more, so the fairy godmother makes Jaq into a human. As a human, he ...more
Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Lady Tremaine (the stepmother) uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to turn Lucifer (the cat) into a coachman to drive a horse to take Cinderella in the evil pumpkin like carriage far away in order for Anastasia to marry the prince while disguised as Cinderella.
Cinderella Movie (2015)
When Fairy Godmother is making the carriage, she has transformed the mice into horses, a goose into a coachman, and the two lizards into footmen. When the clock is at 12 at midnight, the spell has been broken and they all transformed back into animals.
In one scene, frank (the fairygod father) turns the two mice into horses, and prince the dog into a real human prince, but he still has the dog's heart. later on the spell is broken at midnight as prince is changed back into a dog. at the end, elmo asks frank to turn prince the dog back into a hum ...more
Clemens Brentano book Mńrchen vom Gockel Hinkel und Gackeleia
This is a very old fairy tale (first publishing 1837 !) with a little "metamorphose content". In the middle of the book the main charakters find a wishing ring (Ring of Salomon), which grants evry wish by turning it around and say the wish in a rhyme. First the ring has been stolen by 3 evil guy ...more
Clifford the Big Red Dog- "Dog for a Day"
Fed up with his responsibilities as kid, Emily Elizabeth's friend Charley wishes his was a dog. This leads into a dream sequence where he's a dog and after spending some time with Clifford, realizing he could no longer do anyhting he likes as a kid like riding a bike or talking with his dad, Charli ...more
Codename: Kids Next Door
Age, Gender, Animal, Were
Numbah One, Two, Three, Four and Five are agents in a secret organization to defend kids from the tyranny of adults and teens.
Constance Hiser book Night of the werepoodle
A boy is bitten by a dog and begins to change...
The Cooper Temple Clause
Music video has a guy going drinking with his buddies, for a wild night night becoming the greek mythological creature "Pan" then a finally a goat. A little dark but you'll get the idea. Watch it here:
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #2 (of 6)
Monster, Animal
This issue goes into depth about the history of the extremist, Gorgon. He was a fat, bald man that worked as a lab research assistant. He was in love with a woman. One day he is involved in an accident that causes him to change slightly. (Spoiler Text) This issue also shows a transformation ...more
Courage the Cowardly Dog episode Courage the Fly
Courage gets tuned into a fly by Di Lung. Di Lung was trying to turn Courage into an ox though. Courage has to stop a satelite from crashing into the family's house. At the end, the two army guys who were watching the satelite get turned into ox by Di Lung.
Cowboy Bebop episode Gateway Shuffle
Eco-terrorists develop a virus that mutates humans into monkeys and threaten to unleash it upon an entire planet of people. Several scenese show monkeys held in captivity, each held in a single human size capsule/container. At first you are only given a hint that they might have once been humans ...more
Credit Karma, "New Flat"
Animal Woman checks credit and things get better. Living situation improves. Messy Roomate turns into neat roommate, then into dog.
Crimson Fury - Legend of the Red Wolf
A spinoff, Crimson Fury involves Shaedwyn, the sister of Black Tapestries' main character Lorelei. The webcomic picks up after she and her fellow bandits have been transformed into wolves by the anthropomorphic wizard Issac (as seen in Black Tapestries). Unlike her comrades, Shaedwyn retains her h ...more
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Mythical
A "wild west" fantasy webcomic loosely based on Native American mythology mixed with supernatural/spiritual elements from multiple religions. Characters undergo many supernatural transformations into animals or monsters, or cause other characters or inanimate objects to transform. (Spoiler Te ...more
Curse II the Byte
1988 Directed by Fred Goodwin A horror movie. The protagonist and his girlfriend stumble across an abandoned atomic test site, and is bitten by a radioactive snake. Slowly his arm turns into a snake. I remember a scene where he tried to cut the thing off only to have a new one grow in its place. In ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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