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Lea Wildersen
Category: 'Gender'
Teej Grant
  • Categories:Gender, Short Story
  • Title "'The Wild Y'", author also known as 'Polly Steward', In "Brutarian Magazine #35, on sale in May of 2002", (C) 2002, Shapeshifter, Sci-Fi


MAJOR SPOILER INCLUDED! 'The Wild Y' is a great story by 'Teej Grant' (Polly Steward), a younger female author who just has to be one of us. The 'Y' of the title refers to a very rare genetic quirk which occurs in some men (the 'Y' chromosome makes a male a male, of course) and allows their physical bodies to change into any other form when the DNA of the second person is introduced into their systems. In other words, they are human chamelions who can be transformed into other people while retaining their own minds and personalities. This discovery is kept secret by the government, and when 'something' terrible happens to the President (clearly a Bill Clinton type), the Secret Service recruits a down and out former TV actor named Tolbert to step in and clean up the mess. Tolbert has his strange physical abilities explained to him and then demonstrated when his own DNA is used for the transformation. He becomes a super-healthy, 25 year old version of himself. Thinking that he will simply have to impersonate the Pres until Al Gore can be sworn in to replace him (and believing that then he will have a future filled with exciting, James Bond-like adventures awaiting him), Tolbert agrees to the job and is innoculated with new DNA. The change feels substantially different this time, however. While he is recovering, he overhears several Secret Service agents whispering among themselves, accusing one another of not being quick enough when the out of control Chief Executive 'did coke' and went whacko again. Eventually, the agents agree that even tho their duties are to stay close to him at all times, even they weren't expected to be in the same bed with the First Couple when Bill coked-up and strangled his wife. To protect Clinton (and their jobs), they have to make sure that no one knows the Mrs. is dead. Tolbert then opens 'his' eyes, stares down at Hilary's body, and starts screaming. You see, 'he' now no longer has a 'Y' chromosome of any kind and therefore cannot return to his masculine form. This is a terrific story and would make a wonderful novel. Steward is only seventeen, and the maturity and imagination she shows here has me expecting many years of delightfully twisted TG fiction from her. 'Brutarian' is a hip music, movie, and counterculture periodical available at the larger bookstores and in music chains like Turtles and Wherehouse; look for issue #35 and let the editors know how much you enjoy Steward's work. It's a classic.

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