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Category: 'Gender'
Thrills episode Supernatural
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode


This episode of this late-night television show from Pay TV channel Cinemax (often dubbed "Skin-emax" for a reason) had two reporters for "Thrills" magazine, a man and a woman, investigating a house reputed to be haunted. Splitting up to investigate the mansion, the woman enters a room where she sees herself having torrid sex with another hot woman. The reporter, frightened and shocked by this vision, runs away screaming for Fred, her reporter partner. Fred brings her back into the room, which now has no one else in it. Fred assures her that it was all in her head because of her tension, and offers to give her a massage, an offer she accepts. While enjoying her massage, the female reporter realizes that she never told Fred which room had frightened her, so how did he know to bring her back to this very room? No answer from Fred, so she turns around --and Fred has turned into a sexy half-naked woman, the same one who was in her vision before, having sex with her.


Fred comforts his friend (forgot her name),

reassuring her that there was nothing scary in

the room where she had previously seen a

ravishing woman having sex with a copy of

herself. The friend is reassured, but then she

asks how Fred knew it was this room she was

scared of (Fred was the one who had led her back

to this room).

No reply from Fred, only silence. When she

turns around to ask Fred further, instead of

Fred she sees the very same sexy woman (presumably

a female demon or ghost) that had been having sex

with her in her vision!

originally posted by anonymous on 2003-12-13, no edits, entryid=3196