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"Changers Book One: Drew" book by T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper
The main character Name "Ethan" is about to enter High School for the first time. He goes to asleep and wakes up as a girl name Drew Bohner (Boner). Book 1 is a story on Drew and how she deals with the change and the parents telling her that this happens every year for the next four years. Going ...more
Yogi Bear episode "Brainy Bear"
A crazy scientist used a brain transferring experiment machine on Yogi and Chicken to which brains which made both Yogi and the chicken to switch bodies.
Winsome Witch
Female, Animal
===Episode 8 - Winnie's Baby=== Winnie's turns her Baby, Spooky, into a Cat; And she turns herself into a beautiful woman to disguise herself to hide both the baby and her identity from a Police Cop. ===Episode 16 - Tallyho the Hunter=== Winnie transforms herself into different animals in orde ...more "Duende de Navidad"
Animal, Gender
a Goblin magic turns a man into a sexy woman, then change the voice and finally transform he (or she) in a cat
Power Rangers Turbo episode "Cassie's Best Friend"
On this Episode of the Power Rangers Turbo, a monster named, "Mr. Goorific" has turned two of Divatox's Pirahnatrons into a mouse and a turtle with his tube of goo (which he uses it to aim at his enemies to put a mask on their faces and turn them into animals). Then when he used it on the Terror Zo ...more
Touché Turtle and Dum Dum episode "Flying Saucer Sorcerer"
Touché Turtle ran into an alien (or a Martian) who has came to explore on planet earth. The Alien asked Touché Turtle to press the button on his glass helmet in order to borrow his body and when he pressed it, both Touché Turtle and the Alien swapped bodies.
Mythic Warriors episode "Odysseus and Circe"
An evil sorceress named "Circe" has turned Odysseus's men into Pigs and a few men into a lion, a deer, a bear, and wolf. She also tried to turn Odysseus into a fox but he managed to stop her spell from turning him into a fox after sniffing a purple flower that he held on. When Odysseus refuse to st ...more
Reversion, The Universe
Unspecified Technology On an indeterminate date, the governments of the world receive anonymous letter threatening them with a technological attack at 10:40 EDT that will change everyone’s ages. To prove they’re telling the truth, the terrorists have already radiated a small island in the Bahamas ...more
Genderwave Universe
Shimmering wall of undefined origin From the first story: “It started on June 21st - the summer solstice - shortly after noon local time. That was when the shimmering wall appeared along a line stretching from the top of the world down through the middle of the Bering Strait all the way to the mi ...more
Changeday Universe
Undefined Cause From the first story: There’s a ChangeDay every month. It’s a global event where everyone on the planet has their genre reversed. On the next ChangeDay, they’ll revert back, and so the cycle goes on, people having to lead two different lives from now on.
Heroes, "Sundae, Bloody Sundae"
Taylor Kravid reaches out to a group called "Hero Truther" to expose the truth about her mother, Erica. When she meets them at a certain place, she is captured. In an abandoned warehouse, she is confronted by her mother, who berates her. But "Erica" turns out to be a shapeshifter named Henry, who ...more
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "Among Us Hide..."
The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents are attempting to locate a non-human creature they call "Lash" that hunts and either kills or captures people (normal humans) who have gained unique super-human powers. These targeted people are known as "Inhumans". Lash is also believed to be an Inhuman. In a previous ...more
X-Men: Dark Mirror
Female, Male, Gender
Jean Grey wakes up to discover that she's now in a mental hospital in the body of a man. She finds that Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler are also trapped in the hospital, and in other bodies. Now they have to escape, and regain their rightful bodies. Meanwhile, at the X-mansion, Jubi ...more
Erased eBook by Daniel Gilmore
Oliver wakes up to find himself transformed into a cartoon otter and that reality is rewriting itself, his old human self dissolving from history. Along with others who have also been transformed into toon animals including a rabbit, raccoon, rhino, elephant and others.
Green Lantern: The Lost Army #5
Xrill-Vrek, the morphic empath of the Green Lantern Corps, begins this issue in a male body having mimicked the form of Relic in a previous issue. In the middle of the issue, Xrill begins keying in to the emotions of fellow Lantern Two-Six, a Numericonian female, and changes to a shape resembling ...more
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Quest #4
Nissa, the green fairy whose spirit had sent the heroes on a quest to reunite the pieces of the Vessel of Gloriana in the first issue of the mini-series, was revealed to be the shape-shifting doppelganger Replic in disguise.
Spring (2015)
Female, Were, Animal
Evan, a twenty-something American who just lost his mother and needs time away from his girlfriend goes to Italy on a whim and somehow falls head over heels for Louise, a local girl. But the morning after they first make love, the audience quite literally sees Louise in a different light. Who, or ...more
Empowered Special #3
Mechanical, Gender
The STD-like virus that transformed the hero Mechanismo from a human into a mecha robot was accidentally released when he went into a secret high-tech junkyard/vault for a little "me time." The virus used a fantasy image in Mechanismo's memory to transform the tech debris into angel-like gynoids r ...more
Empowered Volume 9
It's revealed near the end that the villain/former hero Fleshmaster (sometimes disguised as the hero dWARf), had freed himself from the control of Manny, a terminally-ill 11-year-old, tech genius and wannabe supervillain. Manny had a crush on Empowered and had allowed her unrestricted control of a ...more
The Unbirthing: An Age Regression Novella
Gender, Age
Trevor is a handsome, arrogant college guy who's grown bored of hooking up with sorority babes and longs to meet a sexy older woman. When Maggie enters Trevor's life he thinks his cougar fantasies are finally coming true, but Maggie isn't quite who (or what) she appears to be. She lures Trevor into ...more
Naruto Shippuden episode 422 - 423
Age, Gender
In a two part flashback episode, Naruto returns home and teaches Konohamaru new ninja skills, including rasengan and shadow clone. Konohamaru repeatedly uses his "sexy technique" to master the new skills but realizes he has to step up his game. Another character, Udon, assumes the form of a domin ...more
Just a Few Inches
Carrie Roberts, a high school cheerleader, overdoses on weight-loss pills and shrinks slowly from 5'8" to doll-size throughout the course of the book. Young adult fiction dealing with issues of body image and self-esteem.
This is a 1960s British sci fi movie concerning alien invaders. The story centres on a hospital and includes a scene where an alien disguises herself as a nurse. The twist is that the aliens are Asian in appearance and the nurse who is impersonated is Asian. ...more
Doctor Sleep
Age, Gender
In the sequel to The Shining, Danny Torrance is now an adult and end up befriending a young girl, Abra, who shares his Shining gift. Through the Shining, the two are sometimes able to see through each other's eyes. (Spoiler Text)
X-Men: The Animated Series
Female, Animal
On the Episode (S02 E05 - Repo Man) of X-Men, a female mutant named "Snowbird" who has the power to transform into any animal that is color white. She first transformed into a Snow Owl and then into a White Wolf.
A French cartoon currently airing in English (on Starz) about a princess who's shrunken by a curse. In the second season she alternates between being tiny, regular sized, and growing into a giant depending on her emotions.
Grand Theft Auto V
"Peyote Plants" collectables will let you play as one of 27 random animals in Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Codename: Kids Next Door episode "Operation U.T.O.P.I.A."
Numbah One finds himself in an island paradise just for kids. He befriends a pretty girl there. (Spoiler Text)
Black Canary and Zatanna - Bloodspell
Gender, Inanimate, Animal
The main villain is a witch who is possessing women and men in a murderous spree. Z and Canary must rush to save those affected before the witch can finish them all off. Comic book crossover featuring many transformations, all of which are temporary except the last one. Men in goldfish Wom ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Xander is smitten by the substitute biology teacher, Ms. French, who turns out to be a giant praying mantis terrifying enough to make vampires run for cover. Angel's warning gives Buffy a vital clue and she rescues the virgin male students—including Xander—chosen to fertilize the creature's eggs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1E3 Witch
In this episode Buffy, along with many other girls are trying out for the cheerleader squad. One by one the girls that make the squad have terrible spells cast on them. These include: -Spontaneous Combustion -Blindness (can see visually in the eyes) -Disappeared mouth At first Buffy and t ...more
Nightmare In Placement by Victoria Abigail Hirschfield
=Nightmare In Placement by Victoria Abigail Hirschfield= Categories:l Gender, Book ==Description= Taylor, a girl in a juvenile placement facility uses a magical ring to switch bodies with her counselor then goes on to take over his life forcing him to live her life and see things from her persp ...more
Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerosu
War erupts between various factions of super-powered high school students called "Majin." The Student Council boasts a girl with the ability to kill men, so the thuggish Banchou decide to circumvent her power by (Spoiler Text)
The Elder Scrolls Online
Sarvith Yunlin and Bhagrun gro-Dunk are two male members of the Mages Guild, a Breton and an Orc respectively, who experiment in Time Magic. Their experiment ends up creating a way for the protagonist to travel back in time, becoming the hero of a historical battle. Depending on the choices made by ...more
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace episode 3
A young detective protege and his even younger assistant are tasked with solving mysteries. Episode 3 A case involving the disappearance of a young girl is tied to an urban legend, the Shadow man, who is said to be a master of disguise. (Spoiler Text)
Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Lady Tremaine (the stepmother) uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to turn Lucifer (the cat) into a coachman to drive a horse to take Cinderella in the evil pumpkin like carriage far away in order for Anastasia to marry the prince while disguised as Cinderella.
The Magic Flute (1994) Cartoon
An evil queen uses her magic to transform herself into a two-headed dragon when facing against the prince. (To start from the very beginning of the movie) (From when the Queen transforms into a two-headed dragon) ...more
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger episode 53
Female, Animal
An evil team of 5 ninja ladies, who serve an evil master named "Daimaou" and also have the power to morph into cat-like rangers, were transformed back into normal cats by the Three God Generals (The Three Mega-Zords or Zords) to defeat them in order to help the Power Rangers to defeat Daimaou and s ...more
A Minha Sogra É uma Bruxa
Female, Animal
Portuguese TV series loosely based on bewitched. Features multiple transformations (not all of which are listed).
Mako Mermaids episode "Evie Times Two"
Rita's cat, Poseidon becomes human after walking through some chemicals: he turns into a duplicate of Evie after making a connection with her.