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A.N.T. Farm episode "mutANT Farm"
'In a non-canonical Halloween episode of the TV show A.N.T. Farm, all of the ants are monsters. Olive is a mad scientist and offers to help Paisley become smarter. She does this by switching her brain with a smarter creature which happens to be a duck. There are several scenes where there is a d ...more
Pepeng Agimat (1973)
Size, Were, Animal
Old Philippine fantasy horror movie that contains werewolves and a witch owning a cage full of shrunken men.
The Sword's End series of books by Lowell Ellington
Age, Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Plagiarized description text removed. Set in a 3 book trilogy, the series follows a band of adventurers as they inadvertently awaken an ancient evil long thought gone from the world. The story involves too many acts of transformation to list and would reveal too many spoilers. Though some transf ...more
The Sugarcubes song "Dream TV"
A song from the Sugarcubes album, "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week", there is a song named "Dream TV", in which Bjork describes herself being "turned into a TV". Full lyrics are below. Dream TV ~~~~~~~~~ Einar Last night, I woke up, Björk Im a t.v. Einar Last night a good dream wo ...more
Earth Vs. The Spider (2001)
Submitted description was plagiarized from IMDB. I just added a brief summary based on that synopsis. Please feel free to edit this description. Comic fan at lab injected - begins to exhibit spider-like traits and abilities. His dream becomes a nightmare.
Haven, The Old Switcheroo Part 1 & 2
Gender, Male
A body swap Trouble affects various people over a two-part episode. The focus is on the bodyswaps between main characters Nathan and Duke, brothers Vince and Dave, and workmates Gloria and Dwight, among other minor switches. (Spoiler Text)
Dream Defenders "The Fever Inside Me"
Twins and rivals Zane and Zoey defend the Real World from the nightmare creatures of the Dreamworld, with the help of a supercomputer named ZEUS. In episode 8 ZEUS gets a computer virus, planted by Icela, and he goes wacko. ZANE and ZOEY travel to Deamworlds to find a cure, but Zeus's glitches m ...more
Screammates Book 3 Monster Jam
Sarah is the shortest person on her basketball team. But after visiting a strange old lady Sarah wishes that she was taller. The next day Sarah does begin to grow and at first it improves her basketball skills. Sarah's only problem is that she keeps growing and growing and growing.
Wingin' It episode "We'll Always Have Detention"
Denise mistakenly concludes that Porter is the one who likes Brittany and, thinking he's a bad match, Denise sets out to find a more suitable boyfriend by magically impersonating Brittany. To get back at Denise, Porter impersonates Carl to catch Denise who is in the form of Britney.
Gender, Mythical
Aquaria is an indie computer game featuring a young mermaid/fish-girl creature, Naija. Significant portions of the gameplay and plot are about her acquiring the powers of various (extinct) undersea races, and gaining alternate forms with alternate sets of powers. Eventually she finds a boyfriend, a ...more
Smurfs episode "It's a Puppy's Life"
Gargamel and puppy switch bodies and cause trouble for the smurfs
Last Fight
Brief. When visiting Adalind's storage facility, Elizabeth, Renard's mother, tastes a bit of Adalind's potion and transforms into Adalind and then Juliette. Transformation happens at 20:53.
Miss Change (Miseu Cheinji)
A man finds a woman unconscious on the side of the road and brings her home. After accidentally kissing her on the lips, he finds he can swap into her body--leaving his body unconscious
Second Time Around
An ebook written by Peter Andrew Sacco & Jill McKellan. The novel, set in contemporary and affluent America, explores traditional and non-traditional gender roles and examines the psychological development of two persons as they prepare for and complete gender transformation. In addition to the ...more
Sword Art Online II Episode 17
In the previous episode the main characters started running a campaign that turned out to be based on Norse Mythology, namely when the giant Thrym had stolen Thor's hammer Mjolnir and requested that Freya be delivered to him. (Spoiler Text)
chronictuss TG comics on
Chronictuss TG comic up on
Zettai Karen Children episode 9 and 10
The supervisor for the The Children(three ten year olds with special abilities) is put on under a hypnotic trance that makes him see The Children as grown adults.
Stephen Colbert: Philosphy and Popular Culture
The cover of the book features Colbert transforming into an Eagle, sporting feathers and a beak.
Ratt hone ko hai episode "ateet"
In the episode of a indian horror show called "Raat hone ko hai" four episode which form a single story called "ATEET" there are multiple female possessions and which is easily available on youtube uploaded by the channel itself
American Dad - Blonde Ambition
Stan Smith considers moving to a gated community and takes his son Steve to visit. To convince Steve, Stan shows him that his room could have a jacuzzi outside on the deck. Steve then fantasizes about throwing a huge party with women in bikinis who all love him. At the end of the row of women his f ...more
Concrete Park: R-E-S-P-E-C-T #2
Xuxa, a pink-haired Afro-Brazilian girl in a bikini who tries to get information from (and seduce) L.A. tough guy Isaac, turns out to be the shape-shifter Monkfish. (Spoiler Text)
My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy - Ep
God calls Kanade on his mobile and proves to him that he is god by changing him into a girl. Chocolat immediately starts calling him Kanarin. God gives him the choice to stay a girl but refuses. (Spoiler Text)
Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu
Souji is a fan of twintails. When one day a strange woman called Thuearle tells him that all twintails on earth will vanish, he agrees to help her. He is given a bracelet that transforms him into a twintailed girl with super powers and from then on fights monsters that rob girls of their twintails. ...more
Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode "The Grass is Always Greener...Or Bluer"
A body-swapping monster named Tranceferer attempts to use his power to swap a monster into the body of a diplomat, but the rangers stop him. The monster then decides to use his power to switch Jake (the soccer playing green ranger) and Noah's (the smart and somewhat nerdy blue ranger) bodies. Th ...more
Diya Aur Toofan
Amar is murdered after threatening to expose a group of crooked engineering contractors. Upon hearing the news of his death, his soon to be bride Asha runs hysterically out into the rain falling down the temple stairs and sucumbs to a fatal brain injury. Dr Vijay tries to save her by transplant ...more
Hyrule Warriors
A Legend of Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors game. In the story mode, an evil sorcerer by the name of Wizzro has the ability to shapeshift into other people. (Spoiler Text)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Monster
===Monster to Human or Monster=== Several mirror type monsters (Devil glasses, Haunted mirrors & Infernal panes) can cast the spell of Morph which changes their appearance to look like someone in the heroes active party. ===Human to Monster/Dragon=== Amos, an optional party member, has a sp ...more
Time Heist
Gender, Female
Mutant human has ability to shape-shift. (Spoiler Text) Link to trailer with relevant scene:
Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines
Gender, Mythical, Were, Animal
A 2004 computer game based in the Vampire: the Masquerade table-top RPG setting. Were-form: Players can choose from seven different clans with special vampiric abilities. One clan gives the player the ability to shapeshift into a monstrous form to fight more efficiently. Various bosses shapeshi ...more
Ploneďs l'Incertain
Far from the civilization, the river goes through the jungle. On its banks, some seek wealth and those who found it, spent it in girls and alcohol. Ploneďs, one adventurer like others, will discover the hard way that the house of Madame Lyrä is based on a terrible secret: the power of the hostess ...more
In the film, Princess Anna goes to find her sister, Elsa, who ran away from her coronation as Queen after accidentally revealing that she has ice powers. Upon finding her and then confronting her, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart with a "frozen heart" curse. The curse begins to slowly tu ...more
Once Upon A Time 3x16 "It's Not Easy Being Green"
In a flashback, a jealous Zalena tries to kill a young Regina so that she remains Rumplestiltskin's only student. However, "Regina" is actually Rumple who was testing her.
Once upon a time Season 1 Episode 13 "What Happened to Frederick"
Prince Charming goes to collect water from the lake the Siren guards. She appears to him as a beautiful unarmed woman. The Siren tries to seduce Prince Charming, but fails as his heart belongs to Snow. She then takes on the appearance of Snow White. It includes transformation scene. link of prev ...more
What If
Imzan’s life in the asylum becomes progressively worse as he gets sexually harassed and abused by a male nurse, Dick. Imzan is outraged and writes about DICK, wishing upon him the transformation of turning into a woman. Dick’s body gradually changes, losing his masculinity. He goes through extreme ...more
Universal Studios Hollywood Me Minion Mayhem Commercial "Find Your Inner Minion"
Promotional commercial for Universal Studios Hollywood's new ride "Minion Mayhem" in which a family (which includes a father, mother, and son) all get transformed into Minions from the movie Despicable Me. Brief near the end of the commercial. (Note: I have listed this as a miscellaneous trans ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 8
Inanimate, Male
Union of Heroes is a photowebcomic about a team of superheroes – from Germany. In Episode 8 the evil "Wittener" uses a disguise device to change into a reporter so that he can enter the U-Tower and attack the heroes. (not really a transformation) There also is an animation, where we see his fight ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 3
Union of Heroes is a photowebcomic about a team of superheroes – from Germany. In Episode 3 we see who a music-magician called "The Nordstadt-Barde" lets the mouth of Marc (the "Erzengel") magically disappear for a few pages. It's their first encounter but Marc knows the true name of "The Nor ...more
Gravity Falls, episode "Into the Bunker"
Gender, Monster, Male
In the second episode of the second season of the show, Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Wendy go down into a bunker to find out who the mysterious author behind the three journals is. Dipper and Wendy encounter a mysterious looking man who claims to be the author and tells them he is on the hunt for a sha ...more
Loiter Squad Episode "The Shady Bunch"
One of the characters is having pillow talk with a blonde woman when she admits she is a man. She then removes her wig to reveal an overweight Hawaiian.
Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm Knights - Age of Darkness
Gender, Male
In this issue, it first appears that Sela Mathers had betrayed and killed several of the Realm Knights, including Neptune and Liesel van Helsing. Near the end "Sela" appears to have been killed, but she's still alive... and is revealed to be a faceless shape-shifter wearing a suit. He is later ide ...more