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"House of Dark Delights" book by Louisa Burton
Category: 'Size'
Tom and Jerry episode Dr Jeckle and Mr. Mouse
  • Categories:Size, Television Episode
  • Title "Dr Jeckle and Mr. Mouse", (C) 1947, Episode, Comedy, Animated


Tom makes many futile attempts to keep his milk dish away from Jerry. So he decides to poison it. He dumps all sorts of chemicals into it and leaves it for Jerry. Jerry drinks it and grows to about twice his size and gets quite muscular. He proceeds to beat up Tom. Eventually it runs out, with a bunch of puttering and popping on Jerry's part. Tom chases Jerry, who locks him in a fridge. Jerry then mixes the chemicals in more milk. Before he can drink it, Tom takes it and drinks the entire bowl. Tom starts to grow really large, then with a pop and a whizz, shrinks down to a little bit smaller than Jerry. Jerry proceeds to step on his tail and punch him. yom starts puttering and popping, but instead of growing back, he shrinks some more. Now he's less than half of Jerry's height. Jerry, pulls Tom's tail. Tom sputters some more, and shrinks again, to the size of a flea. Jerry then chases him with a fly swatter.

originally posted by Hsu on 2003-02-21, no edits, entryid=3820