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Category: 'Animal'
Live Action Ad for Powerpuff Girls commercial Unknown
  • Categories:Animal, Commercial
  • (C) Summer 2002, Magic, Comedy


This live-action commercial aired on Cartoon Network and featured a business man going about his day in an odd "Roger Rabbit" type city with animated characters occupying real city scenes. At one point he enters a bank and withdraws money. As he is leaving the bank, he sees Mojo Jojo transforming everyone into dogs (the cartoon characters turn into cartoon dogs). Anticipating his own transformation, the man places his wad of money in his mouth and continues walking past several transforming characters on the way to the door. Sure enough, he is hit by Mojo's ray gun and is promptly turned into a (real) dog with a mouthful of money. The dog continues out the door just in time to see the Powerpuff Girls (implied) swoosh into the bank. A few seconds later, the dog (and all the other animated characters) are restored to normal. The restored man continues about his business as if this sort of thing always happens...the ad's ending tag line: "Born and Raised in Townsville."

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1 Comment: Live Action Ad for Powerpuff Girls
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