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Category: 'Gender'
Angel On Fire
  • Categories:Gender, Adult Movie
  • Adult, aka "Angel Number 9", 74 min, (C) 1978?, Pub Essex


This film centers on a man who does not treat women well. A woman who loves him gets pregnant and he kicks her out of his apartment - telling her that he doesn't want to see her anymore.

He later gets hit by a VW Bus and goes to heaven. An angel says that he has to go back to Earth as a woman to experience what a woman feels. He gets sent back as Darby Lloyd Rains, has a one-nighter with Marc Stevens, sees his old girlfriend having "lesbo love", and winds up falling for a photographer (Jamie Gillis), who winds up treating him much like he/she had handled his old girlfriend when he/she was a male.



He gets his new body in heaven.

Checking it out and feeling more "loving".

Applying for a modeling job, with the casting couch soon to come.....

Arguing with the gods to stay in her somewhat chunky form.

Threatened by her naked lover. (He is cropped out for modesty sake...)

Asking the gods to be taken back after the heartache of being a woman is too much to bear.

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