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Review: My Favorite Martian episode I'd rather Fight than Switch
My Favorite Martian episode I'd rather Fight than Switch
Uncle Martin exchanges bodies with his landlady Mrs. Brown.
From: Anne-Mal , 557 months, post #1
Very excellent show. Mrs Brown is a very excellent Uncle Martin,
which is surprising since the actress usually plays a dopey blonde.
According to the story line Mrs. Brown doesn't have enough brain power
to use a martian's body. Ray Walston probably couldn't handle the

From: caleb j , 557 months, post #2
This show was well done the woman is kept asleep while uncle martin
has to get away from a date with her cop boyfriend who wants to
propose to her...And if martin cant get the diamond to power his
machine soon he will be stuck in his new human female body forever.
well written, well acted a quality product overall which belongs in
anyone's collection of videos

From: RAAJ , 157 months, post #3
Episode Title is I'd rather Fight than Switch" 2nd season

From: Eric , 156 months, post #4
One of the very best. Very funny with nice moments like Uncle MArtin smiling as he makes Tim help 'her' on with 'her' coat. Very well acted. Martin comes with an ace of being Mrs Brown - FOREVER! Maybe even engaged to his enemy Det. Brenan! Mrs Brown can operate the Martian body - its just that UNcle Martin paralizes her. I often wonder what would have happened if they couldn't get back?

From: dis_guise , 50 months, post #5
The Mrs. Brown character is so idiotic -- or chooses to act so idiotic -- as to be unappealing even though she's played by a beautiful actress. She becomes quite sexy with Uncle Martin's self in her body (that is, with the actress portraying an intelligent character). Some lovely acting, and, yes, I suspect that Ray Walston wasn't up to portraying a ditzy woman -- or else that that was considered just too weird for television in those days.

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