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Fairy Tail Chapter 19.5
Category: 'Inanimate'
Category: 'Female'
V the TV series episode The Deception
In a special room that anyone wearing a necklace would appear as someone else. In this case, Diana appears to be the other female resistance fighter, Julie, in order to find out where the resistance is hiding the hybrid child of Alien-Human and where she is been transfer to. Even the food would appe ...more
V.I.P episode The Uncle from V.A.L
In this episode and old women morphs into a really hot woman to trick the police into arresting Val's uncle
Valkyrie issue The Defenders
The Valkyrie finds her former God-body only to discover that human Barbara who's body Val is now in, possesses it. The false Valkrie easily defeats the human body and tried to trick the defenders into helping her over throw Odin. Some good moments, but weak ones too with weak ending.
Vanilla Sky
SPOILERS! When it is revealing what Tom Cruise's character did to end up in jail, he sees his girlfriend (Penelope Cruz) as his ex-stalker (Cameron Diaz) that committed suicide.
Vengeance of the Sorceress
It has multi and critical to the plot f/f body possessions SYNOPSIS: The sequel to The Threat of the Mummy picks up a few months after the first movie ends. Tammy Gardner has since left the university for a better-paying job after receiving her degree. Her boyfriend, Professor Casey Wallace, s ...more
Veronica issue Turnabout Is Fair Play
The old body switcheroo makes Veronica live in her Mom's body and vice versa!
Veronica issue Veronica
Veronica and her blond, refined pleasant mother swap bodies for 24 hours ala Freaky Friday. They of course embarress themselves. Not bad, but I think they needed a scene where archie tries to Kiss 'his girlfriend' and the mother in her body enjoys her youthful energy in dancing or sports. Neither on ...more
Victoria Graham book The Witchstone
A beuatiful young woman to take control over her life takes to witchcraft and lives for many years by swapping bodies with young woman. One day the stone she uses to make the switch is stolen by a young wizard seeking revenge on a whole city. Sher tries to get it back and runs into a very evil King. ...more
Victoria Pade book Case of the Accidental Heiress
After an auto accident a poor woman wakes up in the beautiful, very rich body of her cilent. Her former body is dead. Average, would have been better if the other woman would have woke up as her.
Virginia Farmer book Sixpence Bride
Picked out of a present day tour to be part of a historical reeenactment, Jocelyn sits down on the auction block a moment before she blacks out briefly. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself being auctioned off in a very real environment. Jocelyn is rescued by a handsome young man and b ...more
Virtual Girl
In this movie this computer company created a computer virtual reality along with a virtual girl sex toy. One of the programmers enters the virtual world and the girl changes into a few different girls in order to please him.
Vivien Alcock
A recently widowed businessman must leave his children with his sister-in-law when he goes on business trips.The aunt pretends to care about the children when he's around, but actually mistreats them.The children find a bog which is the prison of the spirit of a governess who committed suicide.The s ...more
Voltron episode It Will Be A Cold Day
Princess Romelle of Pollux, tried to escape Prince Lotor on planet Doom by stealing a ship. But the ship was shotdown near planet Neve, and princess Romelle sent a distress signal to her cousin, Priness Allura, after the ship crash landed on the planet. But it was a trap, with the witch Haggar as ...more
Voltron episode The Witch Gets A Face Lift
The witch, Haggar, captured Orla, princess Allura's aunt, and assumed Orla's likeness and identity, in order to get inside the Castle and kill princess Allura.
Voodoo #4
Animal, Female, Gender
Voodoo does multiple brief transformations in this issue, where she infiltrates the federal installation where the people hunting her are. (Spoiler Text)
Voodoo issue 2
Female, Gender
At the beginning of the issue, Voodoo is still in the form of the male federal agent she killed and impersonated at the end of the previous issue... (Spoiler Text)