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Category: 'Gender'
The All New Atom #16
  • Categories:Comic Book, Gender, Mechanical, Size, Age
  • Cover Title: "Psyche-Out!"
  • Cover Date: December 2007
  • Issue Title: "Forward! Into the Past!
  • DC Comics


Time Related Changes
In this issue, there are several time related changes. A man calling himself Swami Vedah of the Center for Transcendental Consciousness is using the power of music to change people from normal people of the year 2007 to a hippy version of themselves from the 1960's. A morph panel is shown in one panel.

Male, Female, and Gender Changes for Mechanical
In addition, the Swami is using a set of four Animates that he changes into a four man group (Glen, Saul, Hal, and Benji) the Twists. The Atom uses his MP3 Player and plugs into the music that has changed the Animates, can changes them into a version of the Village People (all male), a Swing Band (2 men and 2 women), an all woman group ala Pointer Sisters, an all male Motown band, and finally a Punk Band (again, all male). Each different group is shown on screen.

And, with most issues of this series, the Atom uses his power belt to shrink to very small sizes, and grows back to his normal size.

originally posted by Sara on 2007-11-27, no edits, entryid=7808