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Category: 'Age'
Caša Talentos
Age, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
A Vampire Hunter, his hunch back friend and Caroline Munro (Yummy) are on the trail of a strange type of Vampire that drains the youth from young women, who shortly there after die. The effects are done with a mixture makeup FX and use of similar older actresses. A Man also becomes younger when he l ...more
Captain Planet episode In Zarm's Way
Two children are kidnapped and sent to their own little world. They can have naything they wish. the little girl wishes for a dog and the little boy wishes for a cat. they start getting into numerous fights and each time they age, while their pet gets more monstrous.
Care Bears episode "The Fountain of Youth"
On this Episode of the Care Bears, Shreeky takes a drink of the water from the Fountain of Youth and she turns into a little baby.
Carefree Sugarless Gum commercial Unknown
Three elderly women are sitting in rocking chairs on a porch; the one on the left and the one sitting center are chewing on gum. The one on the left says, "This Carefree Gum has great, long-lasting flavor..." and the center woman says, "...but if this gum is sugar free, then we're the Dallas Cowboy ...more
Case Closed episode Unknown
I saw the first show of an animie series on Cartoon Network in which a 17 year old young man wouldbe detective is attacked and given a strange drug the regresses him into a little boy. It currently airs at 12:30AM and again at 3:30AM
Celebrity Death Match: King of the Lil' People
In the new episode of Celebrity Deathmatch episode King of the Lil' People. All the fights are between celebrities with Lil in the name. The card was: Lil Bow Wow v. Little Romeo Lil Wayne v. Little Flip Lil John v. Lil Kim Well anyway in the plot, there was a problem. Lil Romeo and Lil Bow ...more
Celebrity Deathmatch episode The Three Stooges vs The Three Tenors
The Stooges have a machine that will age/de-age people. They stick a tenor in there and age him a hundred years. He comes out all rotting and gross. Later in the match, Larry decided he could beat them if he were 10 years younger. He accidentaly sets the dial to 1910 and comes out a sperm.
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male, Monster
Some players of a game called 'Chaotic' can become anybody in Perim, a magical world
Chestnut tree
Furry, Age
In a dream, aduld lady recalls her childhood and becomes a girl, then plays with a cat and changes into cat. Then her mother changes into bear. When the dream ended, she becomes a grown-up again. A festival hand-drawn Korean movie 4 minutes long.
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Spoiler Warning: After the battle to save the Narnia, the kids become the Kings and Queens of the land. Years pass and they are now adults, they forget about their lives in our world until they find themselves where the portal back to their world is. When they re enter the portal and back to ...more
Chrysler ad commercial Unknown
A teenaged girl is driving a red car (I think it was a Chrysler) with her middle-aged, somewhat wrinkly mother in the passenger seat. Evidently, she starts driving fast enough that the mother's face starts getting stretched out, like she's in a wind tunnel -- we see two shots of her face getting ...more
Cinderella Movie (2015)
The Fairy God Mother appeared as an old lady and then she used her magic wand/staff to change herself into a young woman to make yourself young and comfortable before she helped Cinderella get ready to go to the ball.
City of Lost Childern
A strange surrealist story about a mad scientist is kidnapping childern for their dreams. Toward the end of the moive there is an interesting age progression and regression sequence.
Class commercial Children turning into adults
In a commerical for the upcoming new tv show Class. They show a whole bunch of kids playing on playground stuff (swings. etc). After a while they go off screen and when they re appear they are the adult actors who are playing them as adults. They are wearing the same clothes only bigger and are stil ...more
Age, Gender
In this movie Adam Sandler fast forwards to when he gets his promotion to find that his secretary has had a sex change and now works in accounting. Well, I only saw the teaser trailer of this movie starring Adam Sandler. The premise is that a workaholic architect, Michael Newman (Sandler), has ...more
Click (Theatre Trailer)
This is a duplicate entry, and is marked for deletion - 2007 jul 10 - cj Movie coming out soon with Adam Sandler as the star, involving a universal remote that affects time in the real world. In the trailer shown in movie theatres, they mention towards the end that the Adam Sandler character abu ...more
A science corporation creates a watch that can speed up the wearers making time freeze, but a side effect of the watch is if you wear it too long you begin to age rapidly, at the end one of the scientists thinks he can reverse the side effects and he turns into a teenager.
Codename: Kids Next Door
Age, Gender, Animal, Were
Numbah One, Two, Three, Four and Five are agents in a secret organization to defend kids from the tyranny of adults and teens.
"The Cookoo Clock of Doom" by R. L. Stine
Based on the Fox Tv. show a 12 year old boy tries to get his little sister in trouble by turing the head on his dad's cookoo clock backwards. this causes time to go backwords. he ends up going to his 12th birthday,6th birthday and eventually he ends up as a baby. Too bad he turns time around. OK.
"The Counter Clock Incident" episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series
The Enterprise is pulled into a universe where time runs backwards.
Cowboy Bebop episode Sympathy for the Devil
Early on in the episode we see that there is something unusual about a young boy playing the blues on his harmonica at a jazz club. It's later revealed that he's not as young as he looks -- a freak accident when he was a child left him immortal, but stopped the aging process as a side-effect. So he' ...more
Crash Bandicoot Warped
In the game Crash must go back in time and stop Neo Cortex. If you get all the crystals and beat the game you will get an ending where the two villians have been turned into babies, they dont show their tf but its funny
Criss Angel episode Screwed
Criss Angel transforms an 8-year-old girl into a 20-year-old version of herself.
Cristal Bier Party commercial Unknown
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Mythical
A "wild west" fantasy webcomic loosely based on Native American mythology mixed with supernatural/spiritual elements from multiple religions. Characters undergo many supernatural transformations into animals or monsters, or cause other characters or inanimate objects to transform. (Spoiler Te ...more
The Curse of Monkey Island
Near the end of the game the main character, Guybrush Threepwood, is changed into a kid by the Demon Pirate LeChuck.
"Daddy's Little Girl" episode of The 4400
Isabelle's father Richard returned and kidnapped her. He found a person who could make people younger. So he got him to make Isabelle younger. First she noticed she was shorter but later we see she became a little kid. According to Richard. She will continue until she is a baby. He also drugged her ...more
Dan Greenburg book Yikes! Grandma's a Teenager (The Zack Files)
Zack's grandmother (who will turn 89 in a few days' time) is determined to be the Oldest Living Rockette and is invited to NYC for a Rockettes reunion. But when she gets confused and passes through the airport's (malfunctioning) metal detector the wrong way, it interacts with a crystal in her Rocke ...more
Dark Shadows episode Unknown
Barnabas Collins, a 175-year-old vampire (who appears to be in his 30s), enlists the aid of Dr. Julia Hoffman to cure his vampirism, not with the magic that made him that way but with 20th-century medicine. The cure seems to be working slowly in stages, but Barnabas is impatient and wants results. J ...more
DC Captain Marvel issue All
Captain Marvel, a once-famous DC comics character who has been used less as of late, appears to be around the age of Batman or Superman. However, his secret identity is that of Billy Batson, a teenager, "around Robin's (Tim Drake) age", according to Batman. Upon saying the magic word "Shazam," Billy ...more
Dead & Rotting
Old woman transformed into young woman to seduce 3 men that killed her son, so she can "produce" the ghouls to kill the three men. A "B" movie.
Dead and Rotting
Never cross a witch! When three friends accidently kill the son of a witch during a prank, they inadvertently change their own fates. The witch, acting out of anger and revenge, transforms herself into an attractive young woman and seduces the three men. When she bears their children, she uses the o ...more
"The Deadly Years" episode of Star Trek
At Gamma Hydra IV, a landing party consisting of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott, Chekov and Lieutenant Galway find that most of the colonists (all of whom should have been in their 20s) have died of old age; the two survivors appear to be in their 70s. Upon returning to the Enterprise, five members of t ...more
Death Becomes Her
Meryl streeps character's age regresses after drinking a magic potion. I haven't seen it in years but remember that the morphing sequence look pretty cool.
Death Jr issue series
Pandora accidently travels to the future and into her Teenage body and must save Death Jr from his new arch nemesis. due out early 2007
Designer You net fiction Bob Bob Stein
Young adult Ebook. 12-year-old Evan Morris finds a piece of software called Designer You. The old man running the garage sale seems in a hurry to get rid of it. The software has some very unique properties. Whenever he manipulates his image on the screen, the changes actually happen to him! He's abl ...more
Detective Conan issue Unknown
Shinichi is a high school student who loves detective stories, and is actually a pretty good detective himself. One day he sees some mysterious 'men in black' commit a crime, and is spotted also. They catch him, and feed him an experimental drug which is supposed to kill him. Instead, it turns hi ...more
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Groups of artists that feature transformations in their Art.
Dexter's Laboratory episode Don't be a Baby
Dexter and his sister crave to see a new R rated movie but they are too young. So Dexter has an experiment to make them older but because of his sister's clumsiness, it backfires turning the whole world into little babies. His sister gets the opportunity to change her father's and mother's diaper ...more
Dexter's Labrotary episode Sister Mom
Dexter recieves a note to his parents from school asking them to come to a parent teacher conference. Dexter can't possibly tell his parents, so he turns to science. Using one of his machines he turns Deedee into his mother to go with him. Same voice though.
Diana Wynne Jones book Howl's Moving Castle
Female, Age, Animal, Inanimate
Sophie, through a magic power she didn't know she had, accidently brings to life a scarecrow. However, this scarecrow is more than he/it appears to be. There is a dog running around in the book who turns out to be a man bewitched by the Witch Of The Waste. Young Sophie meets up with the evil and c ...more
Digimon episode Digimon World Tour 2
In Australia, while Joe, Cody, Ikakumon and Digmon were pulling the tower, Santa Claus came(wearing a summer suit). After pulling the tower down, it was revealed that he's one of Genai's friends whose wearing a Santa Claus mask.
Digimon: the movie
Yeah, I know....... I know ......... what were you doing watching this sh*t, but it had to be done. At around the end of the movie the 12 year old children become like 4 or 5 years old. I am not sure because it happened so fast. but it last for a long while.
Dinotopia episode A Handful of Dust
In the short lived series an old man named Quartez hunts Stegosarus to create a youth potion which then shares with the resident villaness LaSage. After a night of love making with the now youthful Quartez she awakens to find herself now a teenager and he has regressed to a boy. Soon it is apparent ...more
Dirty Work
Gender, Age
A Laurel & Hardy comedy short. Stan and Ollie are chimney sweeps hired to work at the home of the mad Prof. Noodle, who has just perfected a rejuvenation formula that works by immersion in a tank. Noodle first uses the formula to reduce a duck to a duckling. Then he shows Stan and Ollie his using th ...more
Disneyworld Commercial
Two pre-teen girls are viewed seeing the sites, and riding the rides around Disney World. At the end they pass by a mirror and we see the reflection of a mother and daughter. After the mirror, the daughter and her mother, once more an adult, meet up with dad and son as the commercial ends. T ...more
Do You Remember the First Time? book Jenny Colgan
Flora Scurrison is 32 years old and unhappy with how her life is turning out. Even though she is in a stable relationship with Olly and has a good, if boring, career as an accountant, she still feels that there is something she has missed out on. At her best friend Tashy's wedding she comes face ...more
Doctor Sleep
Age, Gender
In the sequel to The Shining, Danny Torrance is now an adult and end up befriending a young girl, Abra, who shares his Shining gift. Through the Shining, the two are sometimes able to see through each other's eyes. (Spoiler Text)
Doctor Who
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Size
British science-fiction television program about the adventures of a Time Lord and his companions, who travel through space and time in what appears outwardly to be an old, blue, police call-box called a TARDIS. ===Actors who have played the Doctor=== First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963&#821 ...more
Doctor Who episode The Claws Of Axos
The Doctor and his companion Jo are captured by the Axons, who want the Doctor to give the secret of time travel. When he refuses, the Axons cause Jo to age rapidly. The Doctor relents, and Jo is restored. Brief.
Doctor Who episode The Leisure Hive
The fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, participates in an experiment to stop or reverse the aging process. It goes horribly awry and the Doctor is turned into an old man. He is later restored to normal.
Doctor Who episode The Time Monster
A scientist invents a machine he calls TOM-TIT, which he believes will allow transporation in time and space. Series villain The Master sabotages the machine. The scientist is turned into an old man, and series regular Sgt. Benton is regressed to a baby.
Doctor Who episode Mawdryn Undead
Two of the doctors companions, Tegan and Nissa, are infected by a disease that causes them to either age or revert to childern when they try to escape Mawdryn's time ship.
Dodge Charger commercial Unknown
There was a comercial for the new Dodge Charger (Car) which showed a man driving the car with guys on motorcycles near him and when he pulls up into his driver of the bikers says "Nice car" but he has a voice of a kid and then we see the driver and then we see the bikers were really kids he imagined ...more
"Don't Go To Asleep" by R. L. Stine
Animal, Age, Male, Monster, Size
In this book, Matt (the main character) decides that it is high time that he moved out of his tiny bedroom an into the larger guest room. Against his parents wishes, he sneaks out of his room and into the empty guest room to sleep for the night. When he wakes up, he finds that he is in a totally ...more
Donniegee's Captions
Age, Gender
Image Recaps in many different categories.
Doom Patrol #15
The Doom Patrol (Negative Man, Robot Man, Eleastigirl) investigate a strange mutant who drained his mom's life force when he was born, killing her. The little baby ages into a boy, and then drains another victim, becoming a teenage boy who is naked, gaining the attention of a high school coach and ...more
Dr Dokkiri episode Kaori Popping 17
A 9 yrs old girl Kaori drank an age promoter formula and randomly changes into a 17 year old version of herself. One time her mother thought she was her fathers bimbo when she turned seventeen while sleeping with her father.
Dragon on a Pedastool book Piers Anthony
Humphery and the Gap Dragon get an overdose of the fountain of youth and become babies.
Dragonball Z episode Lord Slug
The evil (and old) Super Namek, Lord Slug wishes on the dragon for eternal youth and is reverted back to his prime.
Dragon Ball GT
While Goku is training on Kame's Lookout, Emperor Pilaf finds the black star dragon balls and summons the dragon, and Goku sees Emperor Pilaf and asks him what he is doing. They have a little talk and then Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishes Goku were a kid again. In order for Goku to turn back, he n ...more
Drawing Power episode Playground Power
From the people who brought us School House Rock. This particular collection of episodes includes a superhero segment of a character named Mr. Different who shows people what it's like to be different by transforming them in various ways, including making a troublesome boy into an old man and the p ...more
For the new Dave Mathews Band Video "Dreamgirl" The Pretty Woman herself is in a dream like story where she is pursued by a man with a shadow face, (kinda neat effect), the landscape around her constantly shifting as she runs from shadow man, at one point reality shifts around her again and she find ...more
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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