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Category: 'Gender'
Lynn Flewelling book The Oracle's Queen
  • Categories:Gender, Book


The third book of Flewelling's "Tamír Trilogy," about a Queen who grew up in the form of a boy. It is the sequel to "The Bone Doll's Twin" and "Hidden Warrior."

I'm not completely certain this belongs here, because the major transformation already happened in the second book, "Hidden Warrior." However, there are a lot of references to Tamír's previous life as the boy Tobin, particularly as there are those who oppose her who refuse to believe in the transformation. Furthermore, a major recurring theme of the novel is Tamír's difficulty in adjusting to her role as queen and her struggles getting used to her new female body and the set of emotions that go along with it, including her changing relationship with her squire Ki, her best friend since they were boys.

Speaking of which...

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originally posted by DaveS on 2006-06-30, no edits, entryid=467