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Category: 'Gender'
Orphen episode Unknown
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There is two gender changes. One is implied in which one of the second characters is stated to have changed himself from a man into a woman when he was badily ingured.

The other (and main one) is where Azalie (the female stuck in a dragon's body after being transformed into one) changes bodies though soul-swapping with one of the magician's called Flameheart (who is male). There is no real mention of if the Dragon (The Bloody August) is male or female, but they do use 'she' a lot, which leds us to believe that the dragon is also female like Azalie is. This change is a major part of all the episodes after the change, and comes to a end in the last episode...

Overall the series is okay, I personally found it very boring in places because the storyline was extremely drawn out. However, the main TG element in it is pretty well done, and something I would expect from a good thought out story.

I would suggest getting the movie if you like Anime, and also like body swapping TG elements.

For the later TG - the episode starts on DVD 5 of the 6 DVD set. And the episode is called "Sister of the Moon".

originally posted by MoonWiNC on 2003-08-20, no edits, entryid=3408