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Boy girl thing U.S. release??
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It's A Boy Girl Thing
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) go to the same high school, live next door to one another and have parents who used to be friends – but now they are sworn enemies. Nell’s basically a big dork and Woody’s the football champion until something freaky happens at a m ...more
From: Repulso , 97 months, post #1
Has anyone heard anthing at all as to when "It's a boy girl thing" will be released here in the US? As I understand it, the movie takes place here in the States but seems to be out almost everywhere EXCEPT the States?

I've been all over the internet looking for a US release date but so far, to no avail.

Anyone have any info. on this at all? Thanks...

From: guest (thesaint137) , 97 months, post #2
I saw a bootleg and was really disappointed. The TG element was extremely unimaginative and weak. If anybody exchanged bodies, let alone sex, I find it hard to believe that the first worry on their mind would be being late for class.

From: JayGee , 97 months, post #3
(1) There is a mot of pressure to be on time for class. One can't easily override this conditioning that a high school students have had for the majority of their lives.

(2) One might be in shock about the real issue at hand, and concentrate on trival matters as a defense mechanism. This happens all the time.

(3) Well, then... oh, never mind.

From: cj , 97 months, post #4
I would think that the first thing I'd want to do is take a shower... but then, maybe that's just me. :-)

From: guest , 97 months, post #5
you all need to realise that they dont have a tg fetish or whatever, so they wont be like "omg i am a girl i have to masturbate straight away!!!" the movie wasnt half bad

From: Some Guy , 97 months, post #6
Going off of JayGee's statement about being late for school being one of the driving motives behind why they didn't "explore" there bodeis left me with one question, Don't you normally take a shower before going to school? Wouldn't you find it rather hard not to see "things that weren't there before" and be a little curious? Kinda hard to take a shower and "miss" that sorta thing :P

From: guest (TrunKated) , 97 months, post #7
I have taken a sick day for FAR less than waking up to find my mind in the completely wrong body. Unless it was a particularly VITAL appointment and both sides decided it AFTER some discussion, I don't think carrying on like nothing happened would "normally" be on your mind in such a circumstance.

From: guest (TG Collector) , 97 months, post #8
Just saw it last night. (after lot's of searching)

It's a "light" comedy, and as such is not very realistic in actions, reactions, plot reality, etc. There are some great moments (mostly in the first half) but like most PG type movies, it doesn't do very good at exploring TG implications.

From: guest (magma) , 97 months, post #9
> I have taken a sick day for FAR less than waking up
> to find my mind in the completely wrong body.

I have never taken a sick day unless I was hoarse and had fever (at most once a year).
But I think I would have made an exception if I had switched bodies with someone.

Far more important than me attending school is that the one having my body does not ruin my grades. :-)

From: Repulso , 97 months, post #10
Okay, I have to agree with these points. Worried about being late for school. Fun in the shower etc..

But this doesn't really answer the question as the WHEN it will be released in the US. LOL..

From: guest (TG Collector) , 97 months, post #11
I haven't heard anything at all about a US or Canadian release. I'm sure it will be done sooner or later. Once the film is made, it's not a big expense. They are likely having problems signing a distributor. By the way, this movie was filmed in Toronto, Canada - but not released here either ???

From: eh? , 97 months, post #12
I think if someone with a TG fetish swapped bodies with someone of the opposite sex, they would start some exploration. If a regular person did, I'd imagine trying to get their own body back would be a priority over going to school in a body that's not even there's.

From: guest (clipz) , 97 months, post #13
IMDB says the film is being released in a variety of countries but the USA is not listed, at least yet. But apparently there is enough sales for them to show it internationally. There will therefore likely be a dvd in britain at least.

From: guest (InKpott) , 97 months, post #14
No sales at the theatre means sales at the video store will have to do . Will it be distributed for the states too , or will it be an import (special order)? . .

From: bob , 97 months, post #15
I've got a gut feeling it will be a straight to DVD movie in the US. Kind of like the Band Camp American Pie movie.

A movie like this just won't rake in the big bucks the way a Lindsey Lohan movie would.

From: guest (ryan) , 97 months, post #16
on another message board, a music one, someone created a random thread about what you would do if you could be a girl for a day and almsot everyone said they would play with themselves, and these people definitely dont all have TG fetishes

From: guest (TG Scientist) , 97 months, post #17
I have one clip up today, a few more to come!

From: cj , 97 months, post #18
How fitting... the last two characters in that video ID #... Tg :-)

From: cj , 97 months, post #19
Thanks for the clip TG Scientist! :-)

From: Repulso , 97 months, post #20
I have to agree with Bob. I think it will go directly to DVD. I did notice that it will be available in July sometime (on DVD) in the UK. I found this on Amazon but for now, the UK only as it will be region 2 format.

Thanks for the input guys.

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