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Caça Talentos
Age, Gender, Inanimate, Animal
Caça Talentos was a Brasilian tv series about a fairy, who moves from her magical world to earth and joins a tv station. She can do all kinds of magic and makes heavy use of it. episodes of interest: 1.season: História Piloto 002 - INANIMATE: man petrified 004 - TF: frog into man 005 - ...more
Touch book by Claire North
Age, Gender
Bodyswitching novel by Claire North. Protagonist becomes a body switcher when his body is murdered. Lots of switches.
Cinderella Movie (2015)
When Fairy Godmother is making the carriage, she has transformed the mice into horses, a goose into a coachman, and the two lizards into footmen. When the clock is at 12 at midnight, the spell has been broken and they all transformed back into animals.
Gotham, episode 18 "Everyone has a Cobblepot"
Brief, fifteen second cutaway to a male head transplant on a female body. The shot shows the male head and neck on what appears to be a female body in a hospital gown. The transformation is like "Frankenstein" with different parts from different bodies sewn together. The left arm is definitely fema ...more
Fairy Tail episode 222 "Transform"
Animal, Female, Gender
Lucy walks into fairy tail and decides she wants to learn new magic for herself so she decides to ask Mira to teach her transformation magic. Mira agrees to teach her and as usually Natsu and happy want to join in on the fun. So Mira starts off with the basics of transformation magic. First mira st ...more
Fairy Tail Episode 222 Transform
This entry marked for deletion - duplicate entry - 2015feb28 cj Lucy walks into fairy tail and decides she wants to learn new magic for herself so she decides to ask Mira to teach her transformation magic. Mira agrees to teach her and as usually Natsu and happy want to join in on the fun. So Mir ...more
The Doctor Whore Porn Parody
From Lee Roy Myers, who also directed a Buffy the Vampire Slayer porn parody, we get a Doctor Who spoof that puts the "horny" into "timey wimey." Science fiction has never been this sexy! Explore the universe, from the deepest, tightest black holes all the way to Planet Queef, with the most inf ...more
Beauty & the Lutung Kasarung
Indonesian movie about a man who turns into a monkey man.
Lab Rats "Three Minus Bree" S03E10
Leo invents a medical diagnostic pill based on Eddie's program. It is supposed to attach to the user's nervious system and return data about the illness. He gives it to his mother to try to help with her cold. (Spoiler Text)
Jupiter Ascending
Age, Female
One of the older royal women fully immerses herself in what appears to be a large bath basin. Some lightning like effects later and she emerges with a younger, and different looking body. (Spoiler Text)
Marvel's Avengers Assemble, "Head to Head"
Gender, Male
MODOK takes S.H.I.E.L.D. hostage with a mind-controlling stone called the Mind Stone. When trying to destroy the Avengers he causes them to switch bodies. Hulk ends up in Falcon's body, Falcon ends up in Captain America's body, Cap ends up in Iron Man's body, Iron Man ends up in Hawkeye's body, Ha ...more
The Librarians episode "And the City of Light"
Experiment by Tesla puts citizens " out of phase". they interact with real world by possession. (Spoiler Text)
He's Stuck as a Schoolgirl: A Novel of Transgender Sugar and Spice
Gender, Age
Novel about Joe, a wanna-be warlock who loses his job and decides to get revenge on his boss by casting a spell to turn him into a little schoolgirl. But Joe messes up the spell, gets stuck as a little girl himself and ends up having to go back to school.
Steven Universe - Alone Together
Age, Gender
Steven fuses with his friend Connie turning into a teenage girl with attributes from both of them.
Gender, Male, Female
Jericho Way, an architect-turned-burglar, is The Maker. Thousands of years ago, he was Tao, whose job was to build tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs. When he was betrayed, Tao joined a group of grave-robbers known as The Resurrectionists. The members of the group have been reincarnated throughout h ...more
Megan Shull book The Swap
Popular eighth grader Jack, who's tired of having to live up to his tough father's expectations, and seventh grader Ellie, who feels abandoned by her popular friends, wish they could switch lives. And suddenly they've swapped bodies.
Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #4
A woman named Meifeng, codenamed Endo, was given super-speed (and other less apparent powers) when she was experimented on by the Weapon X program. The scars on her body, first seen in Issue 2, hide a secret that Endo herself does not understand until Issue 4. (Spoiler Text)
Into the Woods
A witch, who is portrayed as an ugly old woman tells a couple to retrieve four items needed for a potion she needs to restore her youth and beauty. It works and she gets younger and pretty, but not that much younger since she's played by a 65 year old actress, who, while she looks great for her ...more
Phineas & Ferb episode "Night of the Living Pharmacists"
Gender, Male
A power surge affects Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest -inator, the Repulse-inator. The targeted victim becomes contagious, simply touching another being will cause that being to also become "repulsive". The plague spreads rapidly, much like a zombie infection in this hour-long nod to Romero's "Night o ...more
Female, Gender, Male
This movie contains various possession type transformations that were quite good and worth noting. The control in the movie did feel "possession-like" to me (despite the 3rd person perspective) given the way the real-life avatars are being controlled by the gamers. I found it appealed to me in a ...more
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Male, Mythical, Age, Female, Animal
This is the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament and the storylines for the following characters have transformations involved: Heichachi - The opening story has him drink a serum that makes him younger and also stronger and the ending has him drink a serum that transforms him into a bear. Jun - ...more
Crimson Shroud
Certain shapeless enemy spirits known as "Witch Kings" assume the forms of the three heroes of the game. At the end of the game, (Spoiler Text)
Pixel Pinkie
Size, Animal
Austrailian animated series about a girl named Nina who has a phone with a genie liked Pixel named Pixel Pinkie. ===Animal=== "Trick or Treat" -- Nina turns into a cat and her friend Anni into a dog. ===Size=== "Tall Stories" -- Nina wishes to be taller but turns into a giant.
Oohlala Couple
"After twelve years of marriage with Na Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun), hotelier Go See Nam (Shin Hyun Joon) gets into major trouble after Na Yeo discovers his...more philandering ways. What was supposed to be happily-ever-after has turned into a bitter divorce battle between the 40-something couple. But ca ...more
The Librarians episode "And the Horns of a Dilemma"
Minotaur transforms or magically illusions itself as a human (presumingly to disguise itself) as its labyrinth is extended to overlay a real city.
Curse of the Were-Woman
Gender, Were
He couldn't resist her. She was just so beautiful. So magical. So seductive. He knew that if they ever had sex, she would slowly drain him of his masculinity -- that was, after all, what this were-woman did. She was a supernatural creature who sexually fed on the male life force. And if she drained ...more
Genderbender by magic
This entry marked for deletion - it already exists under its correct name - Wingin It, episode "i Carlie" - 2014dec17 cj Found this video on YouTube. Typical story line, boy gets turned into a girl till he understands girls.
Dead or Alive 5
In the True Kasumi chapter, the final boss is a Kasumi clone that has the ability to shapeshift into all four ninjas and is able to use their attacks at her disposal.
Love and Capes: What To Expect #5 (of 6)
Superhero and pregnant wife swap bodies.
La Rosa de Guadalupe, episode "En Sus Zapatos"
in this episode mother and daughter fight constantly changing body due to divine help to live for a moment the life of the other.
Archie Comics #636
Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale High head to their favorite hangout, the Choco'Lit Shop, as does Sabrina Spellman and her cat, Salem. Salem gets upset when Reggie Mantle refuses to open the door for Sabrina, and decides to teach Reggie a lesson. Overhearing the conversation between ...more
TG Creation
A site containing videos edited together to create TG themes, primarily containing adult content. Created by Lilac Wren.
Vice Versa by F. Anstey
Father and son trade bodies leaving the father in the son's body at summer holiday camp, while the son in the father's body tries to live his father's life.
The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour, episode "From Bad to Curse"
From the era where it was just Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy facing off against actual supernatural events comes this episode in which the three are tasked with recovering a gypsy amulet. The man who stole it uses its power on the trio to turn them all into something more fitting of their personali ...more
Dorohedoro Volume 7
Chota the Spellbreaker of the En Family has been tranformed into a girl by the devil Asu. (Spoiler Text) The transformation would take place at Dorohedoro Volume 7 page 111 WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT
Alpha Luna
Female, Were
This manga is about a girl with a werewolf beast and a destiny
"Ruhsar" episode 73
Angered at his supposed infidelity, Ruhdar turned Mazhar into a toilet.
"Ruhsar" Episode 75
Mazhar awakens to find that Ruhsar has turned him into a cat, just when the neightbours dog is chained up in their bedroom.
Kokak is a Philipino fantasy show about a girl who is cursed to turn in to a frog. Also at the end (Spoiler Text)
Fei-Fei - Flying Daggers
Age, Race, Gender
A music video that starts with a (rather attractive) woman creating some kind of potion in her apartment, then using a squirt-gun to douse a group of elderly women at a bus stop, causing them to change into hot young Asian girls, armed with similar squirt guns. The remainder of the video follows t ...more