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Category: 'Gender'
Heavy Metal issue Swassyland
Category: 'Age'
A young women is transformed into a man at least two times during the video...
Ugly Americans episode Better off Undead
Age, Gender
Foolishly taking Leonard's advice Mark allows himself to be transformed into a duplicate of Randall's ex-girlfriend Krystal in order to save him from a zombie cult. Unfortunately the spell is actually a curse and Mark would visibly age into an old woman for the next week only to die of old age. . ...more
Ugly Americans, episode Wet Hot Demonic Summer
Age, Gender
In this episode, the wizards gather at Mt. Magic with their apprentices and get them circumcised before they become full-fledged wizards. This is demonstrated when a naked wizard boy with a turban gets circumcised and ages rapidly. Later, Satan's demons invade the mountain and the Wizard of Copyr ...more
Ultra Maniac episode R&B
Maya, Nina, Ayu and Yuta turn into thier 20 year old selvies to go into a disco to hunt for holy stones
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more
After biting into a strange fruit, you (It's a first person game) age at the rate of 1 year a second. This is just one of the many ways to die in the game.
Valeo Commercial
Male, Age
A Young boy turns into Valeo Man (Played by Dennis Newman)
Vengeance of the Dead
Visiting his Grandpa in the small town of Harvest, Eric is haunted in his dreams by Julia, a ghost who falls in love with him, appearing first as a little girl and later as an adult. In the dreams, Julia reveals that she was burned alive and her mother murdered by hooded men. He is soon unable to di ...more
Venus Kincaid
(Found this artical at Dark Horizons website) Darren Grant ("Diary of a Mad Black Woman") will direct Fox 2000's comic adaptation "Venus Kincaid." "Kincaid" was created by online animation team the Love brothers. Story follows a female African-American government agent who finds herself shrunken dow ...more
Vice Versa
Gender, Age, Male
From 1948 Businessman Paul Bultitude is sending his son Dick to a boarding school. While holding a magic stone from India, he wishes that he could be young again. His wish is immediately fulfiled and the two change bodies with each other. Mr Bultitude becomes a school boy who smokes cigars and ha ...more
Video Killed the Radio Star
About one minute into this video, a little girl (perhaps eight) is shown standing upright. She morphs (fade in) to an adult woman in a silver body suit, crouching to match the little girl's outline. The adult woman then stands up. Curiously, both the girl and the adult woman reappear throughout t ...more
Virtual Mom
A computer program accidentally turns a mother into a younger version of herself as a young teen, not much older than her own daughter, and Disney style antics ensue as she gets to understand her daughter better.
Visible Time
The site has along list of age progressions in many types of pedias
Explanation of the category 'Age'

A type of transformation where the character's age changes in an unnatural way. Can be either age-progression (getting older) or age-regression (becoming younger).

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