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Comment: Teen Titans, "The End"
Teen Titans episode "The End"
Raven is used by her Demonic Father Trigon to form a porthole to enter the mortal world and make it hell on earth, when done with her he takes her powers and regresses her to about about 4 or 5 years old, off screen. (Spoiler Text)
From: Comp* , 124 months, post #1
Message deleted by Sara. Inappropriate
From: ...what!* , 124 months, post #2
The comment from comp should be erased as it is simply not accurate.

This is a very popular show, and I question whether any viewer, certainly not the entire 'audience' and not likely even the mighty comp itself, actually puked while watching it.

If comp wants to post comments or criticism, he/she/it should present facts, not idiotic insults.

From: FurryAR* , 124 months, post #3
I'm sure it was only a jest in reference to that oh so banalized moment in contemporary action entertainment where the angsty character pulls out some form of resolve and gets the hell out of their lonely pit of hopelessness to save the day 2 minutes before the credits. Up until that point, everybody's ass is grass.

From: ...what!* , 124 months, post #4
now THAT'S an opinion, FurryAR! Nothing wrong with that! Unlike the 5 words you were kind enough to translate for us that Comp wrote, you gave us reasoning for the opinions expressed.

I only saw part 1 of the 3 parter so far so i can't comment on the conclusion myself but even the worst episodes of this show are fairly creative and not worth puking over. ;-)

From: Oh* , 123 months, post #5
Do shut up.

From: Comp* , 123 months, post #6
Sure, whatever you say. Let idiots put the worst animated program on television without a struggle.

Just let them make more crap like The Crapman too...

From: ...what!* , 123 months, post #7
a parental unit of mine thinks the series MASH is a terrible program. Nothing, neither the vast amount of Emmies it won or the High ratings it had, or it's revered status can change his mind. Oh, and Comp would get along well with him, I think.

I have read most of the comic versions and seen most of the cartoon episodes and I can say without any bias that the show his very creative and interesting to watch. It has a few bad episodes, but what series doesn't.

So ok, you don't like this show. No need to insult it or it's viewers, is there?

There is at least one series you do like, right?

Be positive instead of negative.

Tell me what those shows you DO like are!

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