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Category: 'Gender'
Final Fantasy VII
  • Categories:Gender, Video Game, Computer Game
  • Original Game System: Sony PlayStation
  • Original Release Date: September 7, 1997
  • Also released on Microsoft Windows by Eidos Interactive: June 24, 1998
  • Original Publisher: SquareSoft


There is a code for the Action Replay that allows you to switch Cloud's and Tifa's bodies around. Doesn't affect the story at all, what it really does is switch their sprites. But it is damn funny to see Tifa in Battle with the Buster sword. May be possible to do with other characters, but has not been confirmed.

At one part, the main villain Sephiroth, transforms himself into Tifa(a hot girl that is one of the main characters) to trick one of the characters to give him the black materia that he is after.

In order to save Aeris, Cloud must pretend to be a woman and dress for the part. Not really a transformation, but the more items you find, the more convincing of a woman Cloud is and there is a possibility that he will be chosen by the big boss for a night of fun... Interesting that the game requires you to do this and actually has you find a dress, underwear, makeup, a tiara and perfume. You also need to get a wig, which you win from the Gym leader doing a squatting contest. This Gym leader appears to be a woman, but may actually be a guy as well.

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