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Category: 'Age'
PainKiller Jane episode Portraits of Lauren Gray
A number of women who work as fashion models suddenly end up aging overnight. So jane and her team go undercover to find out why fashion models are aging to death. Jane meets a woman called Wanda who is a beautiful fashion model but has a terrible secret. When she kisses a woman on the lips she dra ...more
Papa To Musume No Nananokan
Age, Gender
Father and high school daughter swap bodies during an accident and are forced to live each other's lives for one week.
Mythical, Age, Mechanical, Inanimate
A new device allows people to enter the dreams of others and find the route to there problems, though now it's up to one girl to bring back the device from a thief. She changes forms in alot of the scenes in the trailer. Griffin Mermaid Fairy Tree Robot Animal or Furry too
Paula Abdul
In one bit Paula is aged down to being a little girl but returns to her orginal age at the end.
Pepper Ann episode Cocoon Gables
In this episode fro Season 2, Pepper Ann and her friends are talking in a restaurant and she asks why anyone would judge another person because of their age. Then the busboy hassles them and tells "you kids" to free the table for paying customers. Pepper An shrinks to about seven years of age. As s ...more
Peter Parker Spider-Man #56-#57
Age, Male, Gender
Spiderman's foe Sandman is a human made of sand that can move about with the strength of sand (from cement to mud etc. and the ability to reshape his body, like turning his hand into a hammer etc.) Sandman is reformed after being dispersed on a beach for a while as single grains of sand. When Sp ...more
Petite Princess Yucie episode Unknown
This charming anime centers on Yucie, a fun-seeking girl who's 17 years old but looks as if she's barely a teenager. In spite of this, she manages to stay sweet and jolly, until she discovers she's being considered for the ultimate role as the Platina Princess. That's when the pressure mounts as she ...more
Phil of the Future episode Age Before Beauty
Keely, Phil's 14 year old girlfriend, uses his New-Ager device to make herself older, age 25. Airing this Friday, November 12 at 7:00pm (est) on the Disney Channel.
Planning for the Future commercial Farm Bureau Financial Services
This commercial shows the variety of financial services Farm Bureau can help a customer manage. Early in the commercial, a young black man is seen standing on his front lawn reading a magazine. The camera pans quickly past him, and his face is blocked for a moment by the magazine. When the pan is c ...more
Pokemon The Movie 3
The Uknowns create a wish-granting Entei for a 5-year-old girl, and the girl wishes to be able to challenge Ash and the others to a pokemon battle in her mansion, so the Uknowns send a double of her to fight them. The double decides she's not old enough, so Entei makes her about 10 years older(looki ...more
Popeye episode The Ace of Space
AP/AR Popeye is abducted by martians who want to test their weapons of destruction on an average earthling. The first device they place Popeye in is called the Cosmic Ager. The counter starts at 0 and starts moving forward. They cut to Popeye inside the ager and show him growing older and older ...more
Power Rangers DinoThunder episode "Diva in Distress"
Donkeyvac Monster, a strange moth monkey looking monster, drains the youth from several of the towns people, including an one of Kira's friends, who is a pop diva making her an old woman.
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode Happy To Be Me
Tynamon uses his magic to steal (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers: SPD episode "Wired Part 2"
At the end of this episode, Emperor Gruumm has finally had it with Mora, a young child, as she is reverted back to her original form, an adult known as Morgana.
Princess of Gemworld Amethyst issue Whole series
On her thirteenth birthday Amy Winston discovered that she really came from a different dimension. When she goes through the portal to Gemworld, she ages from 13 years old to 20 years old(due to the different rates of time between Earth and Gemworld). When she returns to Earth, she becomes 13 agai ...more
The Proud Family episode Adventures in Bebe sitting
Penny is forced to stay home from a party to baby sit her little brother and sister, Bebe and Cece, when Al Roker (who, for some reason, has magical powers in the show) appears to her. Not thinking, she wishes that Bebe and Cece were old enough to take care of themselves, and Al Roker changes them ...more
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Age, Female, Gender
"These stories are inspired by the actual case files of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.)."
Age, Size
There have been two PSP ads that show people's faces distorting. The first one featured a guy talking about the benefits of the PSP. Fingers come out of his face. His faces distorts into his head. His mouth transforms into a PSP screen. He grows long grey eyebrows and a moustache. When he pulls ...more
Purti Cantik
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Monster, Size, Age
Indonesian television series featuring an evil witch who can change her appearance, turn people into animals or shrink them. 20 episodes. episodes of interest: 01 - age: old woman becomes younger, animal: woman into turtle and back 02 - inanimate: woman into waggon and back 03 - animal: woman ...more
Somber little girl about 10 years old eats berries and ages about 15 years into a young woman. You only see her face as she changes.
Quiznos Create Your Own
Age, Gender
A man walks into a Quiznos. The young woman behing the counter transforms into a clone of the man, but keeping a Quiznos uniform. They discuss the exact ingredients the customer wants. After they finish, an elderly woman walks in and the employee again transforms, this time into an exact copy of th ...more
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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