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Lea Wildersen
Category: 'Inanimate'
Magical DoReMe episode Pilot Episode
  • Categories:Inanimate, Television Episode


The Witch known as Petina runs an old magic shop, the "Rusty Broom Magic Shop" where she sells trinkets and stuff to customers who somehow end up needing help. Dorie Goodwyn is one of these customers. She enters and Petina then says, "Please shut the cat hates the light.." Dorie notices the older woman in the rocker is wearing strange clothes and has a white cat...and cackles to herself...then she makes a realization she is talking to a real witch and then exposes Petina as a witch! Petina then somehow changes into a green blob, and stays that way until Dorie trains to be a real witch. The "cat" then talks and stands on two legs and changes into a fairy, named Lorilei. Lorilei and Petina then go about helping Dorie become a witchling, a new witch in training. Two other friends, Reanne and Merabelle, also learn about Petina (called Blobby by Merabelle)....and the witchlings pass the fairy test and get fairies like Lorilei (only level 1 fairies though).

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2 Comment: Magical DoReMe, "Pilot Episode"
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