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Curse of the Were-Woman
Gender, Were
He couldn't resist her. She was just so beautiful. So magical. So seductive. He knew that if they ever had sex, she would slowly drain him of his masculinity -- that was, after all, what this were-woman did. She was a supernatural creature who sexually fed on the male life force. And if she drained ...more
Genderbender by magic
This entry marked for deletion - it already exists under its correct name - Wingin It, episode "i Carlie" - 2014dec17 cj Found this video on YouTube. Typical story line, boy gets turned into a girl till he understands girls.
Dead or Alive 5
In the True Kasumi chapter, the final boss is a Kasumi clone that has the ability to shapeshift into all four ninjas and is able to use their attacks at her disposal.
Love and Capes: What To Expect #5 (of 6)
Superhero and pregnant wife swap bodies.
La Rosa de Guadalupe, episode "En Sus Zapatos"
in this episode mother and daughter fight constantly changing body due to divine help to live for a moment the life of the other.
Archie Comics #636
Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale High head to their favorite hangout, the Choco'Lit Shop, as does Sabrina Spellman and her cat, Salem. Salem gets upset when Reggie Mantle refuses to open the door for Sabrina, and decides to teach Reggie a lesson. Overhearing the conversation between ...more
TG Creation
A site containing videos edited together to create TG themes, primarily containing adult content. Created by Lilac Wren.
Vice Versa by F. Anstey
Father and son trade bodies leaving the father in the son's body at summer holiday camp, while the son in the father's body tries to live his father's life.
The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour, episode "From Bad to Curse"
From the era where it was just Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy facing off against actual supernatural events comes this episode in which the three are tasked with recovering a gypsy amulet. The man who stole it uses its power on the trio to turn them all into something more fitting of their personali ...more
Dorohedoro Volume 7
Chota the Spellbreaker of the En Family has been tranformed into a girl by the devil Asu. (Spoiler Text) The transformation would take place at Dorohedoro Volume 7 page 111 WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT
Alpha Luna
Female, Were
This manga is about a girl with a werewolf beast and a destiny
"Ruhsar" episode 73
Angered at his supposed infidelity, Ruhdar turned Mazhar into a toilet.
"Ruhsar" Episode 75
Mazhar awakens to find that Ruhsar has turned him into a cat, just when the neightbours dog is chained up in their bedroom.
Kokak is a Philipino fantasy show about a girl who is cursed to turn in to a frog. Also at the end (Spoiler Text)
Fei-Fei - Flying Daggers
Age, Race, Gender
A music video that starts with a (rather attractive) woman creating some kind of potion in her apartment, then using a squirt-gun to douse a group of elderly women at a bus stop, causing them to change into hot young Asian girls, armed with similar squirt guns. The remainder of the video follows t ...more
Autumn Bay
Gender, Age
(Spoiler Text) The author has promised that more transformations will be shown in the future.
Gender Bender Videos
Huge collection of TG Transformation Videos.
One Girl Guy Army
A young unemployed college student, is captured and sent to an unknown continent that is hidden in the skies beyond earths surface. Upon arrival, he is transformed into girl by a psychotic woman claiming to be a God. Found and taken care of by Amelia Airhearts son Icarus Airheart, he/she needs to ...more
Westside Medical episode "The Mermaid"
When an East German female swimmer has an accident in a pool and is rushed to the emergency room, suddenly it's discovered that the she is actually a post op transsexual.
The Swap
Things get awkward when an old friend comes to visit... A new short film by The Bubble and Squeak Collective.
2835 Mayfair A Novel book by Frank Richardson
A somewhat humorous mystery novel with a big tg twist at the end. (Spoiler Text)
Kamen Rider Cho Den-O Trilogy: Episode Yellow
In the third of the Kamen Rider Cho Den-O trilogy films, Episode Yellow, Daiki Kaito breaks out of the Time Police's prison and attempts to flee on DenLiner (a train that can travel through time.) Kurosaki, the agent who arrested him, is waiting inside DenLiner's dining cart, so Daiki disguises ...more
MacGuffin's Curse
Furry, Were, Animal
MacGuffin's Curse is a fun animated Indie puzzle game for PC/Mac ($5 on Steam). You play the role as MacGuffin (MacGuffin's his last name, can't remember his first), a magician/thief who trys to steal the Lupine Twine Amulet from the museum. He accidentally puts it on and it refuses to come off. it ...more
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole episode "Robert Lewis Stevenson's 'Belushi'"
In this episode Blankett (Michael Jackson's kid) seeks help from Victor Frankenstein on an ressurected John Belushi. Victor who is a huge fan of John's work agrees to do it but warns of Dr Jekyll's potion. John (voiced by David Cross) somehow gets up and drinks the potion, turning into his u ...more
Summer in Transylvania episode "It Lived in a Brain Jar"
Male, Gender
A dad accidentally swaps places with a brain in a jar, then gets placed inside his daughter's body.
Myst IV: Revelation
Near the end of the game, (Spoiler Text)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "A Canterlot Wedding"
Female, Gender, Mythical
Queen Chrysalis, a changeling, assumes the guise of Princess Cadence, the bride-to-be in Equestria's big wedding. Princess Cadence is to be wed to Twilight Sparkle's brother, Shining Armor, and the Princess is not acting like herself. She criticizes the food, decorations, and the other pre-weddi ...more
A.N.T. Farm episode "mutANT Farm"
'In a non-canonical Halloween episode of the TV show A.N.T. Farm, all of the ants are monsters. Olive is a mad scientist and offers to help Paisley become smarter. She does this by switching her brain with a smarter creature which happens to be a duck. There are several scenes where there is a d ...more
Pepeng Agimat (1973)
Size, Were, Animal
Old Philippine fantasy horror movie that contains werewolves and a witch owning a cage full of shrunken men.
The Sword's End series of books by Lowell Ellington
Age, Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Plagiarized description text removed. Set in a 3 book trilogy, the series follows a band of adventurers as they inadvertently awaken an ancient evil long thought gone from the world. The story involves too many acts of transformation to list and would reveal too many spoilers. Though some transf ...more
The Sugarcubes song "Dream TV"
A song from the Sugarcubes album, "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week", there is a song named "Dream TV", in which Bjork describes herself being "turned into a TV". Full lyrics are below. Dream TV ~~~~~~~~~ Einar Last night, I woke up, Björk Im a t.v. Einar Last night a good dream wo ...more
Earth Vs. The Spider (2001)
Submitted description was plagiarized from IMDB. I just added a brief summary based on that synopsis. Please feel free to edit this description. Comic fan at lab injected - begins to exhibit spider-like traits and abilities. His dream becomes a nightmare.
Haven, The Old Switcheroo Part 1 & 2
Gender, Male
A body swap Trouble affects various people over a two-part episode. The focus is on the bodyswaps between main characters Nathan and Duke, brothers Vince and Dave, and workmates Gloria and Dwight, among other minor switches. (Spoiler Text)
Dream Defenders "The Fever Inside Me"
Twins and rivals Zane and Zoey defend the Real World from the nightmare creatures of the Dreamworld, with the help of a supercomputer named ZEUS. In episode 8 ZEUS gets a computer virus, planted by Icela, and he goes wacko. ZANE and ZOEY travel to Deamworlds to find a cure, but Zeus's glitches m ...more
Screammates Book 3 Monster Jam
Sarah is the shortest person on her basketball team. But after visiting a strange old lady Sarah wishes that she was taller. The next day Sarah does begin to grow and at first it improves her basketball skills. Sarah's only problem is that she keeps growing and growing and growing.
Wingin' It episode "We'll Always Have Detention"
Denise mistakenly concludes that Porter is the one who likes Brittany and, thinking he's a bad match, Denise sets out to find a more suitable boyfriend by magically impersonating Brittany. To get back at Denise, Porter impersonates Carl to catch Denise who is in the form of Britney.
Gender, Mythical
Aquaria is an indie computer game featuring a young mermaid/fish-girl creature, Naija. Significant portions of the gameplay and plot are about her acquiring the powers of various (extinct) undersea races, and gaining alternate forms with alternate sets of powers. Eventually she finds a boyfriend, a ...more
Smurfs episode "It's a Puppy's Life"
Gargamel and puppy switch bodies and cause trouble for the smurfs
Last Fight
Brief. When visiting Adalind's storage facility, Elizabeth, Renard's mother, tastes a bit of Adalind's potion and transforms into Adalind and then Juliette. Transformation happens at 20:53.
Miss Change (Miseu Cheinji)
A man finds a woman unconscious on the side of the road and brings her home. After accidentally kissing her on the lips, he finds he can swap into her body--leaving his body unconscious