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Category: 'Gender'
1992 ad for shampoo. Reminiscent of Black or White Video. Man morphs to woman, who morphs to different man, who morphs to different woman.
L. Frank Baum book The Enchanted Island of Yew
Non-Oz book, Girl is transformed into boy to accomplish quest.
L. Frank Baum book The Marvelous Land of Oz
Animal, Gender
In an attempt to escape capture, Mombi (the enchantress who enchanted Tip/Ozma -- see this book's listing under Gender) transforms herself into a griffin and attempts to run away. She is caught after she tires, and Tip's ally the Sawhorse (who is made of wood instead of flesh and blood, and thus ne ...more
L. Ron Hubbard, If I Were You
Female, Male, Gender
Circus midget gets spell to switch bods with the tall ringmaster, but finds himself in a giant sized heap of trouble after the swap.
L. Timmel Duchamp
Girl becomes hermaphrodite after sexual intercourse with alien.
L.A. Law episode Unknown
After a partner dies in the office, his secretary delivers his eulogy and reveals that she is a pre-op transsexual and his lover. In Episode 1 she haggles over a severance package, since the other partners are too transphobic to keep her on.
L.A. Law episode Unknown
The bald attorny defends a lovely model who was fired when her sex change became public.
la mano de satan
Gay Ricardo falls in love with engaged straight man Arturo, and makes a deal with the devil to become a beautiful woman so he can live happily ever after with the man of his dreams. The next thing Ricardo knows, the Devil has answered his prayers, and he's a beautiful woman named Julia. But when Art ...more
La Roue (The Wheel)
Alfred Chester receives the death sentence for having killed her adulterous wife. To remain alive, he accepts an alternative experimental sentence, his spirit is separated from his body and sent to a parallel heroic/fantasy universe. To his great surprise he wakes up inside the body of a young prin ...more
Labatt Blue Light commercial "Better Ex"
Three guys and a girl are in a bar when the girl notices the guy’s ex-girlfriend walking in. The guys and girl go to the bar and get Blue Lights. One of the guys (not the one whose ex is walking in) twists his beer’s cap, and changes the clothes on the girl he is friends with into a ver ...more
This is a Spanish remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Antena 3. Lola is played by Marina Gatell. It was discontinued after 138 episodes.
This is a Peruvian remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Frecuencia Latina. Lola is played by Gianella Neyra. It started January 20 2011.
Lana's Sci Fi TG Page
Lana's message board is the defacto home for the #fictionmania irc channel. And before losing her hosting when the first fictionmania closed down, the site had an excellent collection of scans and stills frames.
Lana's TG Chat
Web based chat room. Closed Down
Land of Oz: the Manga, Return to the Emerald City # 4 (February 2009)
AP Manga ( has a four number series, retelling in manga (more comic book) form L. Frank Baum's The Land of Oz in which the boy Tip flees from his guardian to the Emerald City and Ozma, Princess of Oz is found.
Land of the Lost episode Album
Will is lured to the Lost City by a mysterious mental summons and is reunited with his mother who died when he was very young. However, "Mother" is really one of the presumably-male (no females ever mentioned)Sleestak who has created the illusion to draw the Marshalls into a deadly trap!
A man immerses himself in a cauldron of water, only to emerge as a woman who gets wed to a local king. They also have a couple of children.
Larry Niven book The Long Arm Of Gil Hamilton
Takes place in a future in which they've developed a "complete" transsexualization procedure.
Larry Tritten
Man shot when caught " in flagrante delicto" is given second chance for heaven if he does the right thing on playback, Only this time around he is the female being seduced by himself.
The Last Days of Foxhound
Gender, Animal, Male
A webcomic written and drawn (in paint) by Chris Doucette on his website Gigaville. It acts as a prequal to the game Metal Gear Solid and portrays the activities of Foxhound (the antagonists of the game), based on cannon material with the author's imagination filling in the gaps. The character ...more
The Last of the Secret Agents?
This obscure Allen and Rossi comedy is playing AMC now and is rather like an extended version of "Get Smart!" At one point aboard a train, the boys are told to expect a visit from another agent, code name "Fred Johnson". "Fred Johnson" knocks on their door and speaks in a very male voice. Whe "he ...more
The Last One issue Unknown
About an immortal who has lived from the Dark Ages to the present, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman.
Last Picture Show
The minor subplot of this show has a magic marriage counciler swap Leo & Piper's bodies in a 'walk in my shoes' treatment. The magic stays in Piper's body. Best part of the swap was when 'Piper' threatens to freeze 'Leo' if 'he' doesn't stop whining. No mirror checking out. Though the nw Piper do ...more
The Last Piece Standing
The second movie from Mako Pictures (the people behind THE KISS), The Last Piece Standing is a movie set in the future... where a man-made virus is unleashed and is killing the world's population of women. The story revolves around two strangers; who's paths collide and take a very dark turn. Ther ...more
The Last Voyage of Sinbad issue Unknown
Sinbad's new girlfriend turns out to be the main villain, an evil (male) genie, in disguise. I think that this was originally serialised in Heavy Metal; it was published in graphic novel format in the UK. Art by the great Richard Corben.
Late Nght with Conan O'Brian show episode Unknown
Twice this week, Conan shows his legs under his desk by having the front of the desk removed... and Lower part of his body, especially the bare feminine legs, are those of a beautiful woman dressed in a skirt! Through a greenscreen effect and careful timing, the half man/half woman Conan spins in ...more
Late Night with Conan O'Brien episode Unknown
In a skit about NBC's budget cuts Conan mentions a number of things that had to be budgeted on the set, inculding the announcer Joel Goddard. He is now a black woman, but still has his voice.
Late Night with David Letterman episode The Alan Kalter Makeover skit
Alan intros a new skit, where he gives people makeovers. A pretty blonde woman is his first subject. Alan washes her hair, applies her makeup and picks out an outfit. Then he shows us the final product and his exact double walks in, except she is still speaking with her own voice. "What did y ...more
Laura J. Mixon book Proxies
"Teleprescence" technololgy allow operation of remote android type bodies. No deep detail but several cross gender bits.
Laura Resnick
The male genie of the lamp becomes a woman to please a master.
Lauren Du Clou book Adventures on the Third Side
Laurence Housman
Husband kills wife. Divine judgement sends them back to earth in each other's bodies.
Laverne and Shirley episode Unknown
This was one of the later episodes, where only Laverne, Carmine, and Squiggy were still with the show. Laverne's body is possessed by the ghost of a male track star, who wants to prove, using Laverne's body, that he should have won an Olympic gold medal in the 30's.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode Identity
The officers accuse a forteen-year-old boy of killing an attempted rapist in self defence, as his DNA was found at the scene. It turns out it was really his twin sister. The sister was born a boy, but a botched circumcision destroyed her penis. Her parents raised her as a boy, with the help of a ...more
Lawrence Miles book Alien Bodies
A male Faction Paradox agent briefly possesses the body of a human female soldier to get at a relic everyone is after. Sequence is short and only lasts about two pages.
Layne Littlepage book Wonkers
Woman becomes a man during the Harmonic Convergence.
Lazarus Cane book by Jeremy Kline
Age, Gender, Male
Scott Cane is no ordinary serial killer. Most of the people he murders are serial killers themselves. More than 60 years ago, Cane was part of an experiment that gave him healing and shape-shifting abilities. Now he can become another person and possess their abilities (and memories, to a lesser d ...more
Lea Wildersen
Fictional blog detailing a man's unexpected transformation into a woman and how he/she deals with it. The blog's description is... The ongoing journal of my amazingly sudden and shockingly (un)true transformation from a man into a woman.
Leap Of Faith net fiction Unknown
Quantum Leap X-files cross over. First class story. Sam & Scully switch bodies - she becomes active back at the project and Sam tried to save Mulder while they work on a case.
Lee Martindale
A young enchantress applies for the position of king's enchanter, but is told by the guard captain that the king wouldn't accept her -- the king is actually seeking a man, preferably an old man, who gives the appearance of power. Later that night, the enchantress transforms herself into an old man w ...more
Lee Sutton
Conservative prig and free love chick find their minds joined.
Legend of the Swordsman
Redubbed version of "The Swordsman 2", in which the main villan slowly changes into a woman in the quest for ultimate power. A few slight changes in the dubbing from the orignal version. First Official US release of the film
The Legend of Tarzan episode Tarzan and the Return of La
Animal, Gender
The disembodied spirit of a villainess, Queen La, first possessed Jane. Later on, she possessed Tarzan and said his body was far better than Jane's body whom she possessed for a while before switching over into Tarzan. At the end, she is beaten and transfers into a rat to escape, but is caught. ...more
Legend of the Seeker - Mirror
Female, Gender, Male
Thieves disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan to rob townsfolk, then steal the Sword of Truth so they can sell it to the D'Harans. The disguise is an actual transformation using a magic mirror.
Legend of the Seeker, Season 1 Episode 12 "Home"
Darken Rahl places Richard under spell so that Rahl can appear, in a dream state, as people from Richard's past in an effort to get Richard to reveal the location of a coveted item. Rahl appears as Richard's father and brother, the wizard Zedd and finally Richard's lost love Anna. (Spoi ...more
The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Gender, Animal, Monster
Animal When entering the Dark World, all are changed from their true form to what is in their heart and mind When he first goes to the Dark World, Link turns into a rabbit until a certain item (Spoiler Text) is collected. You also meet other people who have been transformed into trees and oth ...more
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Gender, Female
Miscellaneous The raft that Link uses throughout the game, the King of the Red Lions, is actually the King of Hyrule Castle. He changes form when he changes Tetra back to her true form, that of Princess Zelda. Female This is not a true female change, but it is a big change in the plot. (Sp ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Mythical, Gender, Age, Female
Age In the Ancient Tomb, you face a big blue Stalfos. It shoots a red ball that turns you into a baby if it hits you. Mythical/Gender In this game, Link (the main character of all the LoZ games) can obtain the "Mermaid's Skin" (aka Mermaid's Suit) item which allows him to become a mermaid (tec ...more
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Gender, Age, Mythical
This information has been merged into the now corrected The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (originally was spelled Oricle of Ages). Marked for Deletion, Sara 11/28/07 In the Ancient Tomb, you face a big blue Stalfos. It shoots a red ball that turns you into a baby if it hits you. Also, the p ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons
Gender, Female, Monster
===Female=== After playing through either of these titles as a linked game (complete one, and start the second with the link password) you will meet the true evil mastermind, Koume & Kotake. These twin witches of Fire and Ice try to stall Link and prevent him from saving Zelda long enough for Ga ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Animal, Gender, Monster
Animal In this Zelda game, Link turns into a wolf. You play as him in this form whenever you enter the "Twilight World", the equivalent of the "Dark World" in previous Zelda games. Gender Also, during the final boss battle, (Spoiler Text) Monster Minda was also transformed by the evil powe ...more
The Legendary Journeys Hercules episode Unknown
In the spirit realm Dayhok is after Iolus's soul and torments him by changing shapes from a male friend helping to exorcize dayhok to a female one and then into Hercules himself!
Legion of Substitute Heroes Special #1
The Color Kid is accidentally exposed to a virus which changes his sex.
Legion of Super-Heroes #12
In order to take out Terror Firma's deadly Skelter, Chameleon melds his body around Lightning Lad and then assumes the likeness of Saturn Girl. Skelter gets a bit of a shock when he tries to take "Saturn Girl" hostage.
Legion of Super-Heroes #107
Male Durlan assassin emulates female Legionnaire Triad... all three of her... for a 3-on-3 brawl.
Legion of Super-Heroes #80
At the end of Legionnaires #36, it appeared that Phantom Girl's mother, Ambassador Winema Wazzo, had just shot the United Planets president and Brainiac-5 with a stun ray. It was revealed in LSH #80 that "Winema" was actually Chameleon Boy in disguise, taking part in an elaborate plot to ensnare t ...more
Legion of Super-Heroes #31
While Sean Erin takes a drug called Pro-Fem he becomes Shvaugn. At one point his supply of the drug runs out and he turns back into Sean Erin.
Legion of Super-Heroes #305
Chameleon boy becomes Shrinking Violet to infiltrate terrorist group
Legion of Superheroes vol.3, Issue 9
Chameleon boy becomes several members of amazonian aliens.
Legionnaires #13-14
To teach Matter-Eater Lad a leason, he is injected with Grandin Gender Reversal disease before going on a mission.
Legionnaries #25
The Composite Man makes his first appearance in the new DC continuity. He briefly assumes the forms and powers of Spark, Apparition and Shrinking Violet.
Legs E le Paladine issue Unknown
A group of women are transformed into female superheros. However, Chris (a male) is transforms with them.
Leisure Suit Larry's Casino
An online chatting/ betting/ all-round-fun game, in which you can choose your appearance. You can choose from most of the girls (naked) in the Larry games. Definitely worth looking into if you like chatting to other sin female form and come complete with character emotions. (Note from Editor: does ...more
Leprechaun 2
On his 1000th birthday, the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) has come to claim his bride - the descendant and spitting image of a girl he was denied centuries before. Near the end of the film, he takes on her form in order to trick her boyfriend Cody into giving up one of the imp's gold shillings which p ...more
Leprechaun 4 in Space
The leprechaun takes the form of a beautiful blonde women to gain access to the princess.
Leprechaun 4: In Space
The Evil Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is back for one last killing spree. This time, if he succeeds he'll rule the entire Universe! His scheme revolves around an alien princess whose title - along with his gold could make him powerful beyond his wildest dreams. However, the princess was "rescued" from ...more
Les Bijoux book Manga Volumes 1-4
Born with beautiful dark colored skin, Lapis is the result of a union between a dwarven father and a hunchbacked mother. Shunned by all those around him and picked on canstantly for his half breed status, Lapis also carries a curse---he wakes up one morning to find he has transformed into a woman o ...more
Les Vampyres 2
Resurrected male vampire is turned into female in order to seduce and exact revenge against two lesbian female vampires who had killed him previously. Upon the transformation, he is both delighted and appalled by his new form.
Leslie Alan & Gerhard, H. Harris Horvitz book The Donors
Upon investigation, a coroner discovers an institute that gives completely new identities even new sex if desired.
Levi's Ad (Twisted) commercial Unknown
A group(guys and girls) arrive at a serive station and are preformming some twisted elastic acts(like legs bending all the way around. TG Element comes in when a guy and girl remove and swap their heads around. she/he then goes into the toliets. This ad was later cut shorter and now the ad shown on ...more
Lexx episode The Game
A game of chess for life and death using people for peices. Late in the episode one of the male pawns reached the end and turned into a beautiful queen.
Lexx episode The Key
Prince is once again killed at the end of episode 3.07 but this time returns as a double for Xev. Kai and Stanley return to the Lexx taking Xev (Prince) with them. Prince as Xev has sex with Stanley to get the key to controlling the Lexx from Stanley.
Lexx episode A Midsummer's Nightmare
Spoiler alert below... Kai and Stanley seek out the "Feast of Mograth", hoping to resurrect Xev. There they meet Oberon, king of the faeries, who grants their request... But in return he demands their eternal servitude unless they can escape his forest before sunrise. Oberon must marr ...more
Lexx episode Love Grows
Members of the crew of the spaceship LEXX swap genitals, sex drives and change voices. The rest of their bodies stay the same. The ship LEXX (a male ship) changes to a female ship. Sexual innuendo, no graphic sex scences. Same cast plays their opposite sex roles (they really don't look different).
Lexx episode Vlad
Three Witches transform into Xev, Kai, and 790 respectively in order to deceive Stan and aquire some of Kai's proto blood.
Lexy & K. Paul
Gender Electro-techno. 2003. Lexy and K. Paul as two 'male' angels has been sent to earth. But their whole doing is just they annoy girls. At the end of the video, SHE(probably God) changes the nag into girls. Link to the video clip
Li'l Abner issue Unknown
(note from the editor, this does not sound like a transformation, and will probably not be included in the list) newspaper comic strip 4/6/53 to 7/9/53. Li'l Abner Yokum becomes a female, at least on paper. A law is enacted in Lower Slobbovia making Abner a Slobbovian citizen and declaring him to be ...more
Li'l Horrors Volume 2 episode Trouble Double
In the second of five short stories on the DVD, Cleo casts a spell so that Vlad and Medusilla swap bodies, but can the spell be reversed when everyone has had enough? The children at the school are junior versions of many of the staple horror characters. Vladimere is a young Dracula and the main ...more
"Liasions" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
An alien pretending to be female is marooned with Picard, so he can better understand human emotions.
"Liberation" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into an older housewife, during women's lib.
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode It Takes a Pillage
A cursed Viking medallion causes Juniper's classmates, male and female, to be possessed by the spirits of Vikings, who then go on a Nordic rampage.
Life Line
A supernatural thriller, a man meets an old flame that got away years ago, and they reconnect and enter into an affair. The woman is killed in a car accident, and in despair the man turns to a supernatural phone service that allows people to connect to dead loved ones. He encounters a young woman ...more
The Life of Riley issue multiple
The Life of Riley is an on-line comic ( One of the main characters is Dan, a simple-minded guy -- emphasis on the simple. But Dan's not just an ordinary guy, not anymore... Dan is an artist, and therefore a utilizes right hemisphere of his brain, however he now possesses ...more
"Lifeboat" episode of Stargate SG-1
SG-1's discovery of a crashed space vessel's cryogenically preserved crew is complicated by a sudden energy burst that allows the aliens to possess Daniel. Throughout the episode Daniel is possessed by twelve different people several of which are women, some men and some are children.
An alien from outer space, apparently a human female, and certainly naked, is discovered in suspended animation in a capsule in space. She is brought back to a British laboratory, and all the experts hum and hah over her. When the conference is over, a naughty lustful guard goes back alone and touc ...more
"Lifeline" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
Looks like this makes *two* gender-morphs for the Doctor (in just a few weeks no less!) and *three* for the entire series! Anyway, the Doctor receives word that his creator - Dr. Zimmerman - is dying so the Doctor is downloaded via compressed stream to Zimmerman's lab on Earth. However, he fi ...more
"Lifeline" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Atlantis sent a small team to steal a Z.P.M. power module from the Replicators homeworld. Dr. Weir was captured but able to link with Replicator central link to freeze all Replicators. When the leader of the Replicators thought he finally able to break through and capture the whole team, and tried ...more
Like Soda Pop commercial Unknown
(Editor's Note: this has already been added to the list) The 7Up people created a diet soda called "Like" in 1963, and later renamed it "Diet 7Up" in 1970. Shortly on the heels of the first Virginia Slims cigarettes ad campaign in 1968, they apparently wanted to corner a similar market in soda pop ...more
Like Soda Pop commercial Unknown
The 7Up people created a diet soda called "Like" in 1963, and later renamed it "Diet 7Up" in 1970. Shortly on the heels of the first Virginia Slims cigarettes ad campaign in 1968, they apparently wanted to corner a similar market in soda pop. Somewhere between 1968-1969 they made several televisio ...more
Lilo and Stitch episode Swapper
In this episode Lilo and Stitch find a creature that can swap peoples bodies. Lilo and Stitch are both swapped. There are many other swaps during the episode.
Lilo and Stitch: the Series episode "Morpholomew"
In this crossover episode between Lilo and Stitch: the Series and American Dragon: Jake Long, Lilo finds an experiment than change any living thing into another living thing. In the episode Lilo gets transformed both into her crush and Jake Long. Nothing is really made of the gender change of cours ...more
Linda J. Dunn
Gender, Gender
A young princess has been forced to kiss hundreds of frogs in the hopes of the king to restore his son Prince Frederick who turned himself into a frog. Frederick likes it though...until he finds out that he'll turn human at the first snowfall. When the princess uses magic to bring that snow early he ...more
"Line of Duty" episode of Stargate SG-1
In the episode - "Line of Duty" of the series Captain Samantha Carter is possesed by a male Goa'uld named Jolinar who is a member of the resistance group called the To'Kra.
Lingerie Publicity issue Unknown
A teenage boy discovers lingerie that turns him into a girl.
LInk gets transformed into a Girl. A short animated video
Online comic about a... special boy. He uses a Jekyll and Hyde Potion, only to discover it is a Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde Potion.
Lisa Tuttle
Gender, Gender
In a world were everyone is born male, one man is falling in love with another man. But there's a penalty for that. In this world falling in love with a man can make you grow into a woman.
Little Fighter 2
In the Freeware Game: Little fighters 2, the Ninja character Rudolf has the ability to Transform into other characters in the game by Using a certain Move. He can transform into both Male and Female Characters. Input method: Grip Other + D + J + A Once you transformed into somebody you can toggl ...more
Little Nicky
For a movie full of TG posibilities there's only one actual scene that fills the bill, and you don't even have to go to the theater to see it as it's being shown as a clip on the talk-show circuit. It involves a magical battle between Nicky and his nasty brother in which a mean gardner comes out an ...more
"Live Fast And Prosper" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
A group of humanoid aliens - one female and 2 males - have been pulling scams across their sector of space by posing as Janeway, Tuvok, and Chakotay. Dala - the female impersonating Janeway - is captured by the *real* Voyager crew and then escapes. The con artists quickly proceed to the planet wher ...more
Living Single episode Unknown
Not exactly a transformation hypnotism session that in all of her past 1000 lives, she was a man.
Liz Jamesguard book #14 One Day
Tim didn't believe that his computer could patch up a lover's quarrel by having him switch places with Monica for one day. Why couldn't he argue with a computer that trapped him in a woman's body?
Liz Jamesguard book One Day
Probably the best of Reluctant Press books. A wealthy and brilliant computer genius has his body and his life stolen by his girlfriend with his own computer helping. In her body is brain washed into becoming the perfect brainless bimbo sexy straved wife by a crazy doctor and ends up marrrying his ol ...more
Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga issue Volume 14
Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga #14 Those Freaky Mcguires & Bunkies (Lizzie Mcguire (Graphic Novels)) by Terri Minsky. This is a pocket sized photo adaption of the series with word balloons like a comic book pasted on the photos. The novelization (all words) was published some time earlier but they a ...more
Lizzie McGuire episode Those Freaky McGuires
Lizzie and younger brother Matt swap bodies in this live action Disney show! NOTE This episode may be shown on friday in the final week of June or a bit later (July???) as Disney has scheduled a contest for voting online between this and another episode to be shown first.
Lloyd in Space episode Lloyd Changes His Mind
There is an episode of this cartoon series in which Lloyd switches bodies with his little sister. I caught only the end of it yesterday on Disney's "1 Saturday Morning." I wish I'd seen the whole thing so I could post a decent review. Just know that it exists.
Lloyd in Space episode Neither Male Nor Female
Zoid a gender neutral alien boy reaches an age when he must decide whether to be male or female. Lloyd and the boys bet the girls that Zoid will choose to be their sex and both groups treat him to fun experiences such as sports and belching contests for the guys and shopping and aerobics for the g ...more
Lobo's Back #2
Lobo is reincarnated (temporarily) as a woman.
Lobo/ Judge Dredd issue Psycho-Bikers vs. The Mutants from Hell
Morph, who had previously disguised himself as Uncle Finky, changes into the voluptous nanny, in order to steal a ring from the emperor of Belgium. Good transformation scene when he "shapes" his body to look like the nanny's.
Locke & Key: Grindhouse
In this one-shot, Keyhouse is invaded by three criminals. One of them tries to rape the owners sister. (Spoiler Text)
Log Horizon
Female MMO player plays a taller Male Character. When its discovered that they are trapped in the game world, she borrows another characters transformation potion to return to her real form, a short teenage girl.
Lois & Clark Season 6 net fiction Unknown
Fanfiction continuation of the Lois & Clark television show. In season 6, episodes 8-10 (by Sheila Harper), a researcher mistakes Lois & Clark for assassins that are after him and switches their bodies. Good.
Lois and Clark episode Big Girls Don't Fly
A alien assassin sent to kill superman changes into, among other things, his mother and an attractive woman.
Lois Gould book A Sea Change
After being raped, woman turns herself into man.
Lois McMaster Bujold book A Civil Campaign
In one of the subplots of this novel, a Vor woman (Lady Donna) undergoes a sex change to become Lord Donal, in order to inherit her brother's estate and to thwart the efforts of her odious cousin. Not THE major subplot of the novel, but one of the important ones to the story's resolution. Also, on ...more
Lois McMaster Bujold book Mirror Dance
Not exactly a gender change, but.... A number of clones are rescued from a medical facility that makes clones to perform illegal brain-swaps of older people into younger bodies. One of the female clones rescued was evidently earmarked as the host for a male client. Also there is the offhand menti ...more
Loiter Squad Episode "The Shady Bunch"
One of the characters is having pillow talk with a blonde woman when she admits she is a man. She then removes her wig to reveal an overweight Hawaiian.
Lok'lira in Stormwind
A webcomic based in the Warcraft universe and utilizing World of Warcraft models and scenery to tell a story. "Lok'lira in Stormwind" is about a villain named Loken (based on Loki of Norse mythology) who is able to transform into a female form that he calls Lok'lira. The comic follows Loken as he i ...more
Loki changes himself into a mare and bears Sleipner, Odin's eight legged horse.
Loki #2 (2010)
Marvel's retelling of the Norse myth in which the blind god Hoder unwittingly kills his brother Balder due to Loki's influence. In this version, an aged Hoder is seemingly coaxed by the goddess Idunn, who had denied Hoder her golden apples of youth years ago after he forced himself upon her. The ...more
Long Live the Queen
Cole's power is questioned when his wife Phoebe interferes in a Demonic Attack. Because of this botched attack, Cole kills the Demon so that this news does not spread. To save face, the Demons tell Cole he should kill the innocent to boost Demonic Morale. Near the end, Phoebe comes to her sisters P ...more
Look Around You episode Invention of the Year
In the last episode of this British spoof of 80's technology shows, a sex-change machine is shown. One of its inventors and one of the presenters are both changed into women.
Looney Tunes episode The Big Snooze
During a dream, Elmer Fudd is transformed by Bugs Bunny into something reminiscent of Rita Hayworth.
Looney Tunes episode I Was a Teenage Thumb
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
In this take-off on the "Tom Thumb" story, wizard Ralph K. Merlin changes shape uncontrollably when he hiccups. In one series of transformations, he sneezes himself into a beautiful redhead. Very brief. The first sequence of rapid-fire sneeze-induced transformations is: dragon, cow, baby carriag ...more
Los Protegidos
Age, Male, Gender
Spanish series about a family where the kids have super powers. One of the kids, a teenage boy named Lucas, has the power to shapeshift into other people and has, on a number of occasions, turned into various female characters.
Los Protegidos, Season 3, Episode 4
Age, Gender
While cheering up the little kids in the living room, Lucus transforms into the little girl and chases her brother.
Gender, Monster, Male
The main antagonist for the final season of Lost (and presumably the entire series) has been the smoke monster that has inhabited the island for an untold amount of time. In past seasons, the monster has been able to take the form of the deceased on the island, including Mr Eko's brother Yemi, ...more
Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 9 "Original Skin"
Male, Gender
A night out at the Dal goes awry when an insane trickster spikes the beer with a substance that transfers Bo out of her body resulting in a ripple effect that finds our regulars inhabiting the skin of their friends, lovers and rivals.
Lost In Space episode Space Beauty
During the series third and final season, Judy enters a beauty contest consisting of contestants of all shapes, sizes, and species. In order to snag a chunk of the prize money, Dr. Smith enters the Robot, modified into a female robot with the help of Farnum B's agent. It's really hilarious seeing th ...more
Louis Sachar book Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?
Marvin Redpost kisses himself on the elbow by "accident" and turns himself into a girl, making for some interesting occurences with his first-grade class. Intended for young readers.
Love American Style episode Love And The Genie
A quarreling couple rub a magic lamp and the genie decides they should see life thru each others eyes at a nightclub.
Love in Tights Valentine's Day Special issue Unknown
A tongue-in-cheek story of a superhero wedding. Unfortunately, the priestess turns out to be a devotee of the evil Church of Chaos, which puts a crimp in the wedding plans. The hero Iconic is able to quickly dispatch the villainess, but this still leaves the couple without a priestess to perform the ...more
Love Spell episode My Girl (Episodes 1-4) My Boy
This is a love story between Stephanie and Simon. Stephanie was just a typical high school girl, that wanted to be cool and popular like Vanna and Rhea. They told Stephanie that for her to be like them, to be their friend, and to have the same necklace as the one they have, she has to have a boyfri ...more
Married couple switches bodies after asking a doctor to help with their family problems. Here is a film review I translated and edited to make some sense to English language readers. I haven't seen more than the trailers and the music video but the following seems to match what I have seen. ...more
Lupin the Third episode First Contact
Lupin disguises himself as a beautiful woman in order to sneak into the bedroom of a crime boss and steal a precious flask.
Lupin III (Second Series) episode Unknown
Lupin disguises himself as Fujiko in order to steal a gang member's safe.
Lupin III episode Unknown
In the made for TV movie, Lupin disguises himself as Fujiko (complete with the lingerie she was wearing) to make himself appear as her reflection. Later in the movie, the male villan disguises himself Fujiko (tied up and captured) in order to trick Lupin into rescuing him/her.
Lupin III episode Unknown
Lupin goes up against a thief (Kikuko Benten) who disguises himself as a woman in order to steal a painting. The thief disguises himself as Fujiko in Episode 55 to seduce Lupin and get information from him. It is Episode 56 that it is revealed that the thief (who had been disguised as a woman in b ...more
Lupin III Volume 12 issue The Man with 20 Faces
Lupin and his gang are engaged in a dispute with another criminal organiztion headed by the Man with 20 Faces. Frustrated he calls in his girlfriend, Fujiko Mine, to seduce him. Turns out Lupin's opponent is as good, if not better at bodysuit disguises than he is. About 5 panels.
Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon
Age, Gender
Lupin takes the guise of his beautiful arch enemy Fujiko in order to infiltrate a wealthy entrepreneur's secret liar. Lupin is taking photographs of some secret scrolls when the entrepreneur catches "her." When stabbed, the body suit "blows up" and it is revealed that the beautiful woman was reall ...more
Lupin VIII issue Unknown
Fujiko's far future descendant uses a set of brain-swapping headphones to become Lupin, and goes on a major crime spree. Lupin in her body corners her and reverses the change, but in clearing himseif with Inspector Zenigata, more brains get switched.
Lure of the Temptress
It's pretty short adventure game with typical plot (our hero must help peasents and destroy the evil demon). In the middle of the game our hero creates some magical potion that changes him into beautiful woman. The transformation is nicely done but don't expect anything brilliant (look on the date o ...more
Lynn Flewelling book The Bone Doll's Twin
Only seen this in the bookstore, so I havn't read it yet, but here is what the eyecatch on the back says: As noblewomen young and old perish mysteriously, the king's nephew -- his sister's only child -- grows toward manhood. But unbeknownst to the king or the boy, strange, haunted Tobin is the ...more
Lynn Flewelling book The Oracle's Queen
The third book of Flewelling's "Tamír Trilogy," about a Queen who grew up in the form of a boy. It is the sequel to "The Bone Doll's Twin" and "Hidden Warrior." I'm not completely certain this belongs here, because the major transformation already happened in the second book, "Hidden Warrior." ...more
Lynn Flewelling book Hidden Warrior
The sequel to "The Bone Doll's Twin." In order to save his country, Skala, from crisis, Prince Tobin must fulfill his destiny to become the woman he was born and re-establish the line of Skalan warrior queens broken by his uncle. Tobin's true female form is revealed near the end of the book. But a ...more
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Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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