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Category: 'Size'
Category: 'Animal'
Mace: The Dark Age
Size, Animal
One of the fighters named Taria has a finisher that turns her opponent into a chicken. Another of the fighters, Namira, has a finisher in which she shrinks her opponent by kissing them and putting her unfortunate tiny opponent into a bottle after she kicks him/her into the air into her hand.
Mad season 2, episode 6
In the Cowboys & Aliens parody at the beginning of the episode, the mysterious Ella (Olivia Wilde) reveals after she is resurrected (as in the movie) that she's not really human. Jake (Daniel Craig) kisses her, which causes her to reveal her true form... (Spoiler Text)
MadTv: I Can Love Me Better
Aries Spears plays LL Cool J and sings "I Can Love Me Better" Basically saying how he loves his body so much. He gets horse steroids injections and it has some effects, such as giving him hooves and a mane as well as wanting to eat horse food and other such stuff.
Magic candy, the
A boy has to find his way back to home. Eating magic candies, he can change into various animals. The story is (possibly) in a format of "choose your own adventure" picture book. It could be purchased in iTunes. * ITunes Store * The link with a picture from Japanese game version with a rabb ...more
Magic Power Scouts episode all
kids visited magic world where they changed into animals. Magic world part of the movie made by puppets, so no SFX. But TF's on site looks interesting.
Magic School Bus episode Going Batty / In the City / Mussel Beach
There are animal TFs in at least three episodes. First(Going batty), kids and bus changed into bats to learn that bats are not vampires. Second(In the City), all kids changes into variuos animals to learn city ecology. Third(Mussel beach), they changes into mussels. I'seen only first episode of ...more
Magician Mickey episode Unknown
Presented in Technicolor, Circa 1937 Mickey puts on a stellar performance as a magician for a sold out audience. (Goofy working lights and curtain) Some tricks included turning his cape into a crow and turning a balloon into a lobster. But when a heckler by the name of Donald Duck storms the s ...more
Maleficent transforms a crow into a man, a wolf, and... other things to aid her.
Man into dog commercial Unknown
In a new Marriott Comercial 2 people, a man and a woman are in bed about to go to sleep when out of nowhere David Copperfield apears and tells them how great the new prices are and features of the marriott hotels. He waves his hands and maigically makes a candle lite diner pop up and also a nice re ...more
The Man Who Wagged His Tail
Older black and white film. Peter Ustinov as a mean landlord who abuses everyone. Finally, he goes to far with an old woman who tells fairy tales to neighborhood children. She pays him a visit, turns him into a dog. Tells him he spent his entire life mistreating others. He has made himself impossib ...more
Manimal episode Unknown
Short run series about a college professor with the ability to change into any animal. Notable because it often showed the change on camera.
Hey everyone I saw the trailer for the movie on the web! There is a scene of the the young female scientist, which looks like she is transforming into the mosquito!!! She is in the bathroom when it happens,she ripps off her shirt and is in her underwear and in pain like a scene in An American Werewo ...more
Mansquito episode Unknown
"A scientist trying to find a cure for the West Nile Virus accidentally transforms herself and a junkie into mutant mosquito creatures." Premieres March 12th SciFi channel just keeps churning them out...
Margaret K. Wetterer, Beth Wright (Illustrator) book The Boy Who Knew the Langua
About this title: Colum's ability to understand the language of the birds gains him access as royal storyteller to the King's castle, where he is accidentally changed into a dog and entrusted with protecting the newborn prince from being kidnapped by fairies.
Marian Babson book Nine Lives to Murder
Winstanley Fortescue, Shakespearean actor and ladies' man (with the morals of an alley cat, according to his wife Miranda), is pushed off a ladder, lands on Monty, the theater's cat, and awakes in the role of his life. His horror at regaining consciousness as a cat--"The . . . tip ? Of his . . . tai ...more
Married with Children episode Psychic Avengers
Al and the family get into the fraudulent phone psychic business. But when they refuse to give a real witch a cut of their profits, they are changed into monkeys. Buck the dog becomes a person.
Mars Attacks
Martians perform a head swap on a pretty reporter and her dog. This entry has been merged with entryid=4260 - and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007apr08
Mars Attacks!
Animal, Size
A US general is shrunk by the Martians and stepped on. Martians perform a head swap on a pretty reporter and her dog.
Martha Speaks, episode "Dog Daze"
Carolina, the cousin of the titular dog Martha's owner Helen, is unimpressed with Martha's very canine behavior. Martha wishes Carolina would try and see things from her point of view and have a little sympathy. The wish comes true when Carolina wakes up the next morning as a rough collie. The ...more
Masters of Horror episode Sick Girl
A tale of lesbian love, bug sex, and insect transformation with a happy ending. What more could anyone ask for?
McDonald's Happy Meal - Megamind
Animal, Gender, Male
This is a commerical for the Megamind movie tie-in toys that McDonalds had in their happy meals to commerate the release of Dreamworks feature Megamind. We see Megamind and Minion outside Mcdonalds where something seems to be causing fun, Minion explains that it's the power of the red box. M ...more
Mega Babies episode Crucean Revolt
In this disgusting (yuck!) animated show one of babies is allergic to sea food. When he eat it, he changes into lobster\octopus\seashell or other things.
Mega Babies episode Inner Ear Inferno
Size, Animal
The premise of this short-lived Canadian cartoon was that three preemie babies got zapped by cosmic energy on the brink of the new millenium, infusing them with super powers; most of the cartoon, though, dealt with the messy and gross things about babies: runny noses, spitting up, and badly needed ...more
Mega Man X: Command Mission
Animal, Male, Gender, Mechanical
An RPG set in the Mega Man X universe. One of the party members is Axl, a Reploid with the ability to transform into other Reploids. His character-specific move allows him to transform into some defeated bosses and unleash an attack. These bosses vary in form and most are animal-based males, how ...more
Mein Bruder ist ein Hund
Marietta's wish (Maria Ehrich) is a dog. But her brother has an animal-allergy. An animal out of question. On her 10th birthday she get's a magic stone, which can grant every wish. And it's true: As Marietta uses the stone the first time, a cutely dog scratches seconds later at her room-door- but ...more
Meinderts, Koos and Fienieg, Annette book The Way Sjoerd Changed into a Dog
Tilburg: Zwijsen, 1998. 47 p. ISBN 90-276-3951-5 Parent/Child - Child abuse - Boy/Dog – Transformation Sjoerds parents definitely agree on one thing: children only exist to be able to draw child support or to earn some extra money, for example, through sport competitions. But Sjoerd is not good a ...more
Mel Gilden, John Pierard (illustrator) book Werewolf Come Home
Howie Wolfner accidentally ingests strange water creatures and turns into a dog, and soon the other monster kids are scrambling to try to get their friend back Born to Howl Fifth-grader Howie Wolfner, a wolfboy who comes from a long line of relatives with similar tendencies, searches for a spell ...more
Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey does it again. In this short story a young noblewoman is being forced into marriage. She loves to go hunting with her hawks. While putting one of her hawks up she says to herself that she would like to take the place of the hawk. The hawk answers her and says that she can trade place ...more
Michael Jackson
Straight after the smiling morphing heads sequence, the camera moves across the studio to find a black panther there. The panther leaves the studio, walks down a flight of stairs into a dark and lonely neighbourhood, and morphs instantly into Michael Jackson. This is the most famous and controversal ...more
Mickey Zucker Reichert book The Beasts of Barakhai
College student Ben Collins follows an escaped lab rat into a strange new world, where everyone is a shapeshifter, and your status is determined by what animal you can change into. A second book _The Lost Dragons of Barakhai_ is scheduled to be released soon.
"Mirror, Mirror" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
Gender, Size, Animal
I just saw this episode. Four evil mirror spirits possess Jackie, Jade, Uncle and Tohru. They cause Jackie's head to inflate, Tohru to turn into his mother and Jade to turn into a donkey. I can't find details on TV Tome or screencaps on M & K's site, so it's possible that it hasn't aired in the ...more
The Monster and the Girl
This may be the quintessential sci-fi/crime flick of all time. A man comes to the Big City to rescue his sister, who has been recruited into a life of prostitution by the evil local thugs. Instead, he's framed for murder, tried, convicted, and executed, all in about ten minutes (the law didn't foo ...more
Monsters Vs Aliens
Animal, Size
Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) is hit by a radioactive meteor on the day of her wedding to weatherman Derek Dietl (Paul Rudd), absorbing a substance called quantonium and growing into a giantess. (Spoiler Text)
MONSTERS, Parents from outer Space
An abused 10 year girl hates her foster parents. Their bodies are switched with intellegent rats from outer space who are kind and loving. She must prefers them. Their space ship need repairs. Show is played mostly for laughs. (Spoiler Text)
Moon Goddess
Gender, Animal
A short animation that depicts a twist on the classic Greek tale of Artemis and Actaeon. As Artemis bathes Actaeon watches her in creepy lust. Frustrated with his peeping ways she firsts transforms him into a stag. As a stag he still persists in watching her so she turns him into a rabbit and an en ...more
"Moon of Three Rings" by Andre Norton
Male, Animal
An earth-man is captured by enemies. After his body is injured he is body swapped with an alien, wolverine-like creature. This is on a world where the native race regularly swapped bodies with their familiars who are animals. Finally, he was captured and swapped into the brain-dead body of a young ...more
Mordicai Gerstein
Morgan Llywelyn
A stallion is magically enhaced to be the ultimate race horse. At the end of the story, the stallion changes a woman into a mare to become it's mate.
Seems to be a website for a convention of animal transformation fans. Looks interesting, haven't looked much into it though. Just happened to stumble across it.
Mortal Kombat 3
Mechanical, Animal
===Animal=== In the game there is a finishing move called aminalailty which you turn into an animal and kill your opponent. The fighters each have an animal they can turn into. Dragon, Cobra, Rhino, Hawk, Shark, Skunk, Orangutan, scorpion, penguin, cat, etc) each may be small but they will be bigg ...more
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Gender, Male, Animal
This game is a collection of the three prior games, and included many elements from past games. ===Animal=== One of those items is the Animality, that allows a fighter to change into a beast as a finishing move. These are the animals that each fighter would change into: Noob Saibot: Antea ...more
Mosquito Man
In this movie a deadly Virus which is brought from Mosquitos (like Malaria)kills many people. A scientist is working on DNA-changed Mosquitos that are unabel to aquire the virus. The last testing sequence is the test on a human. A serial-killer is brought to the lab were he overpowered the guards an ...more
Mrs Fox by Sarah Hall
A modern retelling of the classic Garnett story, Lady into fox. *,sarah-hall-lionel-shriver-lavinia-9781905583638
Mucha Lucha episode The Incredible Penny Plutonium
In an advert over in the UK theres a short clip where the main female character and the Flee (i think thats his name) are shown as a Mouse and a Monkey it's really quick clip but still a tranformation none the less
Muppet Show episode Newsflash - Mallerditis
Guest Star: Lou Rawls The Muppet newscaster reports on an outbreak of mallerditis, the new disease that turns victims into a duck. Of course, at the end of this sketch, he catches mallerditis and turns into a duck!
Muppet Show episode Unknown
An outbreak of cluckitis is causing the cast to change one-by-one into chickens. By the end of the show almost everyone is a chicken.
Murphy & Sapir book Destroyer #109 American Obsession
New drug, wolverine hormonal extract, quickly changes fat into mouscles. But it is highly addictibe and also makes victims more violent, finally changing them into huge wolverine-monsters. ...more
My Daughter, The Fox
A story of mother, who gave birth to a fox cub instead of a baby and tried to raise her. *Full text:,%20The%20Fox%20-%20text.pdf
My Favorite Witch (Bewitched in Russia)
Male, Animal
A woman turns a pesky admirer into a dog.
My Gym Partner is a Monkey episode Inocluaton Day
It is a the day for everyone at Charles Darwin Middle School (a school for animals) to get their shots. This includes a savage hunt with a blow dart by the nurse. Adam Lion, the school's only human student (he was put there by mistake because his last name is Lion), gets hit was a booster shot tha ...more
"My Wife As A Dog" episode of Friday The 13th, The Series
In this episode, a man with a dissolving marriage and an unhealthy attachment to his aging dog comes into possession of a cursed dogleash which allows its owner to physically exchange the traits of two other subjects when a murder is performed using the leash. Under the guise of trying to reconcil ...more
MythQuest episode Unknown
This was a mini series on PBS and on some of the episodes such as the Greek Mythology themed epsiodes there was serval Animal TFs such as a man morphing into a wolf.
MÄR, "Alviss, the Mysterious young man"
Ginta Toramizu and Babbo meet Alviss. The first thing that Alviss does use a magical ring that he has to transform Babbo into a small green bird that is trapped in a cage and can only squalk. Babbo remains that way until the end of the episode. Looks like there are going to be several transfor ...more
N. M. Browne book Hunted
A girl named Karen is set upon by a group of bullies who beat her unconscious. When Karen wakes up she discovers that she is unharmed but has been turned into a fox, and finds herself in a strange new world.
Naga's Den
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Mythical
This is a very adult orrientated website, has a bunch of tf and tg art, a lot like Aeaei Ranch on Chimera Unlimited. The website of Naga, an artist whose art mostly deals with the antics of an insane sorceress and her garden, but there are many other categories. Most of the art is of the inanima ...more
Naruto episode Episodes 146-147
Malicious Mizuki is transformed into tiger after having drunk a potion multiplying by ten its force.
Naruto Episode Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure
Animal, Female, Gender
Naruto agrees to help two members of the Akagi clan get the money Tsunade owes their boss because of her gambling debts. Shizune accidentally receives a letter sent by them claiming to have kidnapped Naruto and, not wanting Tsunade's chances of becoming Hokage ruined by her debts, decides to fix t ...more
Neil Gaiman book American Gods
Animal, Gender
At the end of the book when the gods get ready for war, Baron Samedi possesses the body of a goth girl (apperently because she has her own silk top hat). At first she only smokes cigars and acts and talks like a man, but later on Samedi is described as being a huge man with walnut brown skin. Th ...more
Neko no Ongaeshi
An excellent anime production from Studio Ghibli. Haru is a young japanese girl who finds herself being taken by force into the kingdom of cats to be married to the prince. She politely explains that since she is not a cat she cannot possibly marry the prince, who is also a cat. The king laughs a ...more
Nestle Peters Wicked Icecream
Female, Animal
A woman enters her kitchen to find a group of female chimeras raiding her fridge for icecream. Some long shots of females with widened eyes and pointed ears, mostly facial shots. This entry marked for deletion - no transformation - cj 2007.apr.19
Neverwinter Nights
This game and it's expansion packs are full of transformations! Animal, mythical and a little bit of gender this game has it all. And who knows I probably missed some..... The wizard class can learn a spell called polymorph self, which can transform you into are: Giant Spider, Troll, Umber Hulk ...more
The New Adventures of Pinocchio
A new angle on the classic tale... and that's no lie! Starring Martin Landau as Geppetto and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the voice of Pinocchio.
The New Adventures of Robin Hood episode The Assassin
Lord Cloughton arranges a summit with three important Normans to conspire with the Saxons against King John. Each member of Robin's band undertakes to fetch one of the participants, protecting them from the men of Count Rood, who wants to prevent the meeting: Robin fetches the suspicious and relucta ...more
Night Watch
Russian film (originally released as Nohcnoi Dozor) about the battle of the "Dark Forces" against the super human "Others" of the Night Watch. At one point, a female member of the Night Watch transforms into a tiger during a battle scene. Reasonably good transformation effect but the film itsel ...more
Nightmare Ned - "Ned's Life as a Dog"
After two bullies force Ned to eat dog food he ends up having a bad dream where he turns into a white dog after a werewolf-like transformation. Later, he exacts some revenge when the bullies, also in his dream, turn into a pair of cats.
Nightmare on Elm Street, IV
Freddy turns a pretty teenage bodybuilder into a roach with human legs. He then sticks her into a roach motel.
Female, Gender, Animal
In a world where knights and magic coexist with modern science, Lord Ballister Blackheart has been labeled a villain, but prefer to be known as a dissident. Blackheart takes on a sidekick who has her own ideas about villainy. Nimona, a red-haired teenage girl, is a shape-shifter. She can turn in ...more
Nintendo Power Magazine issue September 2006 / V207
There was an article about the new game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon this month. In the article there was a manga included. Nintendo stated that this was the first of six mangas which would come in the following months. In short, this opening manga begins with the story of a boy named Ginji. We get t ...more
Noah's Bark
Age, Animal
On a mission to the planet Canus Dogillia Atomic Betty's partner Noah makes a rather lame joke about the planet's anthro canine inhabitants the Dogillians. They respond by turning him into a dog as some way of teaching him how to think on his feet, err, paws. The regulars try to reverse the process ...more
Nocturnals issue Troll Bridge
Furry, Animal
This is a great series by a great artist, Dan Brereton. This issue has many great artists guesting. When halloween Girl finds an evil lantern that grants wishes it begins transporting her to different 'comic book' dimensions. In one dimension Halloween Girl's father finds himself facing a group of ...more
Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns!
Oldschoolish side-scrolling action game. As Noitu Love you beat up legions of evil bad guys with huge weird grins. Neat music, well-done bosses, silly humor. You also get to transform into a monkey or bird at certain points.
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
In this surreal comic fantasy, both people and objects can be transformed by homonyms, spoonerisms, cliches, and other wordplay. There are a few transformations to and from inanimate objects. One of my favorites involves the 'worst brat' and the twist of a phrase that turns said brat into sausage. ...more
North Child by Edith Pattou
A tale of a white bear and a young boy. Major Spoilers: (Spoiler Text)
Nostalgia Critic episode My Pet Monster
Mythical, Animal
The Nostalgia Critic reviews the tv movie My Pet Monster which features a boy who changes into a monster after being zapped by an ancient statue, throughout the movie the boy changes into monster form if he is hungry or if bad guys are near. In one part NC says that the one scene that bugs him i ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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