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Skin I Live In, The (AKA Piel Que Habito, La)
Category: 'Female'
Paybacks a Witch
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode
  • Series: Charmed


While being held hostage in a bank with others BiIllie & Paige are tapped not being able to use their powers. Henry (Paige's boyfriend) is shot and a possessor demon takes posesson of a disturbed Vet. He wants mostly Billie as she tortured him & has been killings his fellow demons but also hopes to expose the charmed ones.
Billie makes a smoke bomb potion. Under its cover Billie & Pagge swap - shapes but not bodies. The possessor eventually orbs back to his fellow demons who try & kill 'Billie' but she is of course Paige and she destroys them by hurling their own fireballs back at them. She then orbs out with the possessed man and who can't figure out whats going on as BIllie isn't that powewrful. Back in the Halliwell mansion the swap is revelaed and the demon destoryed. Rosse M does a good job of playimg BIllie in Paige's shape.

Note: in almost all epoisdes this season involve some form of shape shifting

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1 Comment: Charmed, "Paybacks a Witch"
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