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Category: 'Gender'
Satan's Triangle
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • 90 mins, Cast: Kim Novak, Body Thief, Possession, Shapeshifter, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Made for TV Movie


Strange movie, some great parts and some dull ones. A rescue on an aparently abandon sailboat finds only one surviver a beautiful actress Eve(played by Kim Novak) Some appeared to be murie some missing. she tells the man that they rescued a priest and he started killing people. She is aparently vulerable and has an affair with a handsome resuer. All seems 'explained' by some coast guard people who rescue them.


Just as the movie appears to have a 'happy ending' with Eve and her lover leaving on Coastguard sea plane a man left behind reprots by radio to the plane that they've found a body rolled up in the canvus it rolls down to reveal EVE! 'Eve' on the place starts laughng dioloboically at her horrified lover and tosses him out to die. Then 'Eve' turns into the Priest who was rescue and causes the place to go into a power dive. "You konw who I am!" he says to the poliet who is praying. "Pray to me!" he doesn't the plane crashes. 'The Priest' then becomes the handsome young man and smilingly awaits 'rescue' by an on coming boat! The plane scene is really chilling!

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Started by Corwin
144 months

originally posted by Eric on 2002-06-01, no edits, entryid=4361