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Honey, I Shrunk The Kids episode Honey, You've Got Nine Lives
Category: 'Were'
Category: 'Female'
Hanjuku Eiyuu 4: The 7 Hanjuku Eiyuu
In the fourth game of this RPG series has a Princess who can shapeshift into any animal form, though you may need experience before you shapeshift into a certain form. Most forms are female, but details so far tell us she shapeshifts into Cloud Strife. Other Final Fantasy forms are Yuna, Tantaru, an ...more
Hanuted Mansion
Eddie Murphy horror comedy. At the end the murdered fiancee of a dead aristrocrat briefly possessess Eddie's wife's body. Its important as this releases the dead man's soul & all the others who have been trapped by an evil ghost. Pretty silly but often funny and efffective.
"The Hard Part" episode of Heroes
Candice takes on the form of Niki twice in this episode just to protect Micah.
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Male, Gender, Female
(Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
The Haunting of Morella
1990 movie based on an edgar allan poe novel. With david mccallum and nicole eggert playing two roles, the mother and the daughter. A witch is put to death in colonial american leaving her husband and infant daughter. 17 years later the mother wants to return to life by taking over her daug ...more
Appeared in Jan. 2002 written by Michael Wallner Two women. Karo, a fat woman, afflicted by her unpurified skin, the other woman, Michaela is an attractive one. Karo decides to go into a beauty farm, there she gets a very extraodanery offer, to swap the body with Michaela Masur. At first Karo i ...more
Haven episode "Ball and Chain"
Female, Age
Audrey and Nathan investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The victims are all men who seem to die of old age, but the "old men" aren't quite what they seem to be, and neither is the stunningly beautiful woman linked to their deaths. (Spoiler Text)
He-Man & The Masters of the Universe #12
Female, Gender
In the epilogue, Despara (AKA Adora) meets an elderly woman on the way home who turns out to be King Hssss in a new body (previously, he wore the husk of King Randor). Also Teela is killed, but is resurrected as Eternia's new Sorceress by her mother, the Sorceress of Zoar. Teela has a completely ...more
The Head
A mad (what else) Doctor invents away to keep a severed head alive. He falls in love with a sweet, intellgent young woman with deformed hunchback young woman. He lures a sexy stripper to his lab. He puts the girls head on the strippers body and then has a train run over the old body & the strippers ...more
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2
Prom Queen, burned to death in 1957 by her boyfriend, returned 30 years later to possessed another girl in the same school to revenge her death when the girl opened a steamer truck filled with the dead prom queen's old souvenirs and decorations. In the end of the film, she possessed her aged boyfrie ...more
Hercules Legendary Journies episode Fade Out
Discord morphs herself into a hot blond to trick Ioulus. Later in the episode she morphs back to herself.
Here Comes the Bride
Female, Male, Gender
A Filipino comedy movie about a massive body swap that occurs during a freak accident coinciding with a solar eclipse. Beautiful bride to be (Angelica Panganiban) enters the body of her Auntie (Eugene Domingo), while Auntie ends up in Maid's body (Tuesday Vargas), Maid ends up in Father of Bride's ...more
Female, Male, Race
They thought they were like everyone else....until they woke up with extroadinary powers.
High Spirits
2 Ghosts have to reinact a murder over and over again. American Tourists arrive. The woman ghost is Darryl Hannah and Steve Guttenburg and Beverly D'Angelo man man and wife. She's very rich and bored with her husband. During the time there Steve falls in love with Darryl Hannah and tries to free her ...more
A mother and daughter are involved in a bus crash. The mother's body dies and she finds herself stuck in her daughter's body. When her husband finds out, they must decide if they'll continue on as husband and wife... Or father and daughter.
The Hitchhiker
Episode name unknown. A woman fell in love with a co-worker, a married guy, who's wife had left him. The husband loves his wife so much that he kept asking why she disappears from his life. The woman loves the guy so much that she decided to go under the knife in order to look exactly as the wife ...more
The Hitchhiker episode Spinning Wheel
A pop singer switches places with an abused french woman, brief at end.
Holiday Wishes
Britney, a rich, spoiled child, and Rachel, an orphan, switch bodies after a wishing on a star, sitting atop a Christmas tree. Each girl wakes up as the other - Britney in Rachel's foster home, and Rachel in Britney's family's mansion. (Spoiler Text)
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids episode Honey, You'll Always Be A Princess to Me
Diane tries to use an ancient spell to stay young. But instead got possessed by a 3,000 years old dead princess.
About halfway through the clip the three female singers, of different races morph into each other repeatedly Link to copyrighted material removed.
The Hot Chick
Age, Female, Gender
In the beginning of the movie, a female commoner steals a pair or earrings and gives one to a princess ready to get married. The commoner wears the other one and the two switch bodies by the magic earrings. The switch was used by Princess Nawaa as an opportunity to escape a bad marriage. The re ...more
Hot Chick
This entry now marked for deletion - duplicate entry - cj 2008 aug 07 Young adults' film about a group of college girls; they are very competitive, to the point of being somewhat catty. An ancient charm causes one of them to swap bodies with a male small-time thief. The two are Jessica and Clive ...more
This entry marked for deletion - no transformation, only an illusion - cj 2007aug22 Someone uses a disguise/illusion to hide from the hero. (Spoiler Text)
House Call
Witch Doctors come to rid the Manor of the residue of evil sprits that have begun to invade the manor. Upon completion, the Witch doctor takes personal belongings of each of the witches and leaves. He believes that they are evil and that is the reason for all of the evil sprits. They decide to use ...more
"How to Stop an Exploding Man" episode of Heroes
Because Niki didn't play her role in the events, Candice takes on the form of Niki's alternate personality, Jessica, and makes it seem as if Micah is dead. However, Niki sees the real Jessica in a broken part of a mirror and Niki, with newfound strength, knocks Candice out.
The Hunger episode Menage-A-Trois
From the short story by Wilson, but with many changes. An a very rich, evil, old cripple with deformed legs has hired a beautiful but shy and demure young nurse. She pretends to be kind but lurns the young woman into holding her hand after injecting morphine. The girl drifts off into sleep and the o ...more
I Dream of Jeannie episode Eternally Yours, Jeannie
Jeannie gets jealous of Tony once again. (They are married in this show)and turns herself into a duplicate of Tony's visiting old girl friend. Tony finds out but then the real girl friend shows up with her huge husband and for a time they are mistaken for each other. Funny show, could have been bet ...more
I Dream of Jeannie episode Jeannie's Beauty Cream
Mrs. Bellows asks Jeanie how she keeps here complexioning looking so good. Jeanie tells her she uses "Genie Cream" and gives her a container of it. Mrs. Bellows returns to her house and applys the Genie Cream. Instantly Mrs. Bellows is transformed into a different woman (but with the same voice.) S ...more
I Dream of Phoebe
Pheobe in habits the genie's body. Brief but still effective
Gender, Inanimate, Female
I.L. is a two-volume 1960's manga from Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka, which was translated into French (unfortunately not into English, yet). Filmmaker Imari Daisaku is given a gift by the mysterious Count Alucard: a woman who, by spending a few minutes inside a special coffin, can transform hers ...more
A hunchbacked assistant to a mad scientist gets "promoted" when his boss suffers an fatal accident. Igor builds and reanimates a brain-in-a-jar and an immortal rabbit, before he builds a female 'Frankenstein-ian' monster. Heidi, girlfriend to the deceased mad scientist, has a secret of her own. ...more
Mad scientist goes into business swapping rich old people into young bodies.
The Importance of Being Phoebe
Very funny show. Demons have tried to destroy the charmed ones using all kinds of black magic & always failed. I guess they're through with being 'Mr Nice Guy' because now they bring on lawyers and the law! Operating behind the scenes Cole has Piper's club shut down because it has rats, frames Paig ...more
Inari, Konkon Koi Iroha
Gender, Female
Inari Fushimi, a middle school girl in Kyoto, is given part of the divine power of the goddess Uka-no-mitama-no-kami, allowing her to turn into anyone she wants. She first discovers her power when she accidentally turns into her pretty classmate Akemi Sumizome. (Spoiler Text)
Inheritance (2004)
Abby a very sweet, knd hearted care worker ( well played by voice actor Jeri Taylor) to a selfish very old woman. The woman isn't ready to die but when she does she gets help from her dead mother and sister to gradually possess the young girls body. The old woman has left her her house and all ...more
Initiation of Sarah
Film was on ABC Family the other night. Involves a university where two rival Sororities are actually covens of witches (one good the other evil). Jennifer Tilly plays the leader of the good coven. She changes her appearance to look like the younger Blonde head of the evil coven. No onscreen m ...more
Inside Ursula Hitler's Head: SWAP MEAT
Female, Male
Sweetie mischievously hacked into Xtranormal and swapped her genitals with Mr. Meany, only to discover that she really, really liked being a girl with somethin' extra. After spending a few weeks as a man with lady parts, Mr. Meany is fed up with Sweetie's shenanigans. He's going to show Sweetie tha ...more
The Invasion of Carol Enders
After her murder, Diana Bernard's spirit becomes trapped in Carol Enders, so she can expose her murderer.
Iron Man issue Unknown
Bethany Cabe is body switched with disfigured criminal Madame Masque, who wants revenge on their former lover, Iron Man.