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Comment: CrebHEADS!
A webcomic about a class of gifted kids.
From: guest , 108 months, post #1
It sucks ... read PVP instead

From: guest (bunky) , 75 months, post #2
Hey, you're right... it's a piece of shit, thanks.

From: guest , 75 months, post #3
Fucking awful

From: MazterZephyr , 75 months, post #4
And could any of you lot do better?
How about actually explaining what's wrong with it instead of casually tossing 2-word judgements around?

From: guest (bunky) , 75 months, post #5
Where to start...where to start...

The art is terrible...
The site is terrible...
The comic itself is not funny...

I probably could do better. Anyone could do better.

From: guest (Gulag) , 75 months, post #6
The "could you do any better?" rebuttal is a total red herring, not to mention a major Cliché.

If you go in for an operation, and the surgeon forgetfully leaves his tongs inside as he sows you up, he doesn't get to say "could you do any better?" when you sue him for malpractice

If an air traffic controler is having a bad day and accidentaly clears two planes to land at the same runway simultaniously, he doesn't get to stand up in court and ask the judge if he could "do any better?" as his defence.

If somebody is so bad at something that any untrained eye can see what a mess they're making of it, then it shouldn't require someone to hold a masters degree in the relevant field just to point it out.

From: MazterZephyr , 75 months, post #7
So what?
People say the exact same things about Garfield and Peanuts , and yet those seem popular enough, don't they?
I personally have also had to listen to people saying much the same things as you directed towards The Wotch and Cheer! , which I happen to enjoy a lot for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with any TG content etc.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm fed up with ignorant, arrogant people who automatically believe that their OPINIONS are irrefutable fact.

Also, comparing drawing a webcomic to performing major surgery or running ATC is so stupid I'm not even going to bother dignifying it with a response.

From: guest (Gulag) , 75 months, post #8
I don't see how the comparison is such a stupid one. The very point i was making is that you don't need 4 years of medical schooling to spot a bad doctor, so i don't see why you should need a degree in fine art in order to point out a shitty artist.

Just because drawing a web comic isn't particularly important and a bad one doesn't impact on peoples lives, doesn't mean that the artists should be below criticism.

And for the record Garfield is a terrible, terrible comic. Just my opinion ofc ;)

From: guest , 75 months, post #9
The art looks fine to me.

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