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Category: 'Age'
R. L. Stine
Animal, Age, Gender, Size
Author R. L. Stine needs a description.
Rachel's Haven
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male
A website developed by the captioner Rachel, devoted to various topics on transformations related to Gender, Furry, Age, Male and Female. Includes many captioned images, as well as various Role-Play Topics. Also, as of Oct 2008, it now includes a story archive. *** Registration required to ac ...more
Radiata Stories
Age, Female
In Radiata Stories, an RPG game,one of the characters you can recruit to help you is a young girl named Cornelia. During the day she's a kid, but at night she casts a spell on herself to become an adult, named Rachel, so she can work as a singer. You don't see an actual change. You can recrui ...more
Ranma 1/2 episode Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako
A teacher in the Ranma 1/2 universe has the power to change herself from a young 6 or 7 year old girl to a 20 year old women by absorbing peoples "Ki". Ranma tries to seal this move of hers and is constanly found holding her in "strange" places when she suddenly becomes a women.
"Rascals" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
When preforming an emergency transport of Picard, Guinan, Keiko and Ro from a shuttle craft caught in a strange energy field, they are transformed into children.
Ray Bradbury book Something Wicked This Way Comes
Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show comes to town. Among its attractions are a sideshow of familiar looking freaks and a merry-go-round which can make people younger or older. One of its victims is Miss Foley, a stern, spinster school teacher who wants to be younger. She gets her wish, but ends ...more
Realm of Magic
Viagara is a quest item that temporarily reverses the aging process 10 years or so... open telnet and connect to port 4000 to see...
Red Dwarf episode The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor turns Lister into a boy, then an old man.
Red Dwarf episode Pete: Part 1 & 2
Kryten the robot uses a time device to de-age Kochanski and the Cat to the apparent age of young children. Baxter and Kill Crazy accidentally devolve themselves into apes.
The Red Skelton Show episode Unknown
In the show's main sketch, Red portrays his rustic hick character Clem Kaddlehopper, on whose farm is a well with water that has rejuvenating properties. Naturally, Clem goes to Hollywood to give aging actresses youthening mud packs using the water. His first client is a silent movie diva who refuse ...more
Resident Evil 2 Trailer
Resident evil 2 trailer has a brief age regression scene. Movie is about a formula that will regenerate you and give u back your youth. trailer shows a woman maybe 40 or so regress back to about 20. Not that great of change but still worth checking out. just type in resident evil 2 trailer
Riding the Bullet
When a man (Jonathan Jackson) finds out his mother is dying and tries to hitchike his way to the hospital, he is picked up by a stranger (David Arquette) with a deadly secret. Toward the end of the film there is a scene where the main character (Alan) watches his childhood home morph from how i ...more
Ripping Friends episode Ovulator
The Ovulator, an evil chicken attepts to take over the world by selling eggs and not letting cows give any meat, which they apparently want to do. Villainy! Slab, the only one who can hold his protein has to stop the Ovulator. He uses a cloud to rain on the Ovulator, hypnotizing him. Slab tells the ...more
Rizelmine Episode 13
Animal, Age
On this Episode of Rizelmine ("Hafuun! The Transformation With "Adult Goods"!?"), Rizel tries to open up a ball (or a capsule) as hard as she could and when she finally opened it up, POOF she turned into an adult version of herself and looks like a cat girl.
Road to Nowhere
In this video a number of vignettes go on simultaneously as the song plays. One skit shows an elderly man in what looks like a toga climbing into a big carboard box. The video cuts back to the box (now violently shaking) a couple of times. Then it cuts back to the box: the top opens and a (very ...more
Robo-Hunter Sam Slade issue 2000 AD
In the year 2050, elderly, retired Sam Slade is called upon to help out at an outpost in a remote corner of the galaxy. He has no idea why they would ask an old man like him to come out of retirement, so he recuits 30-ish Joe Kidd to accompany him. What he doesn't know is that the ship that he has ...more
Rocko's Modern Life episode Crusin'
Rocko and Heffer take Heffer's Grandpa on a Senior Citizens' Cruise. However, Heffer and Grandpa both have to use the toilet so Rocko and Heffer get stuck on the boat. When Rocko finds that they're going to ram some ducks, he takes control of the wheel and ends up in the legendary Bermuda Triangle ...more
Rocky and Bullwinkle episode Unknown
Mr. Peabody and his young friend travel back in time to Florida and meet Ponce de Leon. Ponce has discovered the Fountain of Youth, and his entire crew are now babies. The local Indians are also affected. Ponce and the chief end up opening a nursery school.
Rose issue by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess
(A graphic novel prequel to Jeff Smith's Bone series) The Lord Of The Locusts tries to use Briar, Rose, and the dragon Balsaad to free itself from captivity. It tries to corrupt Rose like it did Briar, but the jealous Briar tries to kill Rose instead. Rose survives and manages to kill Balsaad, le ...more
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Gender
Turkish comedy show, that seems to be about a man whose wife died and comes back as a ghost to prevent her husband to be married again. She can perform magic and transforms mainly her husband but also other people as well. some episodes of possible interest: 05 - man wears baby clothers 10 - T ...more
Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode Unknown
In one episode she casts a spell in hopes to make her clothes look new again but when it does that it makes every object in the house look new including Salem (the warlock turned into a cat). "I think I found the fountain of youth, its the tolet". You see him run down the stairs as a kitten and Sabr ...more
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch episode "Aging, Not So Gracefully"
Sabrina is trying to impress Josh by trying to look older, with no success so she turns to magic. She gets a face cream that advances ones age. The first time she uses it, she goes somewhere in her early twenties. She keeps getting older and older until she looks like sabrina's great-grandmother. T ...more
"Sacrifices" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
The elite sorority each year must sacrifice a virgin freshman at their satanic ritual. In return, those sorority girls gained beauty. Matt's daughter tried to join and was selected to be one of the victims. In the end, with no virgin to give to the demon, the demon turned toward the sorority girls, ...more
Sailor Moon episode 78 Birth of Wicked Lady
After feeding negative feelings of loss and neglect to the 6-year-old Chibi-Usa, the evil sorceror Wiseman transforms her into an evil adult version of herself called the Black Lady(Wicked Lady in dub version).
Sailor Moon Super S Episode 158 Pegasus Revealed
Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon swap ages.
Saints Row 2
Age, Race, Gender
At the end of Saints Row, the player character - who is custom-designed by the player - is in a massive explosion. The sequel picks up three years later, where the character wakes up from a coma. The player once again has to design the character from scratch, which may involve choosing a different ...more
Female, Age
An old hag has drank youth formula in a science laboratory at night and she fell asleep. Until Morning, she woke up and found out that she turned into a beautiful young woman.
Sci-Fi Channel commercial Bucket of Youth
An old lady pours water on herself an turns into a hot girl its very breif.
Sci-Fi Channel commercial Chicken to egg
In a commercial for sci-fi channel, they had a chicken go up to if and when it did it turned into an egg and then the logo went to sci-fi
Scrubs episode My Old Man
Apparently a character briefly imagines the other adults as children
Second Chance
What would you do if you were given a second chance to live again? Try a different career? Screw as many women as you could? Live life from a different perspective than you did the first time around? Meet Harry, an older man who has lead a miserable life. When a stranger approaches Harry and gi ...more
Second Chance
Three forty-something scientists make an incredible breakthrough in age reversal research and decide to test out their formula on themselves. They decide they'd like to go back to their twenties, but they overshoot and end up regressing into six year olds. They remain children throughout most of the ...more
Seventeen Again
From When 17-year-old Sydney's divorced grandparents visit simultaneously, it seems there will be no end to the bickering. Then little brother's science experiment goes awry and instead of preserving roses, he sends both grandparents back to their youth. The young-people-out-of-time s ...more
Sexy Parodius
Gender, Age
Tanuki boss will randomly change into a sultry human girl during battle.
Shadow of the Colossus
SPOILER!! at the end you find out that the voice has been using you and you become a giant beast and a group of people placed a curse that sucked you into this little fountaint thing about half way through the credits you find that now you've become an infant awwwww! lol and i think this means th ...more
Shadowhunters episode "The Mortal Cup"
Age, Gender, Race
In the show's pilot, a shapeshifting demon is being tracked by a group of demon hunters. The demon initially looking like an older Asian man, bumps into people and takes their form changing first into a black man, then a white woman.
She-Hulk issue Mind Field Issue 13 (Volume 2)
Starfox is on trial by the Living Tribunal for the improper use of his powers, She-Hulk is there as an impartial observer but when the villian Thanos appears with damning testimony she call "Shenanigans" and has the psycic Moondragon put her directly into his mind. In his mind she has a physical fo ...more
Shrimps For a Day
A Little Rascals comedy short. While witnessing a party for children at a nearby orphanage, Mary says she envies the kids and wishes she and her fiancee Dick could be children again. As she has just been handed what looks like an Aladdin's Lamp, the wish is granted. As kids, Mary and Dick join the p ...more
Silverchair - Freak
Silverchair is performing in a heated room, and they sweat a lot. Scientists collect up the sweat and use it on an old lady. Slowly but surely, she regresses until she's a young woman. But she is still not satisfied. All it takes is an overdose of the sweat to transform her into an alien mutant.
Simpsons episode Dont Fear the Roofer
In the episode Bart, Lisa and Marge visit Grandpa at the oldfolks home and Santa's Little Helper (their dog) runs and plays with the old people, he then stays for the night and the next day they pick him up and he is very old looking Marge: He has been here too long and tells Lisa they should le ...more
The Sims
It has been noted by a previous poster that there was a spell with an animal transformation. There is also a spell that children can use to change into adults. This is non-reversable, and is the only way for a child to grow-up. If it backfires, the child turns into a baby and has to start over ag ...more
Gender, Mythical, Age, Inanimate
The Sins comics revolve around people that host the shades of the Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Anger, and Gluttony). The Sins are capable of possessing their masters and this usually causes a transformation. The Sins themselves also morph between several forms themselves. ...more
Sky High
Age, Male, Animal
There are a suprising amount of transformations in this movie, and most of these aren't just one shot. Too many to get into, so I'll just list 'em. Most take place first while the testing to see whether the students are heroes or sidekicks is going on. - One student, named Larry, is a stereotypic ...more
Smallville episode Ageless
Clark and Lana discover an abandoned baby in the cornfield and take him back to the Kent farm. However, once the baby ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in a matter of days, the two realize he is aging at a rapid rate and frantically search for a cure before the disease kills him. Meanwhile, Genev ...more
Smallville episode Hourglass
A bitter old man (guest-star George Murdock) discovers a 'fountain of youth,' and once restored to his teenage self (guest-star Eric Olsen), seeks revenge on the children of the jurors who decades ago put him in jail for murder.
Smallville episode Warrior
An issue of the Warrior Angel Comic that reveals the secret origin of Warrior Angel is under lock and key, and has never been read. A fan of the series Alec, a young boy, reads the book and learns that Warrior Angel is actually a young boy that said a magic word and became a hero. Zatanna also a ...more
The Smurfs episode The Baby Smurf
To try and destroy the Smurfs from within, Gargamel turns himself into what looks like a Baby Smurf and almost succeeds in turning all the Smurfs in the village to stone. (This may sound like a "male" transformation, but Gargamel as Baby Smurf had to crawl to get back to his lab, and drink the antid ...more
So Weird episode Fountain
Fiona Phillips, the 14-year-old main character, drinks a magical cup of hot cocoa that flings her into her body during various times in the past. At first she goes from 14 to 12(Same actress, different clothes), then to 9(Now a little girl actress), then to 6(again, a different girl), then a baby. ...more
So Weird episode Widow's Walk
Annie meets an Old Woman who's Husband disappeared in a storm years before. The Old Woman, thinking her Husband is coming home, wishes she was younger. While Annie, wishes she was older. The Old Woman changes into her 20's And Annie(Same actress and Makeup) grows to her 70's. In the end, both are r ...more
So Weird episode Widows Walk
When a lonely widow and young teenager Annie making wishes in the same time, Annie wishes to be older and have privileges, while the old widow wishes to be young again. The two woke up and found their wishes has come true. Annie became old with with gray hair, wrinkled skin and in bad health, while ...more
Sonic X episode A Messenger from Meteor Shower
Chris Thorndyke, the son of Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke, is shown as 18 years of age. Six years have passed since Sonic and his friends showed up from Mobius (Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream and Cheese, and Vanilla, Cream's mom, the Chaotix, and of course, Dr Eggman). Somehow, Chris Thorndyk ...more
Sony Handycam Ad "Kiss"
A young woman slowly morphs into an older woman whilst kissing a young man.
Doctor Who episode The Sound of Drums
(Spoiler Text) The plot continues into the next episode.
Sound of Freedom
Age, Gender
Space Ace
Gender, Age
Your hero can be hit by the Infanto Ray, which turns him into a little boy.
Age, Female, Male, Gender
Ian Sparks goes from masked superhero to most wanted criminal in this 2013 graphic novel, which was also made into a 2014 movie. One of the supers who tries to help him to clear his name is Dawn, a shape-shifting prostitute. In the graphic novel, Dawn changes into Sparks' ex-girlfriend and forme ...more
Spider-Man episode Sword of Shikata
A ninja type woman named Shikata uses a strange green energy to control motion. She also has super agility and swordsmanship. Near the end we find out that she has to perform a ritual to maintain her youthful appearance. The power for the ritual and the green energy all seem to come from the swor ...more
The Spring
The Spring (2000) Starring: Kyle MacLachian, Alison Eastwood, George Eads. The water in the isolated town of Springville holds the secret of eternal youth. Gus, a native of Springville, stops drinking the water and ages at an accelerated rate. George Eads portrays both the young 30-ish Gus an ...more
Starborn #2
Gender, Age
Benjamin Warner discovered in Issue 1 that the alien worlds and species he had imagined for a novel he had been writing were real, and that his childhood crush Tara Takamoto is a shape-shifting bodyguard. In Issue 2, Tara is briefly seen as, and changing from, the form of a burly security guard at ...more
Age, Gender, Animal
You can see "Girl Bernard" in a very brief appearance in the movie's trailer. The character was called "Brevis" in Stardust the book. A very minor character. "Bernard" gets turned into quite a busty tavern wench. If you see the trailer on, there's a scene where the evil witch played ...more
Starters book by Lissa Price
In the future, teens rent their bodies to seniors who want to be young again.
Steven Universe - Alone Together
Age, Gender
Steven fuses with his friend Connie turning into a teenage girl with attributes from both of them.
Stevie and Zoya episode Combined short MTV Animation
In this collected bit of shorts from MTV, about halfway in, a couple of cops get attacked by disco zombies and are transformed into babies. you can watch it here. Laters, L.
Age, Furry, Gender, Inanimate
A stuck fetish site, but has a Transformation branch. Good for TF and Stuck fans. I really love it, and want to see it get more members.
Stop Being a Kid commercial Citroen
In a car commercial released a few years back, it has two young kids with magical powers, a boy and a girl. They turn they old car into a Citroean, and then continue to change everything. Eventually, the girl says "Stop being a kid!" and the little boy ages rapidly into a teenager. The guy then tur ...more
Storm issue Unknown
Storm is transformed into a child for an extended period time. During which time she has to deal with issues like will she be taken seriously as an X-Men team leader when she looks like a child. Story begins in Uncanny X-Men # 248, when Storm is abducted by Nanny and seemingly killed. She next app ...more
Summer I Shrank My Grandmother, The (c) 1990 by Elvira Woodruff
Spending the summer at her grandmother's seaside house, preteen Nelly discovers a magic chemistry set. With the help of a male friend she's made, they concoct a youth potion; they test it on Grandma's dog, and sure enough, the next day he's just a puppy. So they use it on Nelly's grandmother, and t ...more
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Age, Animal, Gender
Through the game Arthur can get turned into a baby, a seal, a bee, and even a village woman by a Jester attack, depending on what armor (or lack of armor) you are wearing.
Superboy (The TV Series) episode Metamorphosis
Lana, few other young teenagers, were found to become old all the sudden after they visited a gym. The owner turned out to be an alchemist who uses the blood of young people and the gold formula to stay young through out ages.
Superboy(the TV Series) episode With This Ring I Thee Kill. 2x01
Lex Luthor, in order to gain access to a super gun that will kill Superboy, went under the knife, aged 15 years and came out looking like the super gun's inventor. He killed the real inventor and took over his identity. This remain for the rest of the series. (OK, it's really because they re-cast ...more
Supergirl #21
Gender, Male, Age
Everything on the planet I'noxia - all buildings and life forms - are made from a substance called N-10, which can be re-shaped into anything imaginable. The I'noxian Delacore first appears in the issue in his natural form, a bipedal alien cyborg. He and the other I'noxians later assume a more hu ...more
Supergirl episode Event Horizon
Age, Animal, Gender
A group of young girls are on tour through all of the new Kryptonian Artifacts on display. Mallory stays behind, and looks very curiously at the pod Superman was sent to Earth in. (Spoiler Text)
Supergirl episode Stranger Beside Me
Age, Gender
Mallory (Spoiler Text) continues to use morphing powers to take on multiple forms. Throughout the episode, forms use include Alex and Kelly, sometimes right next to the real one. At one point, while in the form of Alex, there is a fight with Supergirl.
Supernoobs episode "Parent Teacher Noobs"
Age, Gender
The noobs are in trouble because they've been messing up in school, at least in part because of their superhero activities. They appeal to their alien trainers to shapeshift into their parents in order to attend the scheduled parent/teacher conference. Problem is even they can't be in several pla ...more
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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