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The Last of the Greats issues 3-4
Category: 'Were'
Spiderman issue Unknown
  • Categories:Were, Comic Book


There are many beings in the Spiderman universe that could be considered were-creatures.
First is Lizard, aka Kurt Connors, who was famous scientist who used reptile DNA to create a serum that regenerates limbs, and tested it on himself (he was missing an arm). He predictably turns into a savage humanoid lizard, who runs rampant many times because the serum always resurfaces itself when they think Connors is cured
Next is Man-Wolf, aka John Jameson, J. Jonah Jameson's (the crotchety newspaper editor) son. After a mission to the moon, John is exposed to radiation and turns into a werewolf when he reaches Earth. Someone please tell me what happens to him afterwards, cause I don't know.
(Both Connors and John are minor characters in the Spiderman 2 movie)
Next is Micheal Morbius, who, trying to use advanced science to decipher the identity of Spiderman, accidently fuses himself with bat DNA, and turns into a plasma-sucking vampire. At first, he can sort of control it, only feeding when he needs to. However, as his body becomes more bat-like, he starts to get more ravenous and bestial. He eventually leaves the city and ends up in hibernation in a cave out in a decrepit island.

originally posted by S.S on 2004-11-22, no edits, entryid=2173