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Category: 'Size'
The Ultimate Book of Spells episode The Rift
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode
  • Title "The Rift", Episode, Magic, Animated


The kids go through the book of spells and end up in the Underworld where imps live. They then end up inside an imp's shop and find the magical portal device the imps were using to seal things from the world above. The kids take the portal, but go back to retreve the book of spells which they left behind. Then Lord Zarlak comes to the imps shop wanting to know how they bring the things from the surface. Then Verne and Cassy shrink themselves down to only a few inches tall with a shrinking postion. They both go into the shop and meet up with the imps. Cassy almost gets stepped on and Lord Zarlak hears them and turns them back to normal size. Gus then drinks the postion he made and grows into a giant. Gus pulls off the roof of the shop and pushs Zarlak into the ground with his right hand. He then picks up another of Zarlak's helpers with his hand and throws him into a water fountain. Gus then picks up Cassy and Verne with his hands and the book of spells transports them back to the surface. Now back on the surface Cassy takes the shrinking potion and shrinks Gus back to his normal size.

originally posted by anonymous on 2002-11-03, no edits, entryid=4080