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"Private Midnight" book by Kris Saknussemm
Category: 'Gender'
Dynomutt episode Madame Ape Face
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode


The Daring Duo are on the trail of Madame Ape Face who has swiped the face of Sophia Florenzi and plans to steal all of the beautiful faces of the starlets of Big City. They catch up with The Madame at GaGa Galore's costume party but her face is stolen. The Daring Duo rush to the aid of the most probable victims. When Fifi Foray wins a beauty contest, Dog Wonder disguises himself as Fifi, and an ensuing scuffle with Madame Ape Face results in Dog Wonder's face stolen. (Dynoape, Ape Wonder?! It'll never be the same!) Using The Dyno-Radar Hand Detector, the heroes find The Madame's lair and Dog Wonder's face is restored. They catch Ape Face in the act of pilfering Sarah Showerfaucet's face at her apartment. Blue Falcon captures The Madame just as she tosses Sarah's face out the window, but Dog Wonder manages to catch it before it shatters on the concrete below.

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18 Comment: Dynomutt, "Madame Ape Face"
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