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Category: 'Inanimate'
Witch-Girls issue Witch-Girls
  • Categories:Animal, Inanimate, Comic Book
  • Title "Witch-Girls", Issue: 1, (C) 2002, Manga Graphix, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy


I order a copy of Witch-Girls # 1 online.

It’s a two part story. Part 1 is basically the main character Janette going over her “Origin” and introduction of her friend including her wicked cousin Annabelle. Annabelle gets made when on other girl says how evil she is. Annabelle turns her into a pile of ash and in another scene Annabelle turns someone into a small piece of chocolate.

In another part two A Evil Witch Named Denora is trying to become the Halloween Witch and has to go against Janette’s and Annabelle’s Aunt. The Evil witch who reminds me of “Jessica Rabbit” uses every dirt trick in the book. She turns a person into a tea cup and his wife into the saucer to extort their son into helping her with her plot to defeat Helena. Later on Helena’s boyfriend shows up and she turns him into a cigar and smokes him. The Evil Witch’s daughter gets in on the act and turns a kid into a doll.

I work for a comic book distributor and had a chance to see a pre-press copy of Witch Girls. I expected a few TF’s but not as many as was present in this book. One of the pin-ups has over 10 Tf’s in it alone.

The first issue covers the story of a girl who discovers she’s a witch. Done in flash backs you see her discover her powers in this story A man is turned into a donkey, a boy into a frog. Someone (a bit hard to make out) is turned into chocolate and a guy is turned into a frog. I’m sure I’m missing a few more. All the Tf’s are done well but not as good as part 2.

Part 2 offers more Tf’s and a great merging scene. I’ll try not to spoil it but this merging is really cool. A kid gets merged with a critter of some sort.

Overall Witch-Girls is really funny and really good. It reminds me of a lot for a very good TV series or anime. Two thumbs up


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