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SuperGirl Season 2 Episode 2
Supergirl and Superman have to fight a cyborg named Metallo who has kryptonite in his chest. The Duo decide to come up with a plan to go their separate ways to fight the cyborg pair on their home turf. Little does Metallo realize that they have a backup team ready to help them win the fight. Martia ...more
He-Man Thundercats #1
After having failed to defeat the Thundercats again, the Ancient Spirits of Evil send Mumm-Ra to get He-Man's sword. (Spoiler Text)
The Witcher - Curse of Crows #1
Taking place after the third game, Geralt and Ciri are traveling around doing various jobs. The rescue a young woman from a troll, and she travels with them. (Spoiler Text)
All-New Wolverine Annual #1
Laura Kinney, the Wolverine of Earth 616, swaps bodies with Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Woman of Earth 65. They have to find who is responsible before they're both lost forever.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode "The Wanna-Be Ranger"
A yeti-like monster named "Primator", who has the ability to shapeshift into anything, turns himself into any of the Power Rangers in Disguise.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "Neptune's Daughter"
Mythical, Female
Beautiful mermaid turned into a human girl to spend her last moments with the Blue Ranger named "Chad".
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child episode "Hansel and Gretel"
A mysterious woman turned into a wicked witch in disguise just so she can capture the two young children named "Hanselito" and "Gretelita". Just like in the story about "Hansel and Gretel". At one point the witch used magic to turn beans into musicians, and back.
Sonic Boom episode "The Meteor"
Animal, Male
When Sonic and Dr. Eggman touch the purple meteor at the same time, they both switched Bodies.
Mon Colle Knights episode "Mirror Mirror off the Wall"
Animal, Monster, Female
Eccentro used a magic mirror to make both a young girl named Rockna and her little pet monster friend named "Love-Star" to witch bodies. Eccentro also used the Magic Mirror to transform an entire army of rats (Thousands of Rats) to merge together into one Giant Worm Monster. After The Giant Mons ...more
Hope and Red by Jon Skovron
In the book the empire has a group of mage-scientists known as Biomancers. They use their powers to alter people in their twisted experiments. Chimera:: (Spoiler Text) Gender: (Spoiler Text)
Dora and Friends: Into the City episode "For the Birds"
One of Dora's friends, Emma, and a little bird magically swap bodies.
Mind Spider, by Fritz Leiber
Very well written. A family of mutants who can communicate mentally with each but not with other humans meet regularly mentally and have kind of a mental chat with each other. They can also switch bodies with each other for an agreed on time if both are willing. They have a technical devise whic ...more
Rowling, J.K. 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'
Female, Male
Several characters magically transform into other people, though no cross gender/species transformations.
Killjoys episode "Meet the Parents"
(Spoiler Text) Both characters notice (and mention) the differences in strengths and vulnerabilities of their new body versus their own, correct body.
Lewis, C.S. "The Horse and His Boy"
Evil Prince Rabadash is temporarily turned into a donkey.
Ghostbusters (2016)
Male, Gender
A male ghost possesses the body of Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth.
This is the 2016 reboot of the popular video game. Multiplayer game mode of doom allows the player to become a demon.
Chrono Corps Universe
Inspired in part by Quantum Leap and Trancers, this universe is set in the near future. The Chrono Corps, a secret intergovernmental agency, sends agents back in time using a machine called the "Conduit", which projects an agent's mind into the body of a person in the past. Agents can only be pla ...more
6000 Rupien
A couple swaps body after an Indian witch offered them they are compatible. And then, the chase begins through India. Spoiler: The rape scene is....
Robot Chicken episode "We Are a Humble Factory"
In a segment called "Spring of the drowned girl" (which in turn is a parody of the anime series called Ranma Nibun no Ichi), the nerd falls into the lake and gets a pair of breasts. He then attempts to show his "cleavage" to a comic book guy at a comic book store. At a cosplay convention, He dress ...more
Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" Commercials
These commercials features a variety of celebrities and non-celebrities taking a bite of the Snickers candy bar by transforming into actual people and other celebrities. Football - actress and former Golden Girls star Betty White morphs into a guy. Road Trip - while in the back of the car, fa ...more
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode Shifu's Ex
Gender, Animal
Master Shifu and Mei Ling swap bodies by the Zhou Deng Soul Gem.
Robot Chicken episode "The Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays... Special"
Gender, Animal
Another Quantum Leap parody featuring the Nerd as he leaps into the holidays as a turkey, then a guy in a bunny suit, then as a leprechaun, then as a Rabbi, and finally as a girl.
The Vampire Diaries
===Season 5=== Episode 11 - "500 years of solitude" = End of the episode Katherine hops into Elena's body Episode 12 - "The Devil Inside" = Katherine is in Elena's body but she doesn't have complete control yet so Elena does gain back control of her body occasionally. They do a spell to giver K ...more
Muller Yogurt Commercial
After eating the yogurt, a handsome guy transforms into a beautiful blonde woman
Rick and Morty, Issue #11
Jerry and Summer (father and daughter) switch bodies after Jerry presses a random button in Rick's spaceship.
The Tree Surgeon
1944 color MGM animated cartoon Directed by George Gordon The "tree surgeon" is a donkey dressed like a doctor (white lab coat, etc.), with a stethoscope around his neck and a carrying a doctor's bag. He drives in an ambulance to treat a sick giant sequoia tree. While attempting to inject i ...more
Care Bears episode "The Fountain of Youth"
On this Episode of the Care Bears, Shreeky takes a drink of the water from the Fountain of Youth and she turns into a little baby.
Avi book, "Strange Happenings"
A book about transformations. In the story 'Bored Tom', a cat convinces a boy to change places with him, then steals his identity. At the end of the story, the transformed boy meets a girl and it's implied he's going to steal her identity.
Twisted by J.S. Frankel
In this young adult novel, Charlie wins a chance to beta test a new video game, along with his adopted brother, and another girl. The game is in a new virtual reality setting, but something goes wrong as they are entering the game and they are trapped in it. Additionally, instead of the avatar th ...more
"Georgina Kincaid, Succubus" book series, by Richelle Mead
In Richelle Mead's novels "Succubus Blues", "Succubus On Top", "Succubus Heat", etc., titular character Georgina Kincaid is a kind-hearted succubus, an immortal shapeshifter who changes herself into men's fantasies in order to have sex with them, corrupt them, and steal their souls' lifeforce. Sha ...more
Street Fighter vs. G.I. Joe #3
Zartan uses his abilities to appear as the injured Cammy in order to distract Guile and make the hero hesitate during a match.
Gender, Age
This is a movie based off of the Misfile webcomic, about a teenage boy that accidentally gets misfiled in heaven as a teenage girl. There is also a minor age change with one of the other characters.
Bleach Episode 271
On this Episode, When Ichigo got a hole in his chest made by Ulquiorra (Espada #4) and thought he was dead, Ichigo transformed into a powerful hollow (his second hollow form) and defeated Ulquiorra in his second release form.
SeaQuest DSV episode "Dreamweaver"
Alien referred to as male possesses female crew member in order to track down and seduce another alien who is hiding in the body of a male earthling.
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
On this Miyazaki Film, "The Tale of Princess Kaguya", the Main character, Princess Kaguya, who is also referred to as "Little Bamboo", grows a lot faster than an ordinary (or average) human does because she grows as fast as bamboo which is why the boys referred to her as "Little Bamboo". She first ...more
Guardians of Infinity #5
Animal, Gender
In the second story of the issue, Kitty and Rocket are spending some time together in order to bond. The encounter a Kree who wants them to protect him on the way to the spaceport so he can get off planet. (Spoiler Text)
A Fox Tale
Sly fox transforms into a beautiful woman to get a pair of hunters to fight amongst themselves.
The Body Institute book by Carol Riggs
Male, Size, Female
In a world where the government controls nearly every aspect of the population and health care is provided solely by them, unhealthy lifestyles are heavily taxed. Combined with a technology for copying memories and inserting them into other bodies, overweight Loaners contract their bodies to Reduce ...more
Skin Deep
On the latest Grimm (Spoiler Text)