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A new cartoon premiering on The Hub on June 1, 2013. A boy becomes a superhero when he inherits a ring from his deceased aunt. The catch is the ring was meant for a female so he becomes a female superhero named SheZow. SheZow has super-strength and super-speed; a "sonic scream," and SheZow's han ...more
From: guest (FS) , 28 months, post #21
So is there really a point to this show?

From: cj , 28 months, post #22
"Shezow should be deleted from the database asap"

The transformation depicted in Shezow is Guy turning into Shezow (normal male into a superhero/superheroine)... or at least the appearance of transforming from a male into female.

As per this site's Guidelines a physical transformation is depicted, or appears to happen. Even if it didn't qualify for a true transformation it would certainly qualify under as a "Borderline" transformation. Other characters don't recognize the transformed main character when s/he is his/her alter-ego.

From: guest , 28 months, post #23
So are we going to add crossdressers who "pass"?

From: guest , 28 months, post #24
I watched this show and thought it was pretty bad. If the creators really wanted to push the limits or boundaries of tv, they should have made it a full and complete transformation in my opinion. The guy's body should be magically transformed into a female's body while he is the superhero. It shouldn't just be cross dressing. Cross dressing is boring in my opinion. I mean if you're into it, fine but I just think it makes for boring tv. Personally, I'd rather see a male character put on a cursed ring and be transformed physically into a female superhero rather than just wear a female superhero costume. I want to see him struggle with not only having to wear a female superhero costume but also having to deal with a female body too.

From: paul , 28 months, post #25
Cross dressing is acceptable if it is used to depict a transformation or if it appears to be a transformation. I haven't seen the show, but it doesn't sound like either of those are the case. Do any of characters on the show or the audience think he has changed gender? If not being recognized counted, we would have to include a large amount of cross dressing fiction.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 28 months, post #26
Idk, there's plenty of sites for cross dressing. This site is unique in that it only deals with transformations, body changes, that sorta thing.

From: guest (guest) , 28 months, post #27
people seem to forget that its a show for 9 - 14 year olds, its not made to satisfy your fetish or to push to boundries.....

From: guest (penguinattack) , 28 months, post #28
if you want fetish based stuff watch porn or the many youtube channels out there that cater to that sort of thing. Don't go looking for your thrills from a kids show that's about as creepy as trying to get a thrill from My Little Pony.

From: guest (lily) , 28 months, post #29

"Do any of characters on the show or the audience think he has changed gender? If not being recognized counted, we would have to include a large amount of cross dressing fiction."

So far everyone thinks he is the original Shezow and, apart from his sister and a male friend who know his secret identity, every one (ncluding the boy's father) refers to Shezow as "she" or "her".

As for whether this counts as a transformation for the purposes of inclusion here, I'd vote no. The character design in the show is highly stylized, but adult women are drawn with breasts and indented waists. Guy, as Shezow, is drawn as male-bodied (or pre-pubescent female) in overtly (and obnoxiously stereotyped) feminine costume. He reads as a boy, or a young girl, dressed in heels, skirt, wig, and make-up. It is drag in its broadest form; it is meant to be funny that in-story observers cannot see what is obvious to the audience.

It is in the same class as Tootsie, Madea, Big Momma, Mrs. Doubtfire. etc.

From: guest (guest2) , 28 months, post #30
I agree with penginattack.

I can't believe all the attention this show is getting.

From: guest , 28 months, post #31
The show doesn't suck because it's about cross dressing or something that could be considered as transgendered. It sucks because the story sucks. Why would little kids want to watch a crappy show like this?

From: guest (Jayzie) , 28 months, post #32
I vote no as well. Crossdressing and a kid show? Yeah, that definitely doesn't belong here, nothing "transformational" about it.

From: guest (lily) , 28 months, post #33
penguinattack, guest #24 didn't seem to be asking for porn.

The show is being promoted like an episode of Springer; "Meet the boy who became a superhero ... dressed as a girl!". It may not have been the intention of the show's creators, but the channel showing it in the US (Hub -- which is apparently a joint venture of Hasbro Toys and Discovery Communications) -- is marketing the show on the transgressive aspects of crossdressing.

I don't know about "should", but the show WOULD be more interesting if it the transformation were more than just the clothes.

And yes, I know the show is for kids; but take a look at the Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network shows aimed at the same age cohort (pre-teens).

Body transformations are frequent in animated cartoons for kids. Johnny Test, The DC Nation shows. Fairly Odd Parents, etc. A show about an 11 year old boy who becomes an adult woman could be done without sexualizing the child (the 1970s live action Shazam -- the show that sort of inspired this one -- featured a pre-teen/early-teen boy who became an adult man and it NEVER addressed questions of sexuality).

Or look at Japanese "kid-shows". The body-taboos that Shezow carefully does not transgress are western and abrahamic -- which is to say, the product of bronze age superstition overlaid with Victorian prudery.

The show has, predictably, gotten the attention of One Million Moms...

... who, just as predictably, completely miss that the show is all about heteronormative and cisnormative values.

From: guest (Captain Gallant) , 28 months, post #34
Quite a few years ago, Top Cow, I think, did all the publicity prep for a comic called "Makeshift" which was, apparently, about a male cop who could become a female superhero. That fit with the times, since Mantra was notable over at Malibu concurrently...and even Image did a tg crossover event. I never heard any reason given, but Makeshift never got released. Shezow's idea reminded me of that project. But Shezow is a rather dopey cartoon even for young children. I tried it, I didn't like it, and won't bother with it anymore.

From: Alias , 28 months, post #35
There's like 8 episodes of it up on if someone wants to form their own opinion. I'd vote no for inclusion, and it's pretty unwatchable in any case.

From: Alias , 28 months, post #36
Also came across a review of Shezow on the Escapist's Big Picture , a positive one.

And before any attacks come flying in, my 'unwatchable' opinion is simply due to the overly frenetic pace and style of the show, not of the premise.

From: Holly Dunn , 28 months, post #37
I see this show made it in the database as a gender change. If it stays, in my opinion, it should be labeled "crossdressing only" at the top of the entry. The show's creator confirms that the character is a boy in girl's costume.

The article is titled: "Delving Into SHE-ZOW, the Cross-Dressing Superhero Animated Series" The creator, Obie Scott Wade states: "He's still a boy, just trapped in an outrageously flamboyant superhero costume designed for a woman."

If this entry meets a loose interpretation of the guidelines, shouldn't it at least be clarified in the entry? Thank you to all involved with this site for all the extra work trying to make the listings as thorough as possible. And thank you for allowing me to state my opinion.

From: cj , 28 months, post #38
Thank you all for the clarifications and opinions.. and Holly for the article.

I've marked the entry for deletion.

My apologies for holding the entry - based on what I viewed, I had trouble ascertaining the extent of the TF. And those borderline things can get tricky in the first place.

From: sexualitylab , 28 months, post #39
I would argue for the inclusion of the entry, as there is a transformation of sorts even if it is not physical. He is essence transforming into the identity of another person, and moreover, this person is female and a superheroine. Other people see him as a different person. In the guidelines, it clearly states that entries "can also include things which are not true transformations but in some way appear to be one." I think the entry should stay, given that SheZow involves a boy becoming a female superheroine and taking on that persona (even if not physically becoming a woman), and given that the show seems popular among TG fans, many who use this site.

From: Holly Dunn , 28 months, post #40
One of the great things about this site is that when you're bored you can go to some of the entry pages and search for materials. New old stuff is getting added to Youtube and other similar sites all the time.

I wasn't arguing for the inclusion or exclusion of Shezow as there is some leeway. That is for the moderators to decide. My point was that if it is included it should be labeled "Crossdressing" prominently in the description.

TG is such a minor part in most entries, that when you search for TG and get only crossdressing it is frustrating. The mods can decide whether it merits inclusion, but if it does, please point out that it is crossdressing.

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