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The Electric Company, 1970's
Category: 'Inanimate'
Category: 'Mythical'
Jackie Chan Adventures
Animal, Mythical, Gender
Jade Empire
Mythical, Gender
When you get to Lord Lao's Furnace (By side quest once you get to chapter three) you can activate (in any order) the water wheel, cranking cauldron, and the clapper chimney. Then by pressing the Tiger button, your character will briefly change into one of the starter character models of the opposite ...more
Jak 2
Mythical, Mythical
Jak's special ability in the game is to transform into a ravenous elven-demon like creature with gray skin, ram like horns, soulless black eyes, and razor sharp claws. In this mode he can also grow in size.
Jim Butcher book Grave Peril
Mythical, Gender
A male spirit is out to get revenge on Harry Dresden, PI wizard, as if he didn't have enough troubles. Twice the spirit possesses females, and each time seems to be enjoying the experience. Those parts are rather briefly described, but enjoyable, and the entire book is well worth reading. The third ...more
John Peel book Diadem: Book of Signs
The trio of young magic-users have continued their journey on Rawn and now must face a wizard who can transform herself into whomever and whatever she pleases. In this case, she takes on the form of Amaris - a female centaur.
John Peel book Diadem: Book of Thunder
Helaine Votrin, a girl who, often times, masquerades as a male, transforms herself into a unicorn in order to try and rat out another magic-user. Her transformation back into a human is less descriptive. This book series has just been re-released under the new name "Diadem: Worlds of Magic."
Jumpstart 4th Grade
In the original Jumpstart 4th grade (made before they revamped the series), you play a student on a haunted island, who sets out to save his classmates who were turned into monsters by the evil substitute teacher, Ms. Grunkel (you were conveniently absent that day). In the beginning of the game, all ...more
Justice League of America #2
Snapper Carr, the JLA's teen sidekick, is accidentally transformed into a fairy tale type giant. The JLA start to attack him until he identifies himself. Brief, only two pages.
King's Quest VII:The Princeless Bride
In this game, during the second chapter, Princess Rosella turns into a troll when travelling to another world (Vulcanix Underground) and ends up engaged to the troll king. She has to find a way to become human and escape. The transformation and its reversal are both brief.
Kingdom Hearts
Size, Mythical
===Mythical=== When you go to Ariel's world, Atlantica, which is nothing but water, Donald casts a spell that turns Sora into a mer-man, Donald into a squid and Goofy into a turtle. No transformation is seen but when playing you can feel the difference in the movement ===Gallery=== ...more
Kingdom Hearts II
Animal, Mythical
===Animal=== In Kingdom Hearts II the main character Sora and friends Donald Duck and Goofy travel to Disney's "Pride Rock" (based on The Lion King movies). When Sora and company enter some of the Disney Worlds, they transform into characters from that world. In the Pride Rock level, Sora become ...more
Knight and Dragon commercial Tower of the Wizard King Board Game
Board game where a magical tower transforms character peices into different creature peices. Commercial depicts kids transforming into a knight and a dragon. Also features an Orc transforming into a Minotaur. Link to Copyrighted material removed from main entry description - cj
The Laidly Worm of Spindlestone Heugh
An educational website on myths and legends. This legend deals with a saxon princess turned into a dragon and includes a multimedia presentation of the legend
The Last Unicorn
Upon learning that she is the last of her kind, a unicorn goes on a search to find out where the others of her kind have disappeared to.
Legacy of Kain
Long after the first game became a sleeper hit, Soul Reaver came out. Soul Reaver gave a grueling look into the future of nosgoth in which humans-reborn as vampires hideously evolve into fearsome creatures depending on aspects of their personalities, the regions they live in, and other reasons. In t ...more
Legend of the Troll King
the villain of the story King Simon (played by Simon Cowell) has the abilitiy to morph into a good looking troll with magical powers, as seen in several fight scenes.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Animal, Size, Mythical, Age
Mythical/Age/Animal In this game Link can obtain various masks which allow him to transform into various races from the series; # Deku Skrub (short plant like creature) # Goron (human sized rock reptile like creatures) # Zora (blue skinned fish people) # Fierce deity (a powerful adult size ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Mythical, Gender, Age, Female
Age In the Ancient Tomb, you face a big blue Stalfos. It shoots a red ball that turns you into a baby if it hits you. Mythical/Gender In this game, Link (the main character of all the LoZ games) can obtain the "Mermaid's Skin" (aka Mermaid's Suit) item which allows him to become a mermaid (tec ...more
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Gender, Age, Mythical
This information has been merged into the now corrected The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (originally was spelled Oricle of Ages). Marked for Deletion, Sara 11/28/07 In the Ancient Tomb, you face a big blue Stalfos. It shoots a red ball that turns you into a baby if it hits you. Also, the p ...more
Little Master 3
It is a snes rpg tactics game After the hero Tam-Bourine gets hit by a monster she becomes a random monster.
The Little Mermaid
Male, Female, Mythical
In the movie Ariel and the evil octopus witch turn into humans. King Triton turns into a wormy creature. When Ursula is singing about "poor unfortunate souls" she conjures up a fat woman and a skinny dude that looks kind of stupid. When Ursula sings "and do I help them?" She snaps her fingers an ...more
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #92
Mythical, Animal
A jealous sorcerer turns Lois first into a centaur, then into a horse.
"Lotus Temple" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
In this episode, which doesn't exactly follow any storyline, Jackie and Jade stumble across the Lotus Temple, a powerful magic temple where a little girl is trapped for all eternity as the temple guardian. She is doomed to transform into a vicious yeti-like beast every time an intruder enters the t ...more
In the online 2D Platforming MMORPG, in order to go from the town of "Leafre" to "the Temple of Time" (the area that has the strongest baddies in the entire game) you get turned into a dragon and have to fly there. While you are a dragon, you can not attack, but you can fly and talk. It's a poof ...more
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1
This is a prequel to the comic book series Marvel Zombies which took place in an alternate universe in which every Marvel Super Hero has been turned into a zombie. In this new series Ash, from the evil dead movies and comics, is transported to this alternate universe right before everyone is turned ...more
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #4
Mythical, Female
A zombified Mystique very briefly morphs into the Scarlet Witch in order to bite Quicksilver.
Maya net fiction Unknown
Awesome new story about the power of the mind and illusion. Worth checking out. Fantasy action/adventure, sex and nudity, and mind manipulation.
McDonald's Happy Meal - Barbie Mermaid's Tail
In this commercial for toys based on the latest Barbie direct-to-video movie, two girls are at McDonald's and they put the happy meal box close to their ears and listen - they hear a dolphin's noise and the mermaid toys come out of the box. After this they are transformed into mermaids at the e ...more
Memories of Mara
The Joes are on board the USS Trogan searching for a missing sub, the USS Nerka. Shipwreck rescues a woman named Mara who was took part in a Cobra experiment that turned her into part fish thus she needs to be in water to survive. Cobra has captured the USS Nerka and her crew , and is trying to coe ...more
Mythical, Male
Episode 2x01, 'The Curse of Cornelious Sigan' - con artist Cedric is posessed by the most powerful wizard in the world, Cornelious Sigan. Sigan then attempts to take over Merlin's body. Episode 2x09, 'The Lady Of The Lake' - Freya, the druid girl Merlin is sheltering, turns out to be cursed so t ...more
Merlin BBC
Male, Mythical
In episode 1x07, 'The Gates of Avaoln', Merlin discovers that two visitors to Camelot, Aulfric and Sophia, are actually Sidhe (ie. fairies) who were forced to become human and live a mortal life after Aulfric killed another Sidhe. In episode 1x11, 'The Labyrinth of Geldof', a young man Arthur i ...more
"Merry Chrismas" episode of Ben 10
After breaking down in the desert Ben and the others find a town totally based on christmas. Uncle Max is then kidnapped by the elfs that live there thinking that he is Santa Cause. The leader Mr Jingles then make Max look like Santa Clause Elsewhere in the town Ben and Qwen find out from a v ...more
Monster Munch
Along the lines of the old Sugar Puffs ads during the 90's, there was a commercial for monster themed crisps - these crisps went by the name Monster Munch and the packets would have monster characters on the front. Most of the commercials just featured the monsters themselves but there's one wh ...more
Morpheus net fiction SRU: The Vial
Among other transformations, a young boy turns himself into a mermaid and then his friend becomes a cetaur.
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
In the big battle between Liu Kang and Emperor Shao Khan, both do their "Animality" power. Liu Kang transforms into a huge dragon and gains the advantage, but Shao Khan quickly regains the upper hand by transforming into a Hydra.
Mortal Kombat II
Age, Age, Mythical
Liu Kang, after defeating an opponent, can transform into a dragon and bite them in half. In Mortal Kombat I, Shang Tsung is an old man. In part two, his master changes him into a young stud. In response to public outcry over the gory 'fatality' moves you can finish off your opponents with, the d ...more
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Mechanical, Mythical
===Mechanical=== Jax's ending: (Spoiler Text) ===Mythical=== Shang Tsung's ending: (Spoiler Text)
My Pet Monster
This movie is based on the popular toy of the 1980's, in it a young boy is zapped by an ancient mystical statue while on a museum field trip and is turned into a monster, he changes into monster form whenever he is hungry or if the baddies are near. There's also a part at the end of the movie ...more
Naga's Den
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Mythical
This is a very adult orrientated website, has a bunch of tf and tg art, a lot like Aeaei Ranch on Chimera Unlimited. The website of Naga, an artist whose art mostly deals with the antics of an insane sorceress and her garden, but there are many other categories. Most of the art is of the inanima ...more
Night of the Demons 3 / Demon House
Furry, Mythical
Night of the Demons 3 (1997) by Paramount Pictures Some teenagers on Halloween end up at a haunted house and become the costumes they are wearing at the end of the climax. A girl wearing a cat costume becomes a cat girl one of the guys face becomes a devil sort mirroring the mask he wore t ...more
Nostalgia Critic episode My Pet Monster
Mythical, Animal
The Nostalgia Critic reviews the tv movie My Pet Monster which features a boy who changes into a monster after being zapped by an ancient statue, throughout the movie the boy changes into monster form if he is hungry or if bad guys are near. In one part NC says that the one scene that bugs him i ...more
Explanation of the category 'Mythical'

Transformation type that deals with creatures or powers imagined by man, to explain things and events that are, or were, beyond the understanding of men. These ideas are usually tied to religion or culture..

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