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Review: Greer, Gary, and Ruddick, Bob book Max and Me and the Time Machine
Greer, Gary, and Ruddick, Bob book Max and Me and the Time Machine
Two young boys named Max and Steven buy a second hand time machine and travel back to the middle ages. Steven winds up in the body of a knight. Max is not so lucky and ends up in his horse.
From: Lady Sekhmet , 120 months, post #1
This is a "young adult" book that will no doubt appeal to pre-teen boys. But it's interesting that Max's transformation into a horse is taken pretty well, in fact he has a lot of fun with it. Like other childrens books it has little to offer anyone over the age of 12 other than some funny moments and a lite take on how to deal with an unexpected equine morph :)

From: guest (Nina Nina) , 102 months, post #2
This was actually animated as part of the 1985-1999 series CBS Storybreak, in an episode of the same title. It may be available on video, but I don't know for sure.

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