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Being Human episode Addicted to Love
Category: 'Furry'
Category: 'Male'
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Share-a-Lair
Animal, Male, Gender
T.U.F.F. and their evil counterparts at D.O.O.M. keep blowing up each other's secret bases with missile strikes, thanks in part to intel from their new field agents. Eventually, a real estate agent finds a new office for T.U.F.F., one they have to share with current renters D.O.O.M.! In the end, b ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode The Switch
Age, Male
An elderly millionaire asks a plastic surgeon to give him the body of a younger man to win the girl of his dreams. An old man is in love with a young woman. He pays a young man millions of dollars for his body parts (one piece at a time) until they have switched bodies. Ironic twist? The girl i ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode Unknown
A guy is being tormented by his imaginary friend. He almost banishes the friend, only to have him take over his body for good.
Tales From the Darkside episode The Swap
Young wife team up with a pretty boy to kill her old and ugly husband to get the wealth. The husband saw through all of the plots and managed to get potion to swap body with the pretty boy before murdered. All was revealed after the two young lovers got married.
Teen Titans #45
Jericho briefly possesses Inertia in order to stop Deathstroke from attacking Batgirl.
Teen Titans Annual #1 2009
Gender, Male
===Female to Male=== Miss Martian comments that when she looks at Eddie Bloomberg, she expects to see him as his old Red Devil form. She morphs into his body to show him what she means, and changes back. One pannel shows her in between forms. Brief. ===Male/Possession=== Cyborg tells Static ...more
Teen Titans episode "Titans Together"
With nearly all the Teen Titans captured, only a few remain, one of which being Jericho, a possessor, he looks someone right in the eye then possesses him or her. In the final episode he Possesses Cinderblock briefly, then possesses numerous other enemies during the final battle
Terminal Invasion
Female, Male
Low budget TV movie with Bruce Campbell playing an escaped murder. Sort of like The Thing set in a very small out of the way Air Port Terminal. Alien invaders have taken on the shape of various human beings there, including a woman, a man, etc. Campbell gives his usual good performance. The Mov ...more
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Gender
The T-1000, (Spoiler Text) takes on both male and female shapes. (Spoiler Text)
The Change Up
Dave is a married man with two kids and a loving wife , and Mitch is a single man who is at the prime of his sexual life. One fateful night while Mitch and Dave are peeing in a fountain when lightning strikes and they switch bodies.
The End of Time: Part One
Male, Gender
At the end of the episode... (Spoiler Text)
The Highwayman episode The Hitchhiker
Male, Gender
Alien possesses a series of male and female bodies in an attempt to contact its home world. It possessed a female reporter first, then the general, the Highwayman, female scientist at the radio telescope, male doctor, and the major, mostly through touch. Can see this on youtube, in 5 parts Hi ...more
The Mephisto Waltz
Female, Male
Alan Alda's character is a music journalist whose career as a piano player came to an end when his debut concert received undeservedly scathing reviews. Spoilers Duncan Ely is a older, rich man who befriends Myles (Alan Alda). Duncan Ely is a former famous piano player. He has a daughter, Ro ...more
The Planet Closest to Heaven
Male, Mythical, Furry
Macho 19 year old man gets turned into a cat-dog by his partner for abusing his powers. Becomes the pet of a brother and sister with strange abilities. (Spoiler Text)
The Reluctant Swordsman by Dave Duncan
The consciousness of Wallie Smith, a dying man, is transferred into the body of the otherdimensional barbarian swordsman Shonsu.
The Sarah Silverman Program: Episode "A Fairly Attractive Mind"
Gender, Male
Sarah's friends Steve and Gary accidentally bump heads answering a mysterious dragon phone and end up switching bodies just before Gary's father is due to visit. Gary's father realizes that they're body-swapped because he's actually a Chinese prostitute who switched bodies years ago in a similar a ...more
The Simpsons, Episode 'Holidays of Future Passed'
Gender, Male
In an episode set thirty years in the future, Carl and Lenny have had brain swap surgery. Also, when Lisa is looking at her Facebook friend requests, she realizes that Martin Prince is now Martha Princess.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Female, Gender, Male
Several brief TFs in this movie — The most notable of which are: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
The Succubus and Other Stories
Female, Male
a short story anthology In the 16th story a man testing a personality splitting experiment winds up in several bodies, most notably his wife. But someone is out to get rid of him... here is a brief sample Water flowing over his thighs, his flanks, his breasts. An interesting dream, this ...more
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 09
Gender, Male
While admiring the Von Doom painting he took from Boomerang, Chameleon shifts between faces he calls "Roger" and "Donna' while acting out a declaration of love scene straight out of a soap opera or romance novel..complete with kissing noises...just as an associate walks in.
Thomas Mann book Die vertauschten Köpfe Eine indische Legende
Original: Die vertauschten Köpfe - Eine indische Legende engl. title: The Transposed Heads - A Legend of India This book tells the story of a woman in love with two men. she loves one for his mind and the other for his body.Both men are very close friends. She gets married to one with the beaut ...more
Thor Volume 3 (2007-)
The Gods and other allies of Thor have been placed into human bodies and spread around the world. So far Thor has found Heimdall (a homeless man in New Orleans), the Warriors Three (as 3 guards at an african refugee aid camp), and Loki (Thor's brother) who comes back in the form of a beautiful woma ...more
Three 6 Mafia video "Doe Boy Fresh"
Gender, Male
At the beginning of the three 6 mafia music video people are waiting in line paying money to look through a viewing portal of the three 6 mafia members. While the rappers are singing they change into the people who are looking through the portal.
Tiger Beer (Malaysia)
Animal, Gender, Male, Mechanical
Two guys want the last Tiger Beer, so one of them proposes they arm-wrestle for it. That's when things start to get weird. (Spoiler Text) Tiger Beer ad on Youtube
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Episode Cats
Male, Animal
Tim learned how to change himself into an orange house cat. But sadly, Tim really can't control it. He randomly changes between his cat form and a small, screaming, naked version of himself.
Tim Powers book The Anubis Gates
NOTE: This is taken directly from the back-of-the-book description. I can't spell out the tf sequence without doing it justice (short but critical to the storyline). I suggest you read the book! :) The Anubis Gates is the classic, Philipp K. Dick Award-winning time travel novel that took the fant ...more
Titans #24-#25
Male, Gender
At the end of Issue 24, Deathstroke shoots Lex Luthor's assistant, a woman named Nava Mendelssohn, in the head just as she's about to shoot Luthor. But she's not what she seems to be, nor is she dead. (Spoiler Text)
Tom and Jerry Kids episode Droopy and dripple: the curse of Dr Wolfenstien.
In this episode of Droopy and Dripple- the mad doctor Wolfenstein tries to impress the heroine of the story who rejects him because he's ugly, so he invents a potion that makes him gorgeous- but there is a catch- if hit by moonlight he turns back into himself again, the things he turns into are Elv ...more
Race, Female, Male
Movie about an elderly German couple that transfers (hence the title) their minds into two young African bodies. Not only has the couple to cope with going from white to black, but they are also not in full control of these new bodies. Because each night when they go to sleep, the minds of the orig ...more
The Triangle episode Part 2
In part 2 of the mini series, we begin to realize what on earth is happening. As it turns out the triangle or something ir creating alternat universes for a short period of time around the main characters. Like a man has two sons instead of one. But the one with transformation was there was one wher ...more
True Blood episode I Wish I Was the Moon
Tommy is asked by Sam to open up the bar as Sam is dealing with a fire that took out his houses. As Tommy is looking at the mirror (Spoiler Text) In this same episode, Marnie is once again possessed by (Spoiler Text) Also, to save his boyfriend Jesus, Lafayette is able to heal him when he is ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Four of Us are Dying
A guy has the power to take the form of anyone at will. He's a con artist who reads the obituaries and then empties the bank accounts and seduces the girlfriends of recently killed men (seeing is believing). All too soon, he realizes that some of those people had enemies...
Twilight Zone episode The Pharoh's Curse
Harry, a retiring magician (Xander Berkeley) shares a famous trick with a colleague Mario Devlin(Shawn Hatosy) but the trick, where two magicians exchange cages, is not just stage magic, it is REAL magic! The two men exchange bodies, but not souls, leaving youthful Mario trapped in the aging ...more
Twilight Zone episode A Quality of Mercy
A bloodthirsty World War II officer suddenly takes over the body of his Japanese counterpart, putting a human face on the enemy.
Twilight Zone episode Time Lapse
A hospital orderly is tending a patient being guarded by the Secret Service. The orderly begins to have blackouts, during which he seems to be planning the assassination of the President's daughter. It turns out he's being possessed by the man in the coma, who is actually a Secret Service agent out ...more
The Twilight Zone (2002 Series)
A black man being chased by three thugs asks a white man to let him into his car. The white man drives away for a little, then stops for awhile, watching the beating in his mirror, then drives off again. While wracked with guilt, the man slowly starts to turn into the man whom he refused to help, b ...more
Twilight Zone episode Unknown
A guy finds a genie who will grant him four wishes. Of course everything backfires. He wishes to be a powerful man, a twentieth century leader. He is turned into Adolf Hitler, about to kill himself in a bunker below Berlin.
Twisted episode Bonus Mileage
"Twisted" is a "Twilight Zone"/"Way Out"-like series from Australia which is now being run in the U.S. on the Mystery Channel. In the episode "Bonus Mileage", a nervous and boorish air passenger portrayed by Geoffrey Rush is drawn into a conversation with a smooth-talking fellow flyer from first cl ...more
Twisted Sister?
I don't know why this is not in here yet although I like average women transforming into attractive women, this is an old 80s early 90s video for Twisted Sister where Chet from Weird Science starts yelling at his little brother on his bed asking him if that is a pledge pin on his shirt. Little broth ...more
UEFA 'Respect' TV Ad- Evaline 'There There'
Female, Gender, Male
The TV ad spot for the UEFA 'Swap your Jersey - show Respect' campaign, with 'There There' by Evaline as the soundtrack, running over the EURO 2012 Football Tournament through June - July 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. Offical site on *UEFA 'Respect' TV Ad- Evaline 'There There'
Ugly Americans episode So you want to Be a Vampire?
Gender, Male
Frank and dozens of other people are afflicted witha new disease called "Mad Larry" which turns them, including women and children, into duplicates of Larry King.
Ultimate Spider-Man #66
In this issue both Wolverine and Peter Parker wake up to find themselves in each others bodies. Neither of them know how or why this has happened.
Under a Killing Moon
Male, Gender
It is revealed that the Countess Renier, who sends Tex Murphy on the main mystery of the game, is really a male shapeshifting Native American agent/assassin called the Chameleon. The Chameleon also takes a few other male guises, including a mob hitman and Tex himself.
In this movie we find two guys who hate their lives almost wishing for a second chance. They get it when they wake up in their new bodies. This is the website for a good review of this movie. I saw this movie at a film festival so I don't know if this is relevant to this website.
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more
"Unknown" episode of Quantum Leap
Our hero possesses the bodies of numerous men in various time periods from the 1950s to the 1990s throughout the 5 years worth of episodes and most of the novels and fan-fic on the net! some episodes occasionally featured non- m/m possessions instead. Worth noting is that while Sam is in the ...more
Urusei Yatsura Episode 134
Furry, Male, Gender
In "Return of the Pure-Hearted Fox", Shinobu's little fox-friend briefly disguises himself as fox-versions of Shinobu, Lum, and Ataru. Later, after consuming some gingko nuts, everyone in town grows fox ears and a tail and becomes half-fox for one night.