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Lazarus Cane book by Jeremy Kline
Category: 'Animal'
Category: 'Mythical'
White Snake
I'd been Googling on enchanted white snakes from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales when I came across a very old chinese legend called Whiye Snake.Basically a supernatural shapeshifting white snake fell in love with a mortal "Mr Wrong",despite warnings from her sister celestial being Green Snake.In the ...more
Wild ARMs 2nd Ignition
"The main character gets possed by a demon during his coronation into ARMs and turns into one himself to fight off the other possed members of ARMs."
Winkle in Time
A lady changed into a flying Horse in the middle of movie
Winx Club episode Beauty and the Beast
Princess Stella of Solaria invites Bloom, Tecna, Musa, and Flora to come to Solaria for her Princess Ball (the 1st episode of the 3rd season is called "The Princess Ball." it is a coming out party for Princess Stella to become heiress to her rightful throne. Her father, King Radius, announces he i ...more
A Witch's Tail
The episode has several female to mermaid morphes. Also about 30 minutes into the show Cole turns to Morris and promptly turns him into a water cooler (nice morphing affect). After the agrument, Phoebe leaves and Cole transforms a confused Morris back into himself (reverse morph)...kind of a humor ...more
Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap
Sega Master System - 1989 - Platform/RPG A little known great game, the story is about a hero named Wonderboy who after defeating a dragon is cursed and is transformed into a lizard-man. The point of the game is return yourself back to normal. Throughout the adventure he is transformed into othe ...more
Yahoo Groups
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Yahoo Groups hosts a large amount of groups, many of which feature transformation as their modus operandi. ===Age=== ===Animal=== Animal Transformation Centre Animal Transformation World/ Male Pig TF Club Men Transformed Into Animals Men Transformed Into Animals - Art Annex Men Transfor ...more
YeuWooBi, the Five-Tailed Fox
Full-length animated movie about 10-years werefox-girl. It looks the whole plot is very like InuYasha, kitsune seek a way to become full human. She make contract with Shadow, but it instead steals her human part.
Yu Yu Hakusho episode Throughout the Series
Most of the characters in this show are either demons or part demon, and alot of them are disguised as humans or simply have demon forms. Therefore there are demonic transformations throughout the series. I don't remember the names of the sagas before the Saint Beast saga In the 1st storyline whe ...more
Yu Yu Hakusho issue Manga Volume
Besides Yuske's possession of his then archnemesis Kasuma Kuwabara in order to talk to his girlfriend (he's dead at the time), he also gets to see a tanuki, a japanese raccoon trickster. The tanuki has turned into a little boy in order to stay with a dying old man (the boy who's form he takes is the ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh! Enter the Shadow Realm episode Noah's Final Threat
Mythical, Inanimate
As Shinoto, Noah uses his powers to turn Kaiba and Mokuba to stone. Yugi challenges Noah to a duel, but the catch is for every turn that goes by, one of Yugi's freinds will be turned to stone. Noah Bonds himself with his deckmaster Shinato and becomes it. Shinato is a giant stone angel figure.
Animal, Mythical
Being a failure as a teacher and a familyman, Shinichi tries to escape everyday life by dressing up as "Zebraman". But this role rapidly evolves from fancy, to crime fighting, to being the last hope in repelling an alien invasion! There is an epic battle scene where he actually transforms into ...more
Explanation of the category 'Mythical'

Transformation type that deals with creatures or powers imagined by man, to explain things and events that are, or were, beyond the understanding of men. These ideas are usually tied to religion or culture..

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