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Category: 'Gender'
Herb Adcox Chevrolet commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Commercial
  • (C) 2002, Magic, Comedy


This commercial is currently (May of 2002) running in the Chattanooga, Tennessee market. "Henry", the Herb Adcox "spokesman" (he's a real basset hound, made to speak by voiceover dubbing) is dressed in typical magician drag, including a magic wand that he holds in his mouth. The human boss of the dealership ("Dave") appears next to Henry says that he's going to show the viewers some real magic, proceeding to advertise the car specials. Then Henry states that he'll perform the best trick of them all and uses the wand to change Dave into a gorgeous blonde in a red dress. SheDave is nonplussed and demands that Henry change him (her?) back in his own voice while tugging at the dress and looking uncomfortable. Henry replies that red is "her" color, and then the commercial ends. The gal is really good-looking.

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originally posted by Daydreamer on 2002-05-15, no edits, entryid=4390