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Lost Girl, episode Dead Lucky
Category: 'Female'
Fairy Tail episode 53
Female, Male
In the second episode of the adaptation of the Fairy Tail manga's "Oracion Seis" arc, the shape-shifting celestial spirit Gemini and their mistress Angel make their anime debut. Gemini helps Oracion Seis learn of Fairy Tail's plan to attack them, and later helps in their attack. (Note: It's a b ...more
Fantastic Four #347-349
Female, Gender
De'Lila, A shapeshifting skrull disguises herself as the respective love interests of each of the characters in order to subdue them in this three part story arc.
Fantastic Four #11-#12
Male, Female
The Invisible Woman,along with the Thing and the Human Torch,are 'body jacked, by the villain Crucible. Sue's mind is placed in the body of Farisa Mansour,while her mind occupies the Invisible Woman's body. The heroes escape,find Reed Richards, and convince him of their true identities. Reed and ...more
"Fashion Victim" episode of Kim Possible
Camille Leon briefly morphs into Kim twice: once to frame her for stealing the latest fashion designs and again in order to trick Ron and Monique.
Female to Female Transformations
Yahoo group dedicated to Female only Transformations.
Female/TG Age Progression Group
Female/TG Age Progression focuses on female-to-female and TG age progression. Changes include transformations and bodyswap.
Fifth Grade Magic book by Beatrice Gormley
A fifth grader by the name of Gretchen is devastated when she doesn't get the lead in the school play. Instead the part goes to a pretty blond new girl named Amy, who has very little acting talent. In Gretchen makes a desperate wish to a strange fairy god mother who appears to her later. The fairy ...more
Female, Gender, Male
Darkseid and his evil minions have been killed, but they are returning to life by possessing the bodies of other DC Universe beings. Darkseid takes over the body of Metropolis police officer Dan Turpin (male), his henchman takes over Mary Marvel (gender), and the Female Furies (Bernadeth, Lashin ...more
Final Fantasy V
Gender, Female, Male
The Metamorph character appears to be an old Male wizard. After he attacks once, he usually "morphs". One of the possible transformations is SHIVA, the ICE Princess. He takes on the appearance and the abilities of whoever he changes into. Near the end of the game, you are in a castle. You find ...more
Final Fantasy X-2
There are two quick female to female changes in this game: The game begins with a concert featuring Yuna changing from her high Summoner outfit to the Songstress dresssphere. (Spoiler Text) heres one of them
Finn on the Fly
Animal, Female, Male
A mad scientist transforms a little boy's dog into a man, later on, toward the end the female scientist falls prey to her own invention and is transformed into a dog. She is then presented in a cage to the board of directors she works for who seem quite happy with the idea of not changing her ba ...more
Flutter (Volume 1: Hell Can Wait)
Female, Gender
Lily, a fifteen-year-old girl, is a "transgenic", was born with the power to shape-shift as part of an experiment to save her grandmother's life. She and her scientist father, Dr. Emerson Welsh, move from town to town trying to get away from those who want to use her. In her new town, she disguis ...more
Forget Me...Not
Season 6/#114. Paige is caught in the middle of sexual harassment troubles, and she helps out the woman in trouble by changing herself to look like the woman and get the chauvinist to get himself in trouble without hurting the woman she was trying to help.
Fox B. Holden
Below Average book. Hero invents a machine to look at the past instead it switches his body, his wife's, & two sons' into the bodies of people in a paralell Universe. Poor plot of kids fighting the wars on venus to stablize society! The women do not look anything alike, she is a slim strawberry blon ...more
Fox's Shadow
Fox's shadow follows the Adventures of Fox Shadow as he fights evils...and generally messes up. One such mistake was when Fox & Co Accidentally summoned a Male Tiger a catgirl. A smaller Transformation in the comic involves Fox's Partner having a pair of Cat ears, and a rather long and fl ...more
Franny Billingsley book Well Wished
Excellent, well written and creepy young adult novel. An evil well grants twisted wishes. For example almost all the children in the villiage have disappeared. Am energetic and happy poor girl is tricked by a crippled wealthy girl into making a wish that switches their bodies. Very Good ending. (I ...more
Freaky Friday (1976)
Age, Female
Mother and daugther switch bodies. Mother and daughter swap bodies on a friday, 13th and have to live the other live for a whole day.
Freaky Friday (1995)
Age, Female
Mother and daughter switch bodies.
Freaky Friday (2003)
Female, Age
Very funny and basically well done - a much better last thrid than the others. The girl does a better job than Jaime Lee but both are good. The son is excellent. Very funny scenes in the chinese restaurent between the chinese mother & daughter there - which intiates the swap! Some good scenes are w ...more
Freaky Monday by Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach
A new sequel to Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers, the author of the original book, and Heather Hach, the screenwriter of the recent remake. In this one, a girl trades places with her teacher.
Freaky Phoebe
Pretty good show Alyssa MIlano has a ball playing a very ugly sorceress who had switched bodies with Phoebe. She really getting into being so beautiful! She also wants to destroy a rival demons helpers using Phoebe and the charmed ones powers. Piper helps being fooled, but thinks her sister is ...more
Freyad Dryden's Gaea Project
Animal, Female, Inanimate, Mythical
This DA page is describing a RPG project. Apparently, the author is trying to find an artist. The world of Gaea is very detailed and appears to be full of TFs. In his stories and journal I've found the following TFs. One character can change her shape to be human. An entire kingdom of people ...more
Fritz Leiber book Conjure Wife
Great book! One of the best! Witchcraft, as the wives of professors use magic to advance their husband's careers and to attack each other. Young professor makes his wife quit her 'irrational' magic to protect them, and then their lives are slowly destroyed by 'bad luck'. Near the end the wife's bod ...more
Futurama Comics #26
Animal, Female, Age
===Animal=== After Bender recieves alot of fire arms while trying to get an 'alien firearm' degree he acidentally fire an animal transformation gun at Lela, Fry, Amy and Zoidberg which turns them into an octopus (Lela), a giraffe (Fry), a cat (Amy) and a hippo (Zoidberg). They all change back in ...more
Futurama episode "The Prisoner of Benda"
Female, Male, Mechanical, Gender
The Planet Express crew use a mind-switching device throughout the entire episode. First, Amy switches with Professor Farnsworth so that she can eat more. But then they realize they can't switch back. So, as part of an evil plan to steal a playboy Robo-Hungarian emperor's crown, Bender switches ...more