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Category: 'Gender'
Nick & Jessica Variety Hour episode Private Detective Skit
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode


Early in the hour, N&J do a skit with a 1950's style private detective and his beautiful client. Nick voices over, letting the audience hear his thoughts about the PI biz, but Jessica says her thoughts out loud. She tries to voice over her thoughts again, but voices her thoughts this time as Mr. T.! Jess apologizes. She said she watched an A-Team rerun last night on TV... Mr T's voice expresses Jessica's comments until Nick says to try again.

THEN, Jessica walks through the door looking (and played by) Mr. T!

Jessica's inner voice tells Nick, "It's me, Honey! I'm inside Mr. T! Then Jess as Mr T. sings him a tune with T vocalizing.

Jess's inner voice says being Mr. T " so much fun!"
Nick demands she get out of Mr. T!

Mr T. then asks Nick for a little sugar and he walks out and the skit ends.

Pretty funny there for a moment!
And they didn't run it into the ground, ending after minute or 2.

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4 Comment: Nick & Jessica Variety Hour, "Private Detective Skit"
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originally posted by anonymous CJ on 2004-04-12, no edits, entryid=2782